PayPal is a very common and widely used electronic wallet. It is simple to use and easy to learn.

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PayPal Payment Method for Online Casinos

We, here at Deluxe Casino Bonus, have prepared an article about what you need to know about the PayPal payment method, one of the most popular transaction solutions that most online casinos offer their players.

At the DeluxeCasinoBonus website you can find reviews of the best PayPal online casinos and not only! If you are searching for information about other payment methods, please take a look at our Payment Providers collecting page or the other reviews of payment methods.

paypal, payment method, deposit method

Canadian online casinos accept PayPal in many cases for players transactions, be them deposit making or withdrawal of winnings.

So, what should we know about PayPal? We are just making here a list of what you can read about in our article:

  • PayPal - What is it?
    • The Company
  • How does Pay Pal work? - Especially in Canada
    • How are accounts opened?
    • What to use your account for?
    • What is the way of the money?
    • Why is Pay Pal popular?
    • Paying Online with Pay Pal
      • Where to Pay Online with PayPal in Canada?
      • PayPal Online Casino
      • Online Casinos Accept Pay Pal
      • PayPal Casinos Canada or Casinos that Accept PayPal
      • Canadian Online Casinos
  • Online Payment with PayPal - but What Else?
  • PayPal Fees to Consider
    • Okay, Fees for Payments... But When You Receive Money?
    • Other, Maybe Hidden Fees?
  • Can a PayPal Payment be Canceled?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pay Pal
    • From the Point of View of the Merchant - Advantages and Disadvantages
    • From the Point of View of the Buyer - Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Overall Summary of Pay Pal Online Casino Payments
    • Takeaways
  • FAQ

It is a long way down the road so let us start our journey on best PayPal casinos.

PayPal - What is it?

If you ever purchased anything online, surely have you met PayPal beneath the paying solutions offered. In a few words? It is an easy way to pay, it is easy to use, it is widely available and accepted, convenient payment platform.

Keeping things simple, we could say that PayPal is a digital payment system. PayPal allows it's users to receive and send money online to friends and family. What makes PayPal so popular in the line of available online payment systems? Maybe the fact that it is used internationally.

If you would be curious about what is a similar payment method to PayPal, we could mention Wise, which is also an easy and intuitive payment system. Their purpose is to make money sending (transfer money) easier and quicker, with a minimal effort.

The Company

PayPal Holdings is an American multinational financial technology company that was launched approximately 25 years ago. It operates as a cross-border credit institution.

Before keeping all your savings on your PayPal current account, keep in mind that these accounts are not covered by guarantee funds, for ex. National Deposit Guarantee Fund or other deposit guarantee schemes in different countries.

PayPal can be used worldwide, it is present in more than 200 countries and regions.

Even though PayPal offers functions that are bank-like, it is still not a bank, but a financial service provider. It was designed for making payments or receiving payments in exchange of something. Or, one of the best parts is that you can use it to transfer money to other people, even abroad.

How does PayPal work? - Especially in Canada

Firstly, you will need a PayPal account. In Canada you must have a Canadian banking account which will be linked to your PayPal account, or other methods include association of your credit or debit card with your PayPal account.

One of the arguments for using PayPal is that you can use it not only for payments online, but in some in-store environments too. You also have the possibility to pay in a touch-free mode using the PayPal app, that way you only touch your own phone while paying.

How are PayPal accounts opened?

Firstly, visit the PayPal website or download the mobile app to create your account. Luckily, the PayPal website is also available in English.

There is a set of information that PayPal requires when you open a personal account at them:

  • last name and first name,
  • phone number,
  • address,
  • a valid email address,
  • a bank account number (together with the corresponding credit card number, or you can use a virtual bank card issued by a financial institution).

The bank account and credit card details are needed in order to fund your PayPal balance. The card types you can link to your account at PayPal:

  • credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Amex,
  • debit cards: VISA, Mastercard.

Account type

When picking your options for your new account at PayPal, please take care of what kind of options you choose, because this will effect your later fees. You can choose between a personal account or a business account, but in the later case your incoming payments will not be free.


Don't forget to be careful when choosing your currency at the point of registration, because later you will not have the chance to change this. When you later want to transfer money to a different currency do not forget about the conversion fee.

