Best online casino games of 2024

Here is our updated list of the new online casino games of 2024 ⏩ Choose from a variety of the new, most popular casino games, including popular online slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker games and live casino games ✅ You can play demo to familiarize yourself with the mechanic of these games that casinos offer, before you set up your account and start playing for real money or making bets ⏩

Learn about online casino games - what can they offer?

Gambling is becoming more and more successful every year, not just in Canada, but around the world. You might not be surprised if you have experience and play online casino games frequently, but if you don't and you're just getting to know this world, you've probably asked yourself: what can online casino games provide?

And you're not wondering for nothing! Every year more and more online casino appear, offering real money play, just like retail casinos, but there are also free games casinos offer, meaning you can play demo versions for free. Even more, you can also win some real money with free games, you just need to find the right place (i.e. suitable casino) for it, which will be easier if you get accustomed to the rules.

It's really important to always read the terms of the casino, before you make an account and start playing. If you already played at an online casino, I'm sure you know, that even if you play demo, or place any bet, or just playing for free, there are always terms and conditions to be met. If you stick to this, you'll always have a secure playing experience, you won't get trapped when making bets, and you'll be more comfortable pocketing a winning combination.

Either way, an online casino has many advantages over a retail casino, not just that it offers the opportunity to play for free (with the occasional chance to win once you've created an account). But there are often more jackpots, bonuses, promotions (i.e. more winning chances), a more varied game selection, greater convenience and accessibility, more flexible betting limits, a live dealer experience, safe and fair gaming, and a significant social experience.

I will go into more detail on these below, so stay tuned!

Types of online casino game

If you've already played online for a while, or still play, you're probably somewhat familiar with the types of games you'll find, and which of these most often have a play demo option.

Almost every game developer releases at least 1 game a month, but of course every game developer has a different focus, few of them release games from every genre. This makes it difficult to keep up with trends, because by the time you have thoroughly analyzed a new game, countless others have already been released. I'm not saying that it's pointless to put new games under the magnifying glass, but rather that it's better to focus on the most popular games of all times.

Most commonly, online casinos will provide you with the opportunity to play slots, to play table games, to play live dealer games, to play video poker, to play specialty games, to play exclusive games, to play jackpot games, to play virtual sports, sportsbook, or to play skill-based and instant win games. I will write about these in more detail later.

What are the benefits of playing new casino games?

In the recent past, there have been major improvements in technology, and these have had a positive impact on almost all sectors. This impact has also touched the gambling industry. More and more developers are embracing the latest that technology has to offer.

casino new slot games

New slot machines are one of the areas that have witnessed a massive use of advanced technology. This has enabled developers to offer more improved software, which in return has created better gaming experiences. Modern slot games now come with glowing visuals and graphics. Animations are clearer and smoother as well, which offer a higher level of attractiveness.

Besides, the modern one-armed bandits can now seamlessly work on mobile device, a thing that was not possible several years ago. You can also play demo versions from smart devices, without registering.

In addition, there are other benefits to the new games. Developers and casinos are constantly competing with each other to attract more players and increase their user base. I will discuss these strategies in more detail below.

High RTPs

The return to player measure is useful because it gives you an insight into the expected payouts of a game, which is always important. The newest and most popular games of all times are all have high RTP percentage, that ensure they have a higher rate of players returning to the game.

You can try out a lot of games which have high RTP, look for the play demo button. If you want to find out more about RTP, visit our compact slot machine glossary.

Fun themes

Everyone has their own preferences, when it comes to the theme of their favorite game, especially if they play to win, I'm sure you do too. After all, we can spend countless hours in front of our favorite games, so it's obvious that we choose topics that interest us. Fortunately, we are not lacking in this area. Casino games come in all shapes and themes.

Look at how easy or complex the design of the slot is, especially if you're planning to play for real money. An overly complex game might be difficult to maneuver, which may lead to substantial losses.

To name just a few theme: fishing, ancient Egypt, farming, pirates, lost civilizations, the Wild West, animals, space travel, mermaids, time travel, dragons, Greek mythology, steampunk, ancient Rome, Scandinavian mythology and gods, etc.

You can find and play demo and free versions of all these listed themes, or play for winning jackpots, after making a deposit.

Exciting bonus features available in online casino games for the optimal player experience

The gambling industry remains one of the most competitive sectors, and to attract players, developers keep on coming up with ways that are likely to increase their client base. One of these ways is offering some irresistible bonus on the new games. For example, older spin games still offer gamblers some bonus excitement, but cannot compare to what a modern slot have in store for casino gamblers.

As a player, you can take advantage of these offers to increase your bankroll, or even discover other hidden areas of a game. As an example, there are casino sites where you can automatically earn VIP points if you play regularly, giving you more and more benefits. However, you often don't find information about this until you've reached the next level.

Casino games, especially slots, offer all sorts of bonuses, and they can come in the form of free spins, extra credits, bonus games, or extra spinning rounds. However, always read the terms attached to such bonuses before you accept them. It's also useful to play demo versions, as even the free versions can hint some information about what kind of winning and jackpots awaits you, when you play for real money.

