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    Online Casino Bonuses

    Imagine walking into a casino room, and receiving free money to start playing with, just because you chose to step into the specific casino. Although that won't happen anytime soon, in the online gambling scene, receiving such treatment is nothing out of the ordinary. This free playing money is called a casino bonus or a casino reward and can be obtained in many different ways, and ill share with you some tips on how to make the most out of them.

    What are Online Casino Bonuses?

    There's no shortage of new offers and sign up bonuses when you visit an online casino. That can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning of your online gambling experience.

    Online Casino BonusesThe majority of online casinos have some casino bonus, be it an online casino welcome bonus or an ongoing casino promotion. These casino bonuses and rewards are designed to attract casino platforms to make deposits and commit to a casino. They work on a ’match’ principle, which means that when you deposit a certain amount of money, you will get a bonus match according to your deposits.

    So, if a casino says it offers a 200% bonus match, it means that you’ll get $200 bonus money for an initial $100 deposit.

    Although they are promised as ‘free money’, they are not quite exactly that. There are specific rules and terms attached, but ones that can easily be met if you play the game right. Online casino bonuses always have a wagering requirement attached to them. A wagering requirement is the number of times you need to play through your casino bonus before you can withdraw the winnings.

    For example, if I get a $500 bonus with a 25x wagering requirement, I would need to play through that bonus a total of 25 times before I can withdraw money to my bank account.

    Why and How to Use Online Casino Bonus?

    When I was starting gambling, casino bonuses weren’t as nearly as popular or generous as they are now. Nowadays online casino rewards are an essential aspect of gambling, especially for beginners. 

    These rewards help new players learn more about playing at an online casino, and allow you to increase your odds of winning since you can avoid spending extra money while playing longer.

     Generally speaking, there isn’t a universally best way you can use an online casino bonus, because it all depends on what games you like to play and what casino bonus best fits you. In the next part ill talk about all of the types of online casino bonuses, you will encounter while playing online, in hopes that you find yourself in one of them and try and win it over.

    Types of Online Casino Bonuses

    Although there are a few types of bonuses almost every online gambler is aware of, there are nearly a dozen different casino rewards which you can take advantage of, and I want to share all of them with you. All of these online casino bonuses have a type, amount, limit and specific rules attached to them, but generally, they are pretty easy to understand and unlock.

    Welcome Bonus

    This casino bonus is available only for players who are just signing up and are new to the casino platform. This online casino reward is generally the most lucrative one, as it is one of the main ways online casinos attract new players. Welcome bonuses can come in many different ways, with the three most popular ones being the No Deposit Bonus, Matching Deposit Bonus and Percentage Bonus.

    The No Deposit Bonus gives players a chance to test out the casino platform without having to risk their own money and without having to make any deposits. The Matching Deposit Bonus is an offer where the casino matches your initial deposit with a certain match bonus. The Percentage Bonus is similar to the Matching one in purpose, as the casino here offers you to pay out a certain amount of money you deposit to them.

    Reload Bonus

    Once you’ve signed up for an online casino, the bonuses don’t stop there. The Reload bonus is a casino reward designed to specifically keep players on the casino platform and coming back to play more. Reload bonuses offer you a bonus percentage or free money match upon your every deposit, while some casinos even have weekly and monthly reload bonus. These reload casino bonuses usually have a 50% or 100% match for your every deposit and are a great way to build up your playing budget.

    Loyalty Bonus

    Loyalty bonuses are given, as their name implies, for remaining 'loyal' to a certain casino. They're given to players after spending a predefined amount of time at the casino.

    They are also called VIP bonuses and are multi-tier status bonuses. The work on a simple principle, the more time you spend with the casino, the higher your status and the casino bonuses will be. Once you work your way up to higher-ranked VIP positions, you can enjoy benefits such as better bonus matches, expedited transactions, on-demand customer support and many more.

    High Roller Bonus

    You don't have to spend a lot of time to get bonuses. High roller bonuses are given as rewards to players that spend a lot of money at the online casino.

     High Roller Bonuses are available only for players who make a regular and large deposit of over $500 and $1000. 

    These bonuses help online casinos keep dedicated, and high spending players on their website.

    Refer a Friend Bonus

    Referral bonuses are perfect for putting some extra credits in your account, or cash in your wallet. They're not offered everywhere, but they're worth looking for.

