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Moon of Fortune
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🎰 Moon of Fortune - New Wazdan game

If you're looking for an exciting and brilliant gaming experience, then Wazdan's Moon of Fortune online slots could be just what you're looking for. I invite you to discover with me this game full of surprises and brilliant winning opportunities.

We'll explore the beautifully crafted visuals, immersive sounds and unique features that turn the game into an authentic adventure. Get ready to be captivated by the shooting stars and set off in search of the brightest prizes in the night sky.

Let's get into the details and see what Moon of Fortune has to offer.

Moon of Fortune Functions and Features

Now that we've explored the glittering atmosphere of 🎰 Moon of Fortune, let's dig deeper and discover the heart of this exciting slot: the features and functions that really make it shine in the online gambling market.

From the mysterious symbols and shiny bonuses to the customization options that put the experience in your hands, we'll take a closer look at everything this innovative game has to offer.

The game is played on 16 reels, each filled with bright symbols. All you have to do is pull the lever or press the spin button and the reels will start spinning.

Your goal is to get winning symbol combinations.

They can be of the same kind and you must have at least 10 identical symbols on the reels to receive a win. There is also a special symbol called 'Wild' that can substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations more easily.

In addition, you have the chance to encounter bonus symbols that can bring you brilliant prizes. Some of these can stay on the reels for several rounds, increasing your chances of winning. And don't forget the mystery and jackpot symbols, which can bring you special rewards or even big jackpots.

If you manage to land enough bonus symbols, you can activate the bonus round called "Hold the Jackpot". Here, you'll have the chance to win brilliant prizes, and if you fill all the reels with bonus symbols, you can even win an impressive jackpot.

One great thing about Wazdan's 🎰 Moon of Fortune is that you can customize your gaming experience. You can choose the chance level that suits you and even the volatility level of the game, meaning you can decide how often you want to win.

Moon of Fortune symbols

Let's take a closer look at the symbols in Moon of Fortune. These shiny symbols are the key to beautiful wins and exciting surprises.

The Wild symbol is like a joker in a card game. It can replace other symbols, helping you to form winning combinations more easily. If you have a Wild symbol in a combination, you can enjoy bigger wins.

Then we have the bonus symbols. These are the real treasures of the game. If you manage to collect enough bonus symbols, you can unlock the special "Hold the Jackpot" round, where you can win big prizes or even jackpots.

In addition, there are mystery and jackpot symbols. The mystery symbol can turn into other symbols at the end of the round, bringing you pleasant surprises. Jackpot symbols, on the other hand, give you the chance to win big rewards such as Mini, Minor and Major jackpots.

Don't forget to keep an eye on these symbols on the reels and watch carefully the combinations they can form. Each symbol has its own value and you can find out more about these values in the game's paytable.

Moon of Fortune Earnings and Awards

Now let's talk about what interests you most: winnings and prizes in Moon of Fortune. Here you'll learn how to get shiny rewards and fill your pockets with winnings!

To win in Moon of Fortune, you need to line up at least 10 identical symbols on the reels on paylines. These paylines are like lanes where symbols must match up to bring you wins.

The payline can be straight or zigzag, depending on how the symbols line up. Each payline has its own winning value. For example, some lines may give you lower payouts, while others may give you higher payouts.

How many symbols you have on the line also counts. The more symbols you have lined up on a line, the bigger your win will be. Also, the 'Wild' symbol can help you complete a win line, adding more chances to win.

But that's not all! Bonus and jackpot symbols can bring you special prizes and big wins. Mystery symbols can turn into other symbols, bringing you unexpected surprises. Jackpot symbols, such as Mini, Minor and Major, can give you shiny prizes and jackpots that will fill your pockets with shiny coins.

  • Cash symbols will award you wins ranging from 1x-10x, 12x or 15x, giving you a pretty big payout when you collect more than one of them.
  • The Mystery symbol transforms at the end of the bonus round into any other symbol, including Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots or the Collector symbol.
  • The Mystery Jackpot does the same, but it cannot become a Cash symbol.
  • Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots award 20x, 50x or 150x your bet respectively
  • The collector collects the values of all Cash symbols present and multiplies them randomly by 1x-10x. These are truly prizes that light up the night sky.

RTP & Volatility Moon of Fortune

Let's take a look at two important aspects of Moon of Fortune: RTP (Return to Player) and volatility. These elements influence how you play and how much you can win.

RTP is the estimated percentage of money that players can earn back on average over time. In the case of Moon of Fortune, the RTP is a significant value, which means that the game offers good chances of winning in the long run.

Volatility, on the other hand, refers to how often and how big the winnings are in the game. In this game, you will encounter medium to high volatility. This means you can win larger amounts, but you may need to wait a little longer for consistent wins.

So if you like to win frequently and enjoy smaller prizes, the game might not be for you. Take a look at other free slots you might like. But if you're willing to wait for bigger and brighter wins, Moon of Fortune certainly has the potential to bring you moments of intense enjoyment.

Moon of Fortune Maximum Winning Potential

In a single spin of the reels, you can win handsome amounts, especially if you get high paying symbol combinations or trigger the bonus round. You can even win a big jackpot, which can instantly enrich your gaming experience.

To trigger the bonus round, you need to draw at least 6 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. If you manage to get 4 or 5 of these symbols, they stay stuck for another spin, giving you another chance to get the required amount.

Once Hold the Jackpot is triggered, the bunnies ring the bells, all Bonus symbols stick to the reels and you get 3 re-spins that refresh every time a new Bonus symbol appears. The aim is to get as many Bonus symbols as possible. At the end of the bonus round, all your prizes are collected and if you have filled all the reels, you get the mighty Big Jackpot worth 1500x your bet.

Special Features Moon of Fortune

Let's talk about the special features that make Moon of Fortune truly brilliant and exciting. This game brings a number of unique features that can enhance your gaming experience and bring you bigger wins.

One of the special features is the "Hold the Jackpot" function. This is triggered when you collect enough bonus symbols on the reels. Enter this special round and you can win impressive prizes or even shiny jackpots. With every bonus symbol you collect, your chances increase for fantastic rewards.

Also, the "Sticky to Infinity™" feature is a wonderful surprise. Mystery and jackpot symbols can stay stuck on the reels for several rounds, giving you more chances to win. This can lead to significant wins and an extra dose of fun while playing.

And don't forget the ability to customise your gaming experience. You can choose the chance level that suits you and even the volatility level of the game. These options allow you to play in the mode you like best and have a better chance of winning.

Moon of Fortune Theme and Design

With unique features that can bring you brilliant rewards and moments of intense enjoyment, this game gives you plenty of reasons to enjoy every moment spent in front of the shiny slots.

Let's talk about the wonderful theme and design behind Wazdan's Moon of Fortune. When you start playing, you'll be transported to a glowing world under the night sky, where the moon lights up every spin of the reels. The game's visuals are beautifully crafted, with attention-grabbing details that bring the magical atmosphere right to your screen.

The bright symbols on the reels are inspired by oriental themes, featuring elements such as bunnies, shooting stars and lucky symbols. Each symbol is full of colour and detail, adding an element of charm to the game.

The sounds of the game perfectly complement the atmosphere, with pleasant music and sound effects that will accompany your every spin of the reels. Every time you get a winning combination or trigger a special feature, the sounds will intensify the adrenaline and excitement of the game.

Detailed visuals and immersive sounds add an extra dimension of fun and immersion to every moment spent on the reels of this addictive game.

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