Neosurf is a payment method that online casino players are happy to use. This convenient and easy to use payment method is a good friend to online gamblers.

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Neosurf - a simple way to pay and to play online

Neosurf is one of those modern online payment methods that allow you to pay at more than 20,000 websites without using a credit card or disclosing your personal information, financial details. As we are a website that provides information on gambling sites, we have to tell you that the Neosurf ticket can be seen as a prepaid card or, better said, voucher that will allow Canadian players to make safe deposits at Neosurf online casinos. 😁 🎲 🎰

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🖨 In our article you can get all the information a Canadian customer needs to use the services offered by Neosurf. There are so many aspects and information you need to know in order to make an informed decision when choosing the most suitable financial system that serves well your needs. As you can see we have plenty of things to discuss so let's start!

Neosurf voucher - what are the advantages?

Neosurf makes it possible to pay without a credit card, debit card or a bank account, and also provides the following benefits:

  • 💲 you will be able to pay by cash online for free - this is a local solution that will allow you to pay in cash online,
  • 💻 thousands of websites are waiting for you to pay online - by selecting at the checkout Neosurf you will be able to pay instantly using your secure pin code,
  • 👓 your payment can be kept under control - the vouchers offered by Neosurf are available all over the world, in many ranges of value and currencies,
  • 🛑 privacy protection - to use these vouchers you will not need to use your credit card, debit card, bank or personal information.

On the Neosurf website you have the opportunity to check the store locator and find the closest local reseller easily to pay with cash for your code. Also, here in the website menu you can check your voucher credit, otherwise said, your Neosurf balance.

Sign up for free for a personal account!

Neosurf vouchers - how to get one and use it?

By using Neosurf Vouchers you can pay by cash on thousands of websites, following just a few easy steps:

  • Use the store locator in order to find a local retailer that sells Neosurf,
  • Choose between various amounts of money and buy your Neosurf at the local retailer,
  • You can easily pay on thousands of online websites only by entering your 10 digit pin code.

Neosurf makes it possible for millions of Internet users to play and pay online at many partners. You can use these vouchers for:

  • online games, slots
  • gambling,
  • financial services,
  • e-shopping.

What could be even better than knowing that your online payment method is safe and secure? Maybe if that financial solution could give you the chance to cash out money too! By using Neosurf you get the chance for that also, by using your Neocash card. But more about that later.

How to buy Neosurf vouchers online?

If you don't have the time, chance or anything else to buy your Neosurf at your local store, please note that you can get a Neosurf code even online, in a minute. This is the easiest and fastest way to get Neosurf codes.

In order to get a pin for your personal Neosurf online, you will have to open an account at myNeosurf . This process has the following advantages:

  • multi-deposit methods offered in multiple currencies - your deposit can be made instantly by bank transfer or by cash,
  • you can buy Neosurf online 24/7 - at any time you can get your unique Neosurf code,
  • a safe, simple and secure way to manage your funds, even in a few clicks,
  • instant payments at the thousands of websites that accept Neosurf.

All these great opportunities offered and you are still using your debit or credit card for online payments? Why don't you give Neosurf payments a try?

Online Neosurf partners

What makes Neosurf even more accessible is the fact that online you have even more opportunities to buy the Neosurf codes, for example from one of their online partners:

  • Dundle,
  • beCharge,
  • Topmeup,
  • Topengo.

The best sites to buy vouchers include, for example, Here, as Canadian players we can buy Neosurf vouchers of C$ 10, 30, 50, 100 and 150, with instant delivery to email. Your digital credit will be available for use in seconds. Websites like this offer access to your favourite payment methods to make your order in seconds, and pay safely and securely.

If online payments are not your kind of a business, do not forget that you still have the opportunity to buy these codes from the local resellers, physically.

MyNeosurf account - an easy way

Opening a myNeosurf account is easier than you think and it is for free. Here, you will be able to buy your Neosurf code without the effort of leaving your home to go to a local reseller. Your Neosurf voucher bought this way can be used to fund your account or pay on thousands of online site, just by introducing your 10 digit code.

You can get access to your my-Neosurf account on almost any device, due to the fact that it is available on desktop and smartphone too. For your mobile device you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your operational system.