Good to know

Having a safe account is in your advantage. That is why your new account will need a newly created password and 2 security questions, all of these for your protection.

Right after creating your account you are able to receive money in your PayPal account.

Sending money will be a little trickier, because for this you will need to add a payment method to your account, for example a banking account, a debit card or a credit card.

You can log in to your account on the PayPal website or in the mobile app.

What to use your PayPal account for?

A PayPal account can be used to send money to someone else's PayPal wallet. You can do this directly from your banking account. It works the other way also, you can receive money. It goes into your account.

paypal, payment method

PayPal can be used to pay for goods, services, make purchases with this method at participating stores.

What is the way of the money?

So how does money move in and out of your banking account when receiving or sending money with PayPal?

  • when you send money, the amount is deducted from your bank account by PayPal, after that it is being transferred into the PayPal wallet of the recipient.
  • when someone else sends you money, you can transfer these amounts of money to your PayPal account associated banking account.

When using PayPal in Canada, you use the Canadian platform, but PayPal allows you to make transactions from anywhere around the world.

The fact that you do not need to enter your credit card details while shopping online, just using your email address and password used for registering to PayPal is the one that makes it so popular. With only these details you will be able to make PayPal transactions: payments or transfers, or even PayPal deposit at an online casino. Here we could mention that more and more online casinos offer PayPal as a payment system for making a PayPal casino deposit.

Paying Online with PayPal

When you purchase something online by using PayPal, you do not need to use your credit or debit card information and you may use the funds found in your linked bank account or your wallet. To complete a PayPal transaction you will have to log in to your Pay Pal account, to approve the transaction. This approval has role in giving extra security when it comes to keeping undisclosed the sensitive financial information.

Where to Pay Online with PayPal in Canada?

Of course, not only physical payment can be done with your brand new PayPal account in places like Walmart, Roots, PetSmart, Canada Goose or Amazon, but international websites also await for their customers to access their online pages and buy goods from them with PayPal.

PayPal Online Casinos

Just as any other online payments and purchases can be made by using PayPal at the merchants that accept this payment method, there can be found online casinos accepting PayPal for player's transactions.

Online Casinos Accept PayPal

At our website, Deluxe Casino Bonus, you will find the reviews of the best online casinos accepting PayPal as a payment method for sending deposit money and for PayPal casino withdrawals. This way you will have access to play for real money on online slots and other games at the best online casinos in Canada.

Online casinos that accept PayPal deposit will accept other types of payment providers too. Mostly these online casinos that accept these modern online financial systems, will also work with the more classical bank transfers, credit card or debit card payments, or maybe even with the more special cryptocurrencies.

PayPal Casinos Canada or Casinos that Accept PayPal

So, what are PayPal online casinos? Well that is a simple question! PayPal casinos Canada are casino sites that accept PayPal for withdrawals and deposit money. Not so many Canadian online casinos accept PayPal, but we gathered the ones with the best online casinos reviews that are known to be PayPal casino sites.

We collected some of the greatest Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method and offer PayPal for their players for online deposits.

  • Casiplay accepts PayPal,
  • LeoVegas - PayPal casino,
  • Captain Spins Casino - PayPal casino,
  • SpinFever Casino - PayPal casino,
  • PayPal casino - Vegas Lounge Casino,
  • another PayPal casino is Mr Green,
  • BritainBet Casino - PayPal casino,
  • PlayLuck Casino - PayPal casino,
  • CasiGo Casino also accepts PayPal, and so on.

If you are looking for the PayPal casinos safe games, take a look at all the casinos our website promotes, because here you can surely find the best PayPal casino opportunities. Before choosing where to register always take a look at the promotions and bonuses too, because the greatest casinos offer nice welcoming casino bonuses, including free spins, and welcoming sports betting bonus too.

PayPal deposits can be made from the online casino sites account exactly as other types of deposits at casinos that accept PayPal.

From the up mentioned list, Casiplay is an exclusive online PayPal casino, while Luckster Casino is one of the new online PayPal casinos available.

PayPal casino bonuses are sometime made available if you have the bonus code for them. Examples for such kind of PayPal casino sites would be Vegas Mobile Casino (Bonus Code: VMC200) or Fruity King Casino (Bonus Code: FREEDEPOSIT).

