Yggdrasil Gaming 🌲 is an online casino games developer, founded in Sweden, in 2013 🫎 This innovative and creative company has, in just a few years, garnered worldwide recognition and positive reception 🐺 Its games are licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which is the most reputable in the iGaming industry 🦫

Yggdrasil Gaming - Origins

Yggdrasil in the Scandinavian mythology is the Tree of Life that connects the world of gods, humans and other beings - in other words, it's the supporting pillar of the universe. Its root is hell, its trunk the human world, its branches the realm of the gods. It plays a significant role in Scandinavian culture.

It was not for nothing that Fredrik Elmqvist, former Chief Operating Officer of NetEnt, gave his company this name when he founded his own business in 2013. His goal was to create modern and artistic online casino games that would sweep all other game developers games in terms of quality and innovation.

Following its founding, the company focused on a curated strategy to exploit new markets, to expand their intellectual property. This lead to great success: to expand their reputation, studios and quickly get globally recognized in the gaming industry.

Users were interested in the graphics, technology and unique features that Yggdrasil present in online gambling industry - this provided the foundation for the team spirit that continues to characterize this multicultural company today.

Play casino slots (including video slots and free slots), as well as a selection of free games at some casinos, from this provider.

Yggdrasil Gaming - Innovation and Creativity in Casino Games

Their software is unlike any other software on the market and is revolutionizing the online gambling scene while making other developers and companies try harder to keep close to them. Depending on what platform you prefer to play on, you can enjoy a wide range of unique features, all created to maximize the player experience and immersion.

Technological Developments and Game Cross-Platform at Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil implements a unique iSense 2.0 (a mobile-friendly interface that allows you to play seamlessly from mobile) technology which they have built in-house. Cross-compatibility in game design means that games can be easily integrated into different platforms.

This next generation technology allows them to create high definition animations and graphics without sacrificing any of the playability features of their games. Yggdrasil games can be played on almost any device out there, from Windows and MacOS, to PC and mobile devices.

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Innovative Game Functions and BOOST™ Bonus System at Yggdrasil Gaming

In addition to iSense 2.0, BOOST™ was created as a promotional tool for casinos. Using it, casinos can customise and manage bonuses as they see fit. In other words, it not only provides them with a more dynamism, but also allows them to create more unique offers. It enhances the gaming experience and adds additional features to slots.

Meanwhile games by Yggdrasil often come with rare, innovative features, such as special bonuses, extra gameplay elements, unique themes and characters (like Nordic gods, vikings). Plus, you can access these games from any platform, fully optimized, without the need to download any additional extension to your browser. There is a reason why this service has more than 140 million fans.

Always read the full terms for special offers, just like with a simple bonus!

Game Engagement Mechanics of Yggdrasil

It means gameplay mechanisms that increase player interest and participation. Examples include the BOOST bonus system mentioned above, in-game promotions and tournaments, and game missions. These all could be real game changers when it comes to casino gambling.

Tournaments are organized on a regular basis, and you can usually compete against other players. Game missions are designed to allow you to participate in different aspects of a game, such as reaching certain symbols, taking advantage of various free promotions, or activating free spins on slots. These all contribute to creating a more enjoyable and exciting gaming experience for you.

Visual and Sound Quality of Yggdrasil Video Slots

Without exception, Yggdrasil's games are all equipped with top-quality graphics and sound systems to give you the most titillating audiovisual experience when you play. The designs are rich in detail, the characters are interesting and the animations are entertaining.

These things are of course could be best enjoyed in their video slots, which is Yggdrasil's biggest specialty. You can watch video of the gaming experience this company brings to the industry. Their video slots support HTML video, often include free spins, and are among the most popular games.

Furthermore, new games are regularly released from the studios, often accompanied by some sort of free bonus, which are supported by the casinos, as it's good for business. In addition, the new releases are a boost to both the provider and casino portfolios, and gambling fans are happy about this.

Keep in mind, to always read the full terms of the promotions, and that you can comfortably play Yggdrasil casino games from any browser. If you are interested in vikings and free gifts to synergize your gambling and gaming experience, check out Yggdrasil's gaming portfolio!

Yggdrasil Games and Responsible Gaming

Yggdrasil is committed to protecting players and preventing the development of gambling addiction. It also promotes this at the casinos it works with, so you can play safer at the casinos where you find games from Yggdrasil in their portfolio. This also applies to free offers. So your gaming experience won't be overshadowed by problems, but of course you'll have to do your bit too.

It also puts sustainability at the forefront of the gaming economy, and seeks to create its games from renewable resources, using a viable development approach to achieve its success.

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Yggdrasil Online Casino Games Portfolio - Step into a World of Entertainment!

