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    The emergence and growth of the internet has seen a huge transformation in the world. Many industries have embraced this form of technology, and today, the world looks like one small village that is easily connected.

    Online CasinosThe gambling industry has not been left behind, and the industry has continued to witness massive growth, especially with the introduction of online casinos in Hungary.

    With online casinos, gamers from around the world are easily connected, and they can play their favourite games from wherever they are.

    This ease in doing things has attracted many developers, and a simple Google search will give you tons and tons of online casino results.

    This large number poses a great challenge to online gamblers. Many are left in the hands of fraudsters, as the endless list of online casinos is difficult to manoeuvre.

    Today we will look at some of the best steps that you can follow to avoid falling prey to illegitimate online casinos.

    How to Pick a Good Online Casino

    Pick a Good Online CasinoIn every area of our lives, we have been a beginner, and most likely suffered the same challenges other newbies face.

    It is the same case when it comes to picking a good online casino, especially now that the internet has opened many doors for gamblers.

    In this article, we want to make the process of selecting an online casino as easy as possible. We will also share a few tips on the dos and don'ts of this industry, and how you can go about it to win maximum profits.

    Here is a compressive list of what you need to consider before you can conclude that an online casino is genuine.

    Casino Rank, History and Reputation

    Before you can even think of registering on an online casino, check their reputation. Has the casino been exposed for failing to meet its end of the bargain?

    An online casino with a good reputation will be proud to showcase its work. To easily find information about the casino, check online for reviews from previous players.

    Read any review or article touching on the casino. It doesn’t matter how old the review is. It is more advisable to go for a casino that has a history.

    Although newer casinos may be genuine, there is no proof that they will stand the stiff competition found in this industry. This means that they also come with the risk of folding up.

    An online casino that is at least a year or two old is likely going to stick around for some time.

    Usability: Is the Casino Player Friendly?

    If you use an online casino that is difficult to manoeuvre, you are more likely going to get bored pretty fast.

    Remember, even if you are playing for fun, the casino needs to be easy to load, and navigate.

    Personally, a download-based casino is an immediate turn-off, since it takes up quite a large space on your device.

    A better option would be an online casino that allows you easy access through the browser. With such a casino, you don’t have to worry about games taking too much space on your gadgets.

    Deposit and Payment Options

    If you are playing for real money, take the time to fully understand how its payments work. Check the accepted payment methods, and see whether what is offered is convenient for you.

    Also, ensure you get clear information regarding withdrawal and pending times. Find answers to questions like Which currencies are accepted? Does the casino embrace new ideas like the use of Bitcoin?

    Customer Support

    This is another very important category on an online casino, as you will occasionally need assistance if things don’t work out during gameplay.

    It is important that a reputable online casino provides players with some of the most convenient methods of communication.

    This will help answer queries as quickly as possible, and the player can get back to gaming as a satisfied customer.

    The minimum contact options on a good online casino should be two, and these should also run 24/7. Live Chat is the quickest, and most preferred customer support contact method. It is a must-have option on a reputable online casino.

    Casino Terms and Conditions

    Just like on land-based casinos, online casinos have some terms attached to them, and the only difference is that they come in the fine print.

    A lot of players are either too lazy, or simply ignorant of these terms, but it's important to read and understand them. These are what will guide the casino in all its areas of operations, including cash-outs.

    Each online casino has its specific terms, and what you get on casino A may not be the same on casino B.

    If you want to avoid future problems with the casino, make sure you learn of what is contained in their terms and conditions.

    You may feel pressured by the long writings that are common with these terms but the truth is, the devil is always in the details.

    License and Regulations

    Casino licensing is an important step that every genuine online casino must undertake. However, it also matters a lot where these casinos get their license from.

    Although there are different bodies that issue operating licenses to online casinos, the two most recognized are the Gambling Commission License for most European countries and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

    Only reputable casinos can be issued with licences by these bodies due to the strict vetting that is undertaken by the licensor.

    Available Bonuses

    online BonusesBonuses come in handy when you are looking for a way to boost your bankroll. When it comes to online casino, this area is quite competitive, and you will find different casinos trying to outdo each offer by offering generous bonuses to their customers.

    These include exclusive bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, and even some free bets.

    The long list of options to choose from can bring a lot of confusion to the players, who may end up picking a bonus that is not very profitable.

    To get the most out of casino bonuses, the best step would be to play for real money. Here is a breakdown of common online casino bonuses, and how you can take advantage of them;

    • Welcome Bonuses – these are the most common, and you will find them on almost every online casino.