If looking for a more complex online gambling experience, some of the PayPal betting sites include LeoVegas Casino. This also makes available a lot of PayPal slots. That is why it is one of the recommended PayPal casinos. It also offers a mouth-watering welcome bonus for PayPal deposit making and not only.

If we were talking about exclusive PayPal casinos online, we must say a few words about PlayLuck Casino. It is on the list of the best PayPal casinos ever, and not only because they accept PayPal deposits. No, no. They offer welcome bonus and 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposit bonuses for your casino deposits made.

These online casinos that accept PayPal for making a PayPal deposit into your account will not only provide the best PayPal casino games, but most of them offer live casino games too, which make the gaming experience even more fun!

Canadian Online Casinos

Here you saw a few big names of Canadian online casinos which are known to be PayPal online casinos, but what should we expect from an online casino at all?

An online casino is an online gambling service provider, which offers hundreds of games in a digital form. Most online casino providers offer an even wider range of games than a physical casino could. Most Canadian casinos offer online slots, sports betting, casino games, free spins, deposit bonuses, mobile casinos options (so you can enter your favorite online casino from anywhere and at any time you like). Not every casino site has sports betting options too, but online casino player search for these types of casino site, because here they can fulfill all of their online gambling needs at one place. Online casino bonuses sometimes include free spins too.

If there are many free spins included in a bonus, they may be divided into more days. This means that you do not get all the, for ex. 200, free spins at the same time of activating the bonus, but you will get 20 free spins for 10 days, each.

Don't forget that in many cases Ontario online casinos differ from the ones available in other provinces, so when looking for Ontario PayPal casinos available, be careful and always read the terms and conditions and offers, which may differ from other territories.

Reading the terms and conditions and checking the licenses in order to register to regulated online casinos is of a higher importance even when it comes to online casinos in Canada.

What they offer

The best online casino offer will provide you multiple choices of game types, bonuses, casino deposits and fast and secure ways to withdraw money. These bonuses in many cases include free spins from the online casinos in Canada for you. Free spins are fun promotions, because you can use the free spins on online slots, in some cases on the ones you prefer, in some online casino offers only on their preselected games can these free spins be used.

In order to take advantage of these benefits, most online casino site providers will ask you to make an online casino account on their website. Not all online casinos ask players to register in order to try their offered casino games in demo mode, so some of them can be played without an online casino account. Demo mode means that you can try the free version of a game, of course this way there is no need to invest your money in the game, but you will not be able either to take home a winning from the demo mode play. You can see these types of casino games as free spins, where your winning is the experience and knowledge you gather about the game.

Other online casino holders will ask you to register even for playing on demo mode casino games.

Another way of playing for free, which even offers you the chance to take home a nice winning is a no deposit bonus. Even some online casinos in Canada offer no deposit bonus. This type of bonus requires a registered account at the gambling sites. It means that you get a bonus (which is usually smaller than a deposit bonus), but you will not need to make a deposit for it. Take care and read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus or promotion because you will need to fulfill some wagering requirements in a given period of time.

Online Payment with PayPal - but what else?

Not just your online shopping can be done by using PayPal, but you can also make international payments in a person-to-person way, or sending money.

In order to send another person money abroad, you will need not only their PayPal account's data, but the recipient's account associated email address. This means that you will be able to make a payment to another person only if they have an account at PayPal.

PayPal has made a mobile app available for iOS and Android smartphones, which you can use to check your account, make payments, etc. Also in your account you can verify at any time your PayPal balance.

The app makes it possible to get instant spend notifications every time you shop at a usual store or at a new merchant, this way you can keep checkout of your transactions in a fast way, in order to know that your purchases are protected. That way you can keep track of all your transactions.

PayPal fees to consider

All of us online casino players are used to fees when it comes to choosing our preferred payment method. In one way or another, but we can not really make it through without paying fees or charges.

At PayPal, fees differ depending on your situation:

  • there is a difference in fees to pay for merchants and consumers,
  • in the same time, these fees are different depending on the transactions' type you make.

For consumers, the fees vary from no fees to CAD 5.29 + 2.90%. These values can be found in a more detailed way in the next table.