    It can be obtained by referring to a friend of yours to the casino where you’re playing, upon which you will get a fixed casino bonus amount. This can be a quick and easy way to earn a couple of hundred dollars for doing basically nothing. If you have a couple of buddies that want to get into gambling and you refer them to sign up to the online casino, and you’ll get the Refer-a-Friend casino bonus.

    Sticky Bonus

    Many players, myself included, don't often use our receive these kinds of bonuses.

    The sticky bonus is the bonus you get to play with for free, but can't withdraw in the end. To put it in other words, its free money you can play with, and once you’ve met the wagering requirements, you can withdraw the money you’ve won, but not the bonus you’ve started with. Its an exceptionally good casino bonus if you’re a high roller who likes to bet big.

    Payment Method Bonus

    This casino bonus is not as popular as the ones mentioned above, though it still can come in handy, and is a reward for taking a few extra steps. Each online casino is partnered up with a different payment wallet and operator, which leads to them pushing their partners and advertising them for you. Payment method bonus is a casino bonus usually within the 1%-10% range, which is awarded if you make a financial transaction through their preferred transaction partner.

    Cash Back Bonus

    Cash Back BonusLast, but not least, is the Cash-Back casino bonus, a method that I personally use often when I'm playing for larger amounts of money. This casino reward gives a part of your money back to you.

    The cashback bonus is great if you haven't been playing at your best, but want to keep playing without excess losses.

    They work like this, let's say you’ve spent $1000 in one session, and the casino has a 20% cashback rule for big spenders. At the end of the night, you will get $200 back, which you can use in any game of your choice. One thing you should note though is that if you’re on a positive balance after your loses, you won't get a casino cash-back bonus.

    Free Spins Bonus

    I also want to make a special place for free spins bonuses, which I consider a unique form of online casino bonuses. 

    Free spins are often offered as their own bonus, although online casinos also frequently include free spins with other offers.

    Free spins are one of the best ways to win, especially if on a tight budget, since they almost always count next to nothing. 

    We have plenty of free spin bonuses on this website, and they're all worth taking the time to sift through. You won't regret trying a free spin out, especially if it wins you a large sum of money.

    Read the Fine Print

    Since online casinos have different rules and requirements for bonuses, you should always read through the fine print. We've already talked about the different bonuses and how to get them, but you need to understand your online casino's rules so you don't end up losing your bonus because of a small oversight.

    I’ve mentioned the wagering requirements in the beginning, but there are some additional limitations you need to be aware of when wagering.

    The first one is the wagering time limit. Most online players don’t know this, but casino bonuses have a pretty short time limit. They last no longer than a week, and if you don’t manage to wager them during that period, your casino bonus will be unobtainable.

    The second important restriction you should be aware of is that not all casino games can contribute to your wagering in the same way. For example, slot games generally contribute 100% to wagering and betting, while casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker barely count for a couple of percent when trying to wager. They have a low house edge, which means that the margin for the casino on them is very low.

    What I look in games when gambling online, is the RTP of them, which helps me calculate how much I can win per round and how quick can I reach the wagering requirement. Just remember, the house always wins, and the rules are set to protect them from losing large amounts of money. Before you commit to one casino exclusively, make sure you read the fine print and understand all of the caveats and rules in the online casino bonus.

    Having a clear grasp of how they work will make winning much more comfortable and pain-free.

    My Best Casino Bonuses

    There are tons of great online casino rewards available on the web, with a fantastic selection of benefits and casino bonuses waiting just right around the corner. It was tough selecting the top best casino bonuses since there are so many good ones out there, but here are the five best online casino bonuses, that you will find suitable no matter your playing style and game preferences.

    • LV Bet CasinoLV Bet Casino is one of those online gambling businesses that have something for everyone. Firstly, they have a small $5 no deposit bonus available for all new players. If you prefer to play for bigger prizes and test out your luck, they have a welcome deposit bonus worth up to $1000, with a staggering 1000 additional free spins. LV Bet also has regular ongoing promotions and tournaments, which are a great way to grab some extra casino rewards.
    • Zet Casino – Zet Casino is a brand-new gambling operator, established in 2018. Mobile-Friendly, Games From 30+ Developers, and a nice 100% up to 500 Euro + 200 Free Spins welcome bonus to start playing.
    • RedStag Casino – You really can't beat the experience you get at RedStag casino, they give players an excellent value. Besides the lucrative $2,500 welcome bonus and 500 free spins, this casino offers its players a large number of other online casino bonuses, promotions, comp rewards and a very well designed VIP club.
    • Uptown Aces –  In the interest of saving the best for last, here's the casino with the biggest bonus. Uptown Aceshave a fantastic multi-tier welcome bonus that totals up to a maximum of $8,888. But this isn’t all since the casino also offers its players up to 350 free spins to start their journey at their platform. Such a generous welcome bonus can be a precious asset when gambling online.