     Welcome bonuses come as a “thank you” to the player for joining the casino. It is often a matchup for a deposit that you make upon signing up. 

    The better the welcome bonus, the more the boost to your bankroll. Always shop around and compare what different casinos offer.

    • No Deposit BonusesNo deposit bonuses are increasingly becoming popular on many online casinos.

    Although a majority are small in amount, they are very good for beginners and you can use them to learn a few things about the casino without depositing any cash.

    However, if you play using the no deposit bonus, be prepared to deposit and use real money before the casino allows you to cash out the winnings associated with the bonus.

    • VIP Promotions – VIP promotions are a good option for players who are aiming at long term collaboration with the casino.

    There are many casinos that offer this option, but as usual, remember to check the terms associated with these programs and promotions.

    • Monthly and Reload Bonuses – The fun with the bonuses is in the variety, and you will get reload bonuses and rewards.

    When I first joined this industry, I did not know much about the reload bonuses. was new to online casinos.

    Actually, I was very surprised to receive a bonus in the middle of the week after making a second bonus on my favourite casino.

    However, as I became comfortable in the industry, I got to learn more about these types of bonuses, and they have remained my bread and butter to date.

    • High Roller Bonuses – If you have a large appetite for risk, then you are a high roller type of gamer.

    Online casinos look for ways to reward high roller gamers, and it is common to see a bonus that is specially dedicated to this level of gamers.

    Some of the benefits that are enjoyed by high roller players include cash backs, a higher cash-out limit, and better deposit bonuses among others.

    Gaming Software

    casino game providers

    Technology has enabled many different game developers to come on board, and many of them provide games that are worth playing.

    Different providers offer different versions of games, and you can consider a developer based on your gaming tastes.

    However, several top providers have maintained a great reputation over the years, and you cannot go wrong with their games.

    Below are the best casino software developers who offer quality games. These are providers who have been in the industry for quite some time. They have an established track record and a good reputation in their work:

    • Microgaming – this is the biggest and most common gaming software developer. The developer has been around since 1994 and boasts of over 800 online casino games under their belt.

    The developer is known for their great innovation, and the ability to create games with more advanced mechanics. Some of the developments remain popular to this date, and a good example is the Mega Moolah slot.

    • Playtech – This developer came soon after Microgaming and they have remained relevant over the years. Their games are equally relevant, and a good source of both fun and profits.

    Despite Playtech coming a few years after Microgaming, they have managed to narrow the gap. Today, the two are on par with each other, and this healthy competition has seen them create enjoyable and exciting games.

    One of their most common game is Marvel Slot Series, a title that borrows its inspiration from the superheroes that appear in Marvel Universe.

    Other great titles from this developer include the flintstone slot game and archer slot game.

    • NetEnt – another prominent name in this industry is NetEnt, and the developer mostly concentrated on slot games.

    NetEnt is known for some of the gorgeous and innovative casino games. Some of their favourite slots include Starburst, South Park, Guns n’ Roses, Jack and the Beanstalk among others.

    • IGT – This provider can be described as a jack of all trades since they offer anything that you’ll need from an online casino.

    Among the things that you will get from them is streaming software, mobile gaming, and live gaming. IGT is great with the technical and mechanical facets of casino games.

    • Betsoft–the developer is known for their unique games that stand out from the rest.

    Betsoft doesn’t have a very long list of games, but the few that they have come with excellent features that are both innovative and original. You will love their 3D slot games.

    The best thing about reputable game providers is the fact that they touch on different areas. You will get slots, video poker, and table games all under one roof.

    Besides, these developers give you the option to try slot games for free. Afterwards, you can decide whether to deposit and play for real money or to abandon the game altogether.

    What to Consider On Online Casino Games

    In my many years of online gaming, I have learnt many things, but the two that I consider my driving force are the Payout Ratio, and randomness.

    The payout ratio is simply the average percentage of what you will win back after placing a bet. Every honest and reputable online gaming platform must provide a payout ratio that is close to 100%. Although it may appear obvious, not many players keep note of this.

    The other point is the game’s randomness. Just like is the case with land-based casinos, online gambling platforms offer games that have an element of random choices.

    The soundest step that you can take is to avoid using a large amount of your bankroll on a single bet. Rather, work on a strategy that you can apply to beat the casino.