Yggdrasil games differ from the usual stuff you see from other developers. They provide unprecedented graphical and visual design, accompanied by high-quality music. Yggdrasil has produced video keno, scratch games, and a very well-received online lottery game, though the highlight of their offer is casino slots. And the best of it all is that you can play most of its games for free!

Their slots resemble the artistic style of another provider, NetEnt, just with much better graphics and advanced visual effects. Yggdrasil's best and most popular slots are Double Dragons and Big Blox, which both feature fantastic themes and an assortment of beautifully designed symbols. Yggdrasil slots not only include generous free spins and play for free options, but most of them also have a progressive jackpot bonus tied into the game.

The progressive jackpot pools have been triggered numerous times over the years, with the lucky winners taking home up to $3 million per win. That's why it pays to play free games until you get the hang of things - that way, when you will play progressive jackpots slots for real money, you'll have a better chance of winning because you'll be familiar with the gaming mechanism.

Luckily, you have relatively many opportunities to do this when you play games from Yggdrasil, as they offer a lot of free options. Why this is worth it to them to offer so much free stuff is something I'll go into in more detail in the marketing subsection.

If you want to try their games out, but are reluctant to put your money into the games, the great thing about Yggdrasil games is that all of them are available free as a demo version, which you can try out before starting to bet with real money. A casino worth its salt also supports free gambling, that's why you can play the free demo versions at most casinos.

Yggdrasil slot games are also excellent for gamblers who are playing to meet their wagering requirements, due to the very favorable RTP's that all of their work have. All Yggdrasil slot machines have a random number generator of over 96%, with some even going up to 98%.

Yggdrasil Slots

Did you know, that there is an Yggdrasil Casino site, made by their fans? It's an online casino, where you can play for free with all of their offerings, of course with Yggdrasil's knowledge, moreover, they are constantly updating this site with new additions for the base game.

As I mentioned before, you will find a variety of different themes and styles of game: video slots (often with free spins) and jackpots, free slots, but also table game with free version and even scratch cards, fully optimized for mobile devices. So it's safe to say that when you play with games from Yggdrasil, you're in for a wide variety and a diverse, fun experience - and all for free, if you want.

If you don't want to play for free, but want to take advantage of a deposit bonus at some slots, don't spare the time to hunt down the best offer, and to read the terms!

Gem Rocks

The theme is based around stones and gems, with a unique visual style and exciting gameplay: you have to get the stones from stone monsters to win, while you have to create combinations with different symbols.

It also includes a Falling Rocks feature, which was originally a different slot, only Yggdrasil merged the two. Furthermore, free spins are also common within this piece and of course you can also play its free demo version.

Double Dragons

You can also play a free demo version of this. It was released in 2016 and is hugely popular ever since. The theme is Asian culture, with a touch of dragons. It also often includes free spins.

Nitro Circus

This is a video slot developed by Yggdrasil in partnership with Airborne Studios. It's based on the live show Nitro Circus (which features extreme sports and stunts), so it's not a traditional slot. It will be more enjoyable for you to play with it, if you enjoy extreme sports and the world of show business, that is, if you are experience-oriented. You can also play it for free.

Stolen Stones

You can also play this for free. The theme is adventurous, the goal is to find stolen gems. In its gameplay you will almost always find bonuses and free spins.

Joker Millions

This is a progressive jackpot, which you can also play in a free version if you like. It's a classic fruit slot with a modern design, complete with wilds. It gets its name because it includes a special feature: if you successfully fill 15 positions with the same wilds, you can activate the Joker Millions Jackpot. You will also find free spins ingame.

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Bingo, Keno and Jackpots - Huge Range of Online Yggdrasil Casino Games for Canadian Players

The above are just a few examples of the slots you'll find in Yggdrasil's selection. The jackpot games are always the most popular, and are considered the best games because of their higher odds and increased excitement. However, you can play other games, even for free, even on the fan-based Yggdrasil Casino interface. Here I am thinking in particular of those mentioned in the subtitle.

  • Yggdrasil bingo are more modern than traditional bingo - more interactive, more creative gaming experiences, with all sorts of extras.
  • Keno is based on random numbers and you can guess which numbers will be drawn in the next draw. Yggdrasil keno is essentially the same, but with more fun graphics and specials.
  • Yggdrasil's jackpots are waiting for you with high payout potentials and exciting features.

You'll see that Yggdrasil Gaming is constantly innovating by expanding and updating its portfolio. It's worth keeping an eye on their work to make sure you don't miss out on the latest experiences and offers.

Excellent Graphics and Animations at Yggdrasil

Visual quality, dynamic animations, a creative and innovative approach, advanced technology, and a focus on the gaming experience - these are just a few of the things that set Yggdrasil apart from other providers and make it stand out from the crowd. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed if you choose to play their games, but you'll see for yourself after you play a few free versions.