Neosurf card - an essential for your payments

You can also use your Neosurf code to fund your myNeosurf balance, which works as an e-wallet. This is a great opportunity which is secure, simple and safe for your online payments towards online casinos that accept Neosurf voucher. It is also an unmissable opportunity if other e-wallets, for example Skrill or Neteller, have recently been banned from your country.

Your Neosurf e-wallet can be used not only for making online payments, but also for sending money to friends. You can even withdraw funds from your Neosurf deposits, balance at an ATM if you possess a Neocash MasterCard. So, if you like to choose to process withdrawals of your online gaming winnings by using an e-wallet, then using Neosurf is just for you! Don't forget that it gives you the opportunity to cash out the funds by an ATM with your Neocash MasterCard.

Your Neocash card is a debit card that is linked to your online account opened at myNeosurf. You can ask for this card after setting up your account at myNeosurf. It is truly great, because this card can be used anywhere a Mastercard is accepted, online or even offline, at ATMs or merchants. The ATM usage of this card does not differ from others, you will have to introduce your PIN and then choose the amount of money you would like to withdraw.

What fees should you wait for?

With your account at myNeosurf you will be able to easily manage vouchers and in case of currency differences at a payment, you will get really good exchange rates for your transactions.

Money withdrawal from your account at myNeosurf can be done in two ways:

  • by making a bank transfer - you should count a fee of 1.5% for this transaction,
  • or by using your Neocash Mastercard at an ATM- this will mean applying a fee of 2%.

Filling up your account can be easily done by using Neosurf vouchers by just typing in the code. And whoala!, your funds are added to your account.

Your account opened at myNeosurf also gives you the possibility to manage all your vouchers codes in one place.

So, Neosurf and myNeosurf. What is the difference?

First of all, Neosurf is a prepaid voucher, while myNeosurf is an e-wallet. I think this is the easiest answer to this big question. The biggest differences lie in the fact that Neosurf is a more limited service: limited by the fact that it is a physical voucher, which you have to buy (online or physically from a local reseller) with a set amount of money on it, which can be used only for payments, and can not receive money. 

neosurf, payment provider, payment method

On the other hand, myNeosurf does not have those limitations: it is online, a digital/electronic wallet ready to use. This way you will not need to plan ahead when and where to purchase your vouchers, and transactions are available in both directions, so you can send money/pay for something and you will be able also to receive money. MyNeosurf also gives you the chance to order a Neocash card, so you account balance can be spent physically in stores too, or you can even withdrawal money from an ATM.

Online casinos that accept Neosurf

According to reviews left by Canadian online casino players and other players from around the world, Neosurf is great for online gambling. So, why would you not profit too from all the safe and secure possibilities the use of Neosurf Canada could offer you?

Online gambling sites which accept Neosurf voucher code also offer appetizing Neosurf bonuses, welcome bonus with free spins, jackpot games and do not forget about the easy online transactions with your voucher code.

Neosurf casinos Canada

More and more online casinos become members of the Neosurf casinos Canada community, which means, that you will find more and more options to use Neosurf Canada when making deposits at online casino sites.

The best online casinos make Neosurf Canada an available payment method together with others like e-wallets, prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies. You can start playing at these Neosurf casinos Canada after making your first deposit. Do not forget to use Neosurf Canada to make these deposits.

Along with the mentioned e-wallets (for example InstaDebit and iDebit) and cryptocurrencies, Neosurf is considered to be an excellent, safe and fast payment option even for the exigent online casino players.

Neosurf casinos that accept Neosurf voucher code

So most online casinos, after you sign up and deposit money to your online casino account, will offer you welcome bonuses to give a boost to your online gambling carrier. For making these Neosurf deposits instant this is a great, safe and fast deposit method.

When talking about the best online casinos that offer Neosurf Canada as an available payment method on their website, we must mention the following ones, together with their welcome bonus offers:

  • GGBet: $2,000 with 500 free spins,
  • Casino Friday: $1,000 with 50 free spins,
  • Zinkra: 15% exclusive cashback with 60 free spins,
  • Level up: $8,000 with 200 free spins,
  • Ruby Fortune bonus pack: C$ 750 bonus and 10 daily free spins.