    These are the top five casinos that I’ve tried out and have found very generous and player-friendly. Of course, there are many other online casinos available that offer differently valued bonuses. You can check out casino reviews on this website as well as compare casinos. Remember, it's important not only to find a good bonus system but an online casino that has a good reputation and is licensed by reputable judicial bodies in the gambling scene.

    Keep Updated On The Latest Online Bonuses

    There are so many promotions and online bonuses out there, that’s it's just impossible to track and keep notice of all of them. To make it easier to follow and track your favourite online casino bonuses, refer to this page every time you need an update. Deluxe Casino Bonus is always here with fresh and new information that will keep you up to date with every casino deal, bonus, and promotion and make online gambling much more easier for you.

    All the casino bonuses and games that you find reviewed on our website are the best internet gaming offers, completely trustworthy and player-friendly. Also, the benefit of our website is that all of the mentioned is available for you entirely for free, so you can practice and learn as much as you need and want.

    We have maintained a high standard of business and only cooperate with trustworthy and proven casinos and developers, all to bring you the best and highest quality games and entertainment online gambling can bring you. Casino bonuses are the best way to build up a big gambling budget, so why not take advantage of it? Keep in mind all of the things you’ve read, research your casino and take advantage of every benefit you are offered.

    Don`t forget to document yourself about the gambling regulation of your country and choose a casino that is licensed in your country. I hope you’ve found the information helpful, and that you’ll profit from it, see you soon!

    What Are Deposit Bonuses?

    As the name itself says, deposit bonuses are the type of reward you receive when you decide to put some of your real money into the casino you are playing with. In other words, they can be unlocked only when you deposit the required sum. Deposit bonuses work in many ways. The most common deposit bonuses I run across run in two different ways:

    • The bonus funds are transferred to a separate account from your real; personally, I think this is the better option, as you can track your bonus money more efficiently, and if you get carried away with the playing, you won't spend all of your real money in one sitting.
    • The bonus funds are added to your money balance. This option makes tracking a little bit more difficult, though it does not affect your game in any other way, as it doesn’t change the wagering or any of the conditions.

    How do they Work?

    All deposit bonuses work in a fairly similar way, regardless of the casino or game type you are playing. It's quite straightforward, for example, I deposit $100 to my gambling account, and the casino matches my deposit with a bonus offer of the same amount, so I have the starting budget of $200 to play with. This principle is the same with all online casinos.

    The only difference is that they decide on the match percentage height on an individual basis. Some casinos offer up to a 200% match to your first deposit, while others offer only up to 50%. Of course, you are not obliged to deposit the sum they are listing as the maximum, but doing so will give you the most significant value for your initial bonus.

    There are a few deposit bonus types, so make sure that you read the fine print when depositing your money. The two most popular types you will find are:

    • ‘100% bonus match type’ – This is the one you should be looking for if you wish to deposit a more significant amount of money. This phrase essentially means that the casino will match with 100% up to any amount of money you deposit.
    • ‘bonus match up to $500 type’ – While a 100% match is ideal, a bonus match to a certain dollar amount is good too. That means you get a full match up to a certain dollar amount of your deposit. If you deposit, let's say, $600 or $700, you will still receive that maximum capped $500 deposit bonus reward. That’s why if you plan on making a bigger deposit, I would recommend you look for a casino that offers the first option.

    Good and Bad Sides of Deposit Bonuses

    Deposit bonuses can have various appearances, can be divided into multiple enticing deposit mini bonuses or encompass one entire welcome bonus. Either way, here are some of the most important pros and cons of online casino deposit bonuses:


    The main advantage is the extra added cash to your balance with which you can play and increase your chances of winning.


    The deposit bonus you receive isn't yours for free. You have to earn it by playing and winning. There are always wagering requirements that you need to meet before you can cash out. For example, if I’m still o the winning streak but I haven't met my wagering requirement, I can't withdraw any of my bonus winnings until I reach it.

    It's important to understand these pros and cons before you go and play with a casino of your choice. The deposit bonus is easy to get but hard to obtain; and though it's sold as free money, you do have to earn it before you can cash it out. If you don’t understand some of the T&C’s a casino presents you with, feel free to contact their support.