    Ensure that your bankroll is well managed by avoiding placing too many bets. Always play within your means.

    Picking a Good Casino from Plenty of Choices

    This step can get many players confused, especially due to the high number of online casinos that are available today.

    Picking a Good CasinoNewbie gamblers, together with beginners may suffer from this confusion much more, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

    Although the industry provides what appears to be a glamourous way of getting money, it doesn’t always end with a positive note.

    If anything, this industry is one of the most saturated on the internet, and new online casinos popping each other day seems to complicate things further.

    To help you overcome this confusion, we have shared a guide to winning an online casino. Try to implement as many points from this guide as possible, and there is no reason why you cannot succeed in this market.

    Do some due diligence of several casinos before you settle for any. Also, you can try several free versions of games and see what works best for you.

    Deluxe Casino Bonus offers excellent reviews on different online casinos. You can read several like EnergyWin casino review before fully emerging yourself in this ever-dynamic industry.

    Are Online Casinos the Same?

    No. The digital venue provides several options, and no casino is likely going to perform like the other

    However, when it comes to the types, you will get three options of casinos which are mobile casinos, instant play, and download casinos.

    Mobile Casinos

    Mobile CasinosMobile casinos are relatively new, and they took off after the invention of smartphones. However, despite them being quite young in the market, these types of casinos have gained massive growth to become the most favoured by online casino gamblers.

    Maybe the convenience that these types of casinos bring could be the reason behind their huge success. You can play anywhere, and any time as long as your gadget is connected to the internet.

    Instant Play Casinos (No Download)

    These are also common, and they allow you to play on the browser with no need to download a gaming app or software.

    Such casinos rely on the flash platform to bring you the action straight from the browser. One of the most important benefits of Instant Play Casinos is the freedom and flexibility that they offer.

    You also don’t have to worry about your privacy while playing on Instant Play casinos. As long as you are playing on a good online casino, you will get uninterrupted gameplay.

    Download Casinos

    Just like the name suggests, download casinos require an app or a software tata you must download to your device.

    These types of casinos have relatively improved graphics and the games are also more advanced.

    With a download casino, everything concerning gaming (this includes deposits, cash-outs, customer support etc) can only be done via the app.


    Online casino gambling is an industry that is here to stay. It is estimated to be one of the fastest-growing industry across the world. You can join in and have fun, as well as profits.

    The most important thing is to learn as much as possible (you can do this with the demos games), and only move on to real money betting once you master the skill.

    Reputable online gambling sites try as much as possible to offer their players the best experience. They work with developers who provide random chances to ensure all players get a fair and equal opportunity. This means that you will get not only tested games but those that are audited for fairness.


    ⭐ Are there any advantages of gambling real money online casinos?

    Yes. This is possible, and you can make some profits in a fun way. Also, the online space gives players the opportunity to play at any time, and on any day with no major restrictions,

    With a gadget like a smartphone, or a tablet you can get quick access to hundreds of games from the comfort of your home. This way, you save a lot on time, and travel cost that you would have incurred while going to a land-based casino.

    ⭐ Can you win real money with online casino gambling?

    Yes, you can!  In fact, these games have become increasingly popular due to their ability to deliver quick profits.

    Online casinos carry massive potential, especially in games like progressive jackpots slots (with some going for millions). Other profitable games include bingo, classic table games, and lotteries.

    ⭐ How safe is my money in an online casino?

    Every reputable online casino understands the need to remain in good books with the players. They know that their business repute relies heavily on their trust and integrity.

    This makes many of them provide a safe gaming environment. As long as a casino is good, it will safeguard its customers' funds and private data. A majority use the latest encryption software to ensure that all data is 100% secured.

    ⭐ Can an online casino manipulate results?

    No, a legitimate online casino that is duly licensed and properly regulated will not try to do that. Reputable regulatory bodies like MGA and UKGC have very strict vetting processes that ensure these casinos offer completely fair service.

    With the assistance of Random Number Generators, the casinos offer games of chance which mean that the results are random. This makes it extremely difficult to cheat.

    ⭐ How do online games and casinos work?

    Online Casinos (Virtual Casinos) are an online version of landscaped casinos. These platforms welcome gamers from all walks of life, and you can play either the free version or the paid version of the games.

    There is no discrimination on online casinos as long as you are of the legal age, and your country allows online gambling. Online casinos are very convenient and you have no reasons to travel for miles to locate a casino. You can log into your account even when in your pyjamas, and get to enjoy the games.