Play for improved jackpot and blackjack odds

The latest games you can play come with more improved betting odds. This increases your chances of landing more profits when you play, as compared to the earlier slot machines. Increased odds mean you can use less money to make more.

Among online casino games, blackjack offers the best odds, as it usually has the lowest house edge. However, jackpot odds are constantly being increased and improved as new games are released. This can even be observed when you play demo versions.

The variety of deposit and withdrawal methods

The latest slot machines have tapped into a new trend where more and more online transaction methods are getting accepted. With the long list of accepted payment methods, you do not have to worry about conveniently depositing funds for playing your favourite online casino. Fast withdrawals are also no longer just a myth.

The process is the same when it comes to cashing out winnings. Before you rush to play a new slot, ensure that the payment methods accepted by your chosen casino are convenient for you. Much like you shouldn't commit to a game until you play demo.

Fun facts

  • The world's first casino was officially recognized and legalized in 1638.
  • Strictly speaking, card counting in blackjack is legal, but if a casino catches you doing it, they will ban you.
  • A World War II veteran won more than $25 million in his lifetime by playing only slots.
  • Craps was originally called Crabs, the spelling change was due to differences in the English and French languages.
  • The very first slots only allowed you to win cigarettes, a glass of alcohol or chewing gum. The latter were fruit flavored, which is why the fruit symbols became part of casino culture.
  • Contrary to popular belief, American roulette is harder than European roulette because the ball can land in 38 places instead of 37.
  • One of the largest slot jackpots in history was $13 million dollar.

Signs that a new casino game is legit - play online casino games safely

Not all that glitters is gold, and not all new slot games are legit. To avoid falling prey to the many marauding online fraudsters, do your research before you involve yourself with a new online game.

Remember, real money gaming involves sharing some financial information and transactions. Below you can find a few things to look out for before you can commit to a new online slot.

Check for license and regulations

Several organizations have been mandated with the duty to license and regulate the gambling industry. The two most reputable licenses are from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA in short) and the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC in short). A license from these two is a proper sign that you are dealing with a legitimate slot and can play safely.

They have very stringent rules, and only the best casinos and games can obtain a license from them. Before a new online casino or casino game is issued with a license, it is well-vetted, and things like payments, fairness and support are looked into.

Read reviews from other players

The online space is like a well-connected tiny village, and you are likely going to find some information out there about online slots, regardless of how old or new they are. Reading the opinion of other people who enjoy to play just as much as you do, is one of the most resourceful way to learn a thing or two about a new online slot.

If you find many red flags (especially concerning fairness and payments), it's probably wise to reconsider your desire to play with that certain game. Online gamers will call out a slot if it does not meet its end of the bargain.

Security: payments, private data and fair play

Each time you make an online transaction, you share a lot of sensitive information with the slot owners. Therefore, it is important that the game developers provide the best data protection to safeguard this private information. Using end-to-end encryption with each latest software is the best way to protect this information, and a reputable slot provider must offer this service.

Your personal data is protected by SSL encryption from a professional service provider. In most cases, you will come across a 'padlock' icon on the transaction page (followed by an explanation of the security). However, remember to avoid sharing any personal details via an unsecured internet connection.

To ensure equal chances for all players, games are based on a random number generator (RNG).

How to choose the best casino games to play in safety and comfort? Tips on selecting a new slot game

Individual preferences matter most, but here are some starting points for beginners, whom are completely new in this area.

In the recent past, plenty of online slots have popped all over the internet, but it is not difficult to find a secure slot. However, apart from security and comfort, there are other important things that you need to consider as well. In the following, you can find a few things that you need to consider before fully engaging in a new slot game.

A guide to online casino games and their types

With the ever-accelerating technological advances in the online gambling market, there are not only a countless of game developers and casinos, but also a myriad of games. In the online space, the only limit to how many different ways you can spin a classic is creativity and imagination.

As a result, there are now dozens of variations of every game you can play - think roulette, which has the classic version, but also European, American and loads of others. The same is true about poker (or video poker), blackjack, baccarat, etc. Among slots, the market for progressive jackpot games is constantly evolving and expanding, with the latest version already offering huge starting prizes. Demos are also available for an increasing number of games - play demo, it's fun!

Sports betting is also a part of gambling, and more and more online casinos have sportsbooks, which add color to the betting limits, side bets and odds areas.

In the following, I will discuss the types of online gambling games, including their most popular variations and the game mechanics. I will highlight and introduce by name the evergreen games that have been crowd favorites for years. If you are just starting to get acquainted with this world, I recommend you read the following section.

Fruit machines

From the traditional 3 reel slots to the modern 5 reel slot machines, this type of game has so much to offer. It is the most popular of all types of gambling, mostly because of the progressive jackpots that can be used to win life-changing prizes. However, you must ask a few questions before you engage yourself in it:

  • What is the content and theme of the game? Does it interest you?
  • Does it offer a special storyline?
  • Does it share every essential and other useful details?
  • Does it have some special feature, like multiple paylines?
  • Does it work on the base of RNG to ensure a fair, secure and comfortable gaming experience?