Free spins are often part of the welcome bonus packs at Neosurf casinos, as you can see, together with deposit bonuses. The payment method is often a decisive point when it comes to online casino bonuses, because there are online casinos out there on the market which do not accept all types of payment methods for deposit making for bonuses.

Will you have to pay fees when using Neosurf at online casinos?

Well that is a really good question.

When using Neosurf at an online casino you should calculate with small fees, which are from Neosurf itself and not from the casino sites, which mostly will not charge you for using this payment option.

An example for its fees would be for exchanging CAD to USD, which means a 2% charge from Neosurf.

Comparing Neosurf with other payment options

When choosing a financial solution for your payments at an only casino, you should always take into account all your possibilities and choose the best and most convenient option available for you, which you have access to.

Neosurf offers a lot of advantages to choose it above others, but others have their strong sides too. In he following lines let's see what we found:

  • Neosurf makes fast deposits in a regulated manner, with no need to share your banking info.
  • VISA cards also can make fast deposits and can receive withdrawals in a regulated way, but you will have to share your banking information.
  • PayPal also makes regulated fast deposits and can receive withdrawals too, not needing to share your banking info.
  • Bitcoin also makes possible deposits and withdrawals with no sensitive data sharing, but it is not a regulated payment option.

Most players choose Neosurf because of its characteristics of not giving out any sensitive information to the casino. It also gives you a further control on the amount of money you spend at the online casino, by buying a voucher with the exact amount of money you wish to spend.

Security information about Neosurf casino

The payment method that we know as Neosurf Canada works as a prepaid card for paying online at merchants and websites which accept Neosurf voucher, including the Neosurf casino sites where you can use you voucher code it as a deposit method.

This online payment method can be used easily after purchasing at a local reseller your vouchers which work as Neosurf prepaid cards, or by visiting any website that sells these prepaid card type vouchers and you select Neosurf voucher with the amount of money you would like.

Neosurf site is available since 2004, when the company was founded, having its head office in France. The parent company, which is Narvi Payments, is regulate by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. It is in compliance with EU laws.

Neosurf casino for Canadian players

When choosing an online casino you always have to take into account a lot of details. This are meant for your personal data and online transaction's safety. First of all, never miss to read the terms and conditions of the Neosurf casino you chose, in order to not meet undesired surprises later on. If online casinos accept Neosurf together with other payment methods, you know you have secure options for your deposits and withdrawals.

Where to gamble online?

Uncountable online casinos can be found on the Internet, but safety should be a priority when choosing one of them. Online players should always verify that the casinos they opt for are regulated and fully licensed.

When choosing a Neosurf casino you know that you have found an online gaming provider which accepts Neosurf voucher usage, so your transaction will be safe.

Welcome bonuses to give you a boost

After signing up to a new Neosurf casino don't forget to take advantage of its welcome bonus after making your deposit, using Neosurf. The welcome bonus will surely give a great start for your account to boost your remaining balance.

Neosurf support

In order to be at their customers help at any time, you can find on the Neosurf website an extensive FAQ section with lots of questions and the answers to them. You can also fill in their form to contact a Neosurf support agent if needed.

Contact Neosurf customer service any time you have questions regarding their services, or how to buy a Neosurf voucher, or other related stuff.

Neosurf - FAQ

The Neosurf voucher, which is a printed ticket with a secure pincode on it is used for paying by cash online, in a private way, with no need to use your bank account or your personal information. The amount of money the ticket values is of various amounts and these are available in different currencies.
Vouchers of Neosurf are sold in over 50 countries around the world, so anyone can buy and use them. It is popular among online games players and professional poker or casino players, or those who would like to buy on websites like Amazon.
Simply go to your local reseller, buy your voucher, and then while checking out on your favourite online website to pay for your products or services, simply choose Neosurf. You will have nothing else to do than to introduce your pin code to finish your transaction.
Neosurf is a special and modern payment method that makes it possible to pay online while using your cash. It is also a secure way to pay, knowing that your funds and your identity are safe on the internet. If you do not want to use your banking or personal information for online payments on websites, Neosurf might be the solution.