Licence and Reliability

Yggdrasil offers excellently created and well-polished games that both look well and play well. They comply with the regulations of some of the biggest names in the casino business and are very serious and responsible in their operations. They want to make sure that you play safe while you enjoy yourself!

Yggdrasil is regulated by four different reputable authorities. All of these impose strict rules on fair play, player safety and data protection, all of which are important to the provider in question, as evidenced by the fact that it operates legally, releases new creations responsibly and not only obtains but also maintains its licences.

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA): Yggdrasil received its first license from them, which gives it the right to develop, operate and market online casino entertainment. In return, they must ensure fair gaming, player protection and anti-money laundering measures.
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC): this licence allows Yggdrasil to offer you the opportunity to play from the UK. In return, they must ensure your safety and a fair gaming environment.
  • Office of the National Gambling Commissioner (ONJN): as with the UKGC licence, this allows them to ensure the possibility for their players to play from Romania. In return, they must comply with local laws and regulations.
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA): as Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom, this licence is based on similar principles to the UKGC licence - i.e. it gives Gibraltarians the opportunity to play. In return, the operator must ensure fair play and the protection of its players.

Though they don't have a long history, their professional approach and revolutionary thinking make sure that the future looks bright for them. It's not for nothing that so many players play their games, after all, proper licensing and compliance gives you confidence too, right?

Yggdrasil and Social Responsibility

As you can see from the previous subtitle, this provider takes social responsibility very seriously. That's why you can play their games, both free and paid, in complete safety and comfort.

Yggdrasil also works with the Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF), which means that they are actively involved in creating a safe and responsible environment for you to play online. The RGF is an independent organization set up to support gamblers. By working together, they can provide you with information and tools on responsible gambling, as well as providing you with help if you need it.

Yggdrasil is licensed for most regulated markets. This means that it can only operate in a given country/region with a license issued by that country/region. To give you an example: if you want to play from Romania, you can only do so if the casino/provider is licensed to operate in Romania. This also applies to free services.

Yggdrasil and the International Gaming Awards (IGA)

The IGA is one of the most prestigious events in the world of online gambling. It has several different categories within which it awards prizes to software developers for their services.

Yggdrasil has won several IGA awards since its short existence, including the EGR B2B awards. These alone prove that it is a respected player in the industry, so you can play their paid games as safely as their free ones.

Yggdrasil Marketing Campaigns

Setting up a good marketing strategy is very important in this industry, as there is a lot of competition between the players. Campaigns help to market products, attract new customers, increase loyalty of existing customers and also promote products.

Promotions, bonuses, sponsorship, partnerships, media content, conferences, exhibitions are all part of the campaigning. This is why you will find many free offers in Yggdrasil's portfolio to play with.

What's more, they are not only good for the service provider, but also for you. They increase your knowledge on the subject, give you new perspectives on different strategies and make it more exciting to play.

YG Masters

A programme that is also a platform. It aims to give smaller, independent game developers and studios the opportunity to get off the ground while working with Yggdrasil, taking advantage of its services and technology.

Within YG Masters, participants can create their own creations, which are then integrated into Yggdrasil's platform so you can play them through it - yes, free version are available too.

Yggdrasil's Free Game Portfolio

If you've made it this far in reading this article, you're probably already aware that you can play every single YG creation for free. Free demo versions have always been trendy in the gambling world, but it's rare that a provider makes its every single creation available for free.

Below is a top selection of what you can play. Some of them will include specials that you can enjoy even if you play without paying, but always read the full terms!

Casinos Where You Can Play for Free

It's hard to find an online casino these days that doesn't allow you to play demos. Ensuring that you have the opportunity to play risk-free includes the possibility of attracting new players.

But as you probably know, not all casinos are the same, and it's no coincidence that they are constantly trying to outdo each other to stay afloat in the tough gambling industry. Below, I've compiled a list of casinos where you can play safely and get the most out of the demos of YG's creations:

Yggdrasil FAQs

Sure. Yggdrasil relies on the HTML5 code in implementing its iSense technology. With this new technology, gamers enjoy an array of features like animations on a wider variety of devices. This includes tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Additionally, these games are all mobile-optimised, web-based, and even Mac-compatible.
Absolutely! Yggdrasil is committed to fairness and trustworthiness, and therefore, they hold independent certifications from respected regulators like the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and ONJN. This makes their games safe to play for real money.
Yggdrasil is proud of its comprehensive gaming collection, and some of its most impressive work is in games like Trolls Bridge, Vikings Go to Valhalla, Piggy Pop, and Raptor.