Some of the most iconic slot games of all time owe their success to their immersive gameplay, innovative features and appealing themes. Depending on your taste, always check for more details about the online games before you start to play them for real money, and don't forget to play demo every time you get to know a new game.

Mega Moolah

mega moolah, new slot

It was launched by Microgaming, which is probably the most reputable and trustworthy software developer on the market. The game has made more than one player a millionaire with its huge progressive jackpot payouts, it's the world's largest paying jackpot slot. You can play demo on the site of Evolve, Hot Slots and LV Bet online casinos if you're interested and want to decide if you should play.


NetEnt games are renowned for being beautiful and well-optimized. This is no different with Starburst, as it offers a brightly colored audiovisual experience, with expanding wilds, yet the game is still simple and immersive. You can play demo at Evolve, Powbet and Ice casino.

Book of Ra

Novomatic is extremely diversified, not only in digital gambling but also in retail casinos, with games ranging from sports betting through lotteries to online gaming. The latter includes classic, video and, of course, progressive jackpot slots. Book of Ra is one of their Egyptian-themed games, known to most for its numerous free spins and adventurous gameplay. You can play demo at Ice and Energy casino.

Live casino games

These types of games are designed to bring players as close as possible to the real casino experience. Many people can't afford to go to a retail casino, or have simply chosen not to - but that doesn't mean they aren't enchanted by the atmosphere of a real casino.

It's because of these types of players that the digital casino space has came up with a this type of gaming that provides a live, interactive, social experience. Most common among them are various card game, but game shows are also common.

Unfortunately, you can't play demo versions of these games, because they run in real-time, with real dealers, hosts and equipment.

Quantum Blackjack

Its essence lies in the fact that certain cards have an extra multiplier. If a player has at least one of these cards, they can multiply their winnings. You can play with this kind of blackjack on the site of Powbet and Ice casino.


Many people like it because the developers of these types of games provide a high quality and fun gaming experience for those who decide to play roulette. Online roulette Canada is appealing to players because of its preferred rules, house edge, betting options and visual experience, and the fact that there are so many variations that everyone can choose the one that suits their individual preferences.

Lightning Roulette

It's classic roulette, but with a twist - random numbers can be multiplied by up to 500x, which of course increases the amount of money you can win. This is also a live casino game with a real dealer, so you can't play demo of it.


Blackjack is an extremely popular skill-based card game you can play, also referred to as 21, because the aim is to reach a hand value of 21 (or a number as close to it as possible) without exceeding it.

Infinite Blackjack

The biggest advantage of this type is its expandability, which means that you can play it with several other players at the same time, from anywhere in the world. Each player is dealt a single hand, which they can then use independently as they see fit. Since this is a live casino game, you can't play demo.

Poker games

In the digital space, video poker ensures the opportunity to play poker. Poker and its variants are popular because they have many variations and can be played offline as well.

Pai Gow poker

This version is popular because of its uniqueness. It combines traditional Chinese dominoes (Pai Gow) with poker. The aim is to create two poker hands, one of 5 cards and the other of 2 cards, which must be stronger than the dealer's hand.

The deck consists of 52 cards, including an ace and a joker. The house edge is low.

Available promotions

A new online casino game can offer a lot of promotions that can give you the opportunity to win real money, including seasonal and regular ones. So, why not take advantage of the numerous offers by casinos to boost your betting bankroll?

Common rewards offered by casino games often include free spins, while features will come in the form of wild symbols, scatters and bonus multipliers, among others. Consider what is inside a game, and use this to settle on no less, than the most fun and exciting games, and to find your favourite casino games!

Newest casino games are always the hottest things among gamblers. They have a lot to offer, and whether you are playing the free demos or the real money versions, you will get to enjoy an unmatched gameplay.

Remember to use only legitimate casinos, and check the user review of the games. It's also always useful to play demo version of the new game you are eyeing with. This way, you will minimize the chance to go wrong.

Supported platforms

Nowadays, most game works from a mobile device, which is reflected in the fact that the vast majority of casino sites are mobile-optimized, and more than half of the casinos have a mobile app.

Games old and new should run on all platforms without any degradation in site performance. The latest version of apps should run nicely on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, ChromeOS, macOS etc. If you don't want to download any app, you can access your favorite casino through mobile browsers, like Chrome Mobile or Safari Mobile.

Or do you prefer to play from your desktop computer through web browsers? Fear not, the following browsers got your back: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc.


Yes, if done properly, this industry is very profitable. However, you must consider a few things like the slot’s RTP. A higher RTP has a higher potential to deliver much higher profits. In this case, a slot with an RTP of 97% and above is ideal.
Sometimes this is the case. One of the reasons could be the huge jackpots that many developers are offering through their slots. However, some of these huge payouts are normally accompanied by higher, and relatively brutal volatility. The higher the volatility, the riskier the slot. Remember to use a bankroll that is suitable for the given slot, and only bet with money that you can afford to lose.
Each week, different slot developers release several games into the market. This is a clear indication that new pokies are always available, and they bring exciting gameplay to players. However, as you set out to catch some of this fun, it is important that you do so on safe games. A new slots game from reputable developers undergo a rigorous audit to ensure that they are fair to all players. Therefore, new slots from top-rated developers are safe to play.