    I’ve done it countless times and can say that they have always been very courteous and helpful whenever I had a question.

    Best Deposit Bonuses Currently Available

    Nowadays, finding good casino bonus offers is no that much of a tedious and time-consuming task. Casinos are always competing with one another, and there are some excellent deposit bonuses you can stumble upon if you know where and how to look for them. I’ll pick a few of my favourite ones, and summarize their offers on this page.

    Watch out for Wagering requirements

    As is the case with all bonuses and rewards you can come across during your online gambling time, deposit bonuses are also subject to wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a multiplier that shows how much time you are required to play through your bonus sum before you can cash out your money.

    That is why I'm stressing the importance of understanding the requirements and rules when it comes to wagering. When you know all of the T&C’s, it's easier to play. Also, avoid bonuses that have 50x-60x wagering requirements tied to them.

    Don’t get caught up in high rewards if they also draw high wagering requirements with them.

     You might be a seasoned pro with online casinos. But an offer that has you wager the bonus you first received for an exponential amount is going to be difficult to win.

    How to recognize a good opportunity  

    When choosing a casino in which you want to spend a lot of your time, it's important to consider a few factors which I’m going to share with you. Like I've said above, the height of the deposit bonus is not the only important thing. Before you opt-out for a casino that offers sky-high bonuses, research more about the platform itself.

    There are plenty of indicators that can tell if the casino will be an excellent opportunity or not. Check out the MGA Legislation and UK rules, wagering requirements, the RTP and the casino’s general business model. This part of the gambling experience may sound annoying to you, but it can save you a lot of trouble in the future. All in all, choosing a good and reliable casino ensures you have a smooth and enjoyable gambling experience, without having to think about anything else.


    I’ve told you the most important things you need to know about deposit bonuses, and now you’re ready to go and cash out on your favourite slots or table game, you can test the newest casino games for free on this page. Deposit bonuses can be of great help when starting your online gambling experience if you use them in the right way.

    Keep in mind my tips and you will not only have a fun and entertaining time but will also win some sweet extra cash.


    ⭐ What are casino bonuses?

    A casino bonus is an offer awarded by an online casino and it can come in form of cash, free game/spins, a deposit matching bonus or even on-site currency.

    Casinos offer varying types of bonuses and these bonuses range from a welcome package to tailor-made promotions.

    For a player to enjoy these bonuses, they will need to read and understand the terms attached to the bonuses.  This includes the wagering requirements.

    ⭐ How do casino bonuses work?

    Most, if not all online casinos offer a bonus to every new member making a deposit.

    The main aim is for the casino to attract more players to make a real cash deposit. This will help the casino to stay in business.

    Usually, the first time bonus (welcome bonus) is a percentage match. Normally, this type of bonus also comes with a cap on the overall size of the bonus.

    ⭐ Are casino bonuses worth it?

    This will depend on a few factors like the type of casino games, the house edge of these games, and finally the wagering requirement.

    Assume a casino offers a bonus of 100% that comes with no game restrictions, and a favourable wagering requirement of 10 xs. This is very easy for many players and they can meet the requirements with little effort.

    In this case, if you make a deposit of $250, the 10x wagering will require you to bet up to $2,500 before you can cash out your winnings.

    ⭐ How do I find the best bonuses?

    This depends wholly on your playing pattern. For example, if slots are your favourite, the free spins bonus will give you great value for your money.

    Compare different bonus offers as each one comes with a unique offer. Some bonus offers could be better than others.  

    Look out for new casino bonuses.  Anytime there is a bonus offer, you will be among the first people to receive the information.

    ⭐ What makes a good bonus?

    A good casino bonus should incorporate several factors. These include little or no limits on the amount you can win, a favourable wagering requirement (not more than 35x, ample time to fulfil the terms of the bonus (at least 30 days), as well as an option to opt-out of the bonus on offer.

    ⭐ What does wager mean in gambling?

    Online casinos are always generous, and from time to time, you will be awarded free money to play with.  However, these offers that are also known as bonuses come with a few terms and conditions.

    These terms must be met before you can be allowed to cash out the bonus. This is where wagering is applied.

    For example, if you come across a bonus that says: $20 bonus money with a wagering requirement of 20xs, you are required to play through that bonus offer times, the number of wagering required. This is ($20 x 20 = $400), before cashing your winnings. More about bonus wagering requirement HERE