Transaction type


Domestic Personal (via PayPal Balance or Bank Account)No fee
Online transaction or in-store transactionNo fee
Domestic Personal (via Card)0.30 CAD + 2.90 %
Europe or U.S.A. (via PayPal Balance or Bank Account)2.99 CAD
Europe or the U.S.A. (via Card)3.29 CAD + 2.90 %
Non-Europe or the U.S.A. (via PayPal Balance or Bank Account)4.99 CAD
Non-Europe or the U.S.A. (via Card)5.29 CAD + 2.90%

Okay, Fees for Payments... But When You Receive Money?

One of the greatest features of PayPal is that, unless a currency conversion is involved in the transaction, there will be no charge or fee for receiving payments, incoming transfer money online.

Other, Maybe Hidden Fees?

One important aspect here would be the inactivity fee. This means that, in case that your account has been inactive for a longer period of time (twelve months), PayPal will issue an inactivity fee, which is 20 CAD annually.

Can a PayPal Payment be canceled?

Yes, you have the chance to cancel a PayPal payment, generally speaking, but only in case it is still pending or unclaimed. When shopping at a merchant who accepts PayPal, it is recommended you ask for a refund from the retailer (you know, just as you would do in case you paid with a debit or credit card). If there comes a dispute from the merchant for your claim for a refund, you will be able to open a dispute at PayPal's dispute process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PayPal

We have not found yet the perfect online transaction tool, and surely neither did you. That is simply because it does not exist yet. If it existed, all of us would use the same, one and only online financial tool.

We already discussed the types of accounts that can be opened at PayPal: personal account or business account. These two have different characteristics when it comes to counting their positive and negative sides.

From the Point of View of the Merchant - Advantages and Disadvantages

We will just enumerate them:

PayPal offers merchants access to a protection policy which has a role in covering inevitable losses, which include: damaged products during shipment, late delivery, etc.There are many buyers out there who will prefer other payment systems, the ones they know, just like paying with their credit cards. This option is influenced by the fact that many of them think they need to create an account to use PayPal.
If a payment is issued through the platform, it offers instant receipt.The profit margins of merchants are affected by the high exchange rates and commission fees offered by PayPal.
The offered payment fees for merchants are competitive.It may happen that the account of the merchant will be frozen for an indefinite period in case the business provides an exponential increase in sales and PayPal considers that the noticed difference from the merchant's regular activities is a threat. That is when they exercise control over the transaction activities.

From the Point of View of the Buyer - Advantages and Disadvantages

We will just enumerate these ones too:

PayPal promises a proactive customer service, which gives "quick" assistance to buyers who have questions or encounter problems.Differently from credit cards, PayPal is not accepted by all sites.
In case that the buyer never receives an item, PayPal can offer protection against the fraudulent payment platform by direct refund.With credit cards you will experience less frequently transaction failures than with PayPal.
It provides other payment methods, not just credit cards, but bank and prepaid cards too.Buyers prefer to have more payment options, not just PayPal on a website.
No purchase fee. 

Overall Summary of PayPal Online Casino Payments

The best online casinos in Canada offer PayPal together with many other payment systems available for players to make their transactions easier and comfortable. These online payments have to make a players' life easier and are not meant to be scams. That is because an online casinos reputation is its biggest treasure, and be sure that they don't want to lose that together with their players because of some stupid fake online transactions.

By checking the online reviews given by users you may find mixed opinions about PayPal, good ones and not so good ones too. It is recommended for anyone who is thinking about becoming a user to read and learn from these reviews and to be careful when it comes to financial solutions.

If any problems occur or you have questions, you can contact the PayPal customer service, which is available, but sometimes seems to be slow.


  • You can use the services provided by PayPal Canada to buy things online or to transfer money.
  • PayPal is an alternative to credit cards to consider, when it comes to online shopping.

We hope that our PayPal guide for Canadian online casino players has been useful.

Paypal - FAQ

PayPal provides payments services, which you can use to send money to others, make purchases, or accept payments from others, even as a merchant.
Once you register for an account at PayPal, you will be able to load your account from your account at a bank or linked to your credit card. You can use then these funds to purchase items online or in some cases in an in-store way. Thanks to its encryption PayPal is generally safe, but your credit card perks (extended warranty, purchase insurance) and rewards will be lost.
Sure, you can find the app available for iOS and Android too, and it is really handy for managing your account.
Absolutely, you can use PayPal to pay for goods, items, services, if the merchant accepts this payment provider.