Apple Pay

Apple Pay – One of the Easiest Payment Method

Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular among people, including regular casino visitors. No wonder, as it is one of the easiest ways to pay both online and offline. That alone can be tempting enough, but there are many more positives to this payment method. As well as being extremely reliable and secure, it is becoming an increasingly widely accepted payment method.

Apple Pay in Canada

One of the reasons why Apple Pay is so easy to use is that you don't need a physical card or anything else to make payments, either online or offline, anywhere, anytime.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the world's most popular online payment methods for a reason, as it offers a universal solution that is faster, easier and more secure than cash payments, whether you're making online or offline transactions.

Let's take a closer look at exactly what the benefits of Apple Pay are! Of course, as any service, Apple payments have its drawbacks, although they are really minor.

✔️ Apple payments advantages❌ Apple payments disadvantages
Easy to useWorks only on Apple devices
Fast payment method 
Accepted in most shops 
Also works on smartwatch 
Installable app 

Apple Pay casino payment is available at several online casinos. The Apple Pay casino payment method significantly speeds up cash transactions. So there are many advantages for online casinos as Apple Pay Canada becomes more and more popular.

Apple payments are quick and easy to process. The very fact that you can store multiple cards in your e-wallet in digital format at the same time is a very big plus point. If you enter multiple cards when you open the app, they will be listed there. You can easily change the order of the cards at any time, and put the one you use most often in front of the others.

When you're not logged in to the app and want to make some Apple payments, you don't necessarily have to go to the app on your phone, just double press the power button on your phone. The first card will appear, and all you have to do is place your phone screen in front of the card reader.

The app lets you keep track of your transactions, looking back at where, when, what you spent and how much, which can also be a big help in organising your finances.

Apple Pay Characteristics

It was expected that this payment method would be available in online casinos, not only in Canada but around the world. So Apple Pay Canada is becoming more and more popular. True, it is not as widespread as other e-wallets, but is most likely only a matter of time. The reason for this is certainly that e-wallets are generally available to anyone, but with Apple Pay, of course, only those with an Apple smart device can use it.

Apple Pay on mobile device

All you need to do is download the Apple Pay app on your iOS device to pay with Apple payments. You'll need to enter your debit or credit card, and from then on you won't even need to look at that physical card, just to check if it's expired. Of course, if you have more than one card, you can enter the details of each card into the app. It's a three-step process, and the Apple Pay Casino app is available on all Apple devices.

How do you set up Apple payments?

  • download the Apple Wallet app
  • enter your debit or credit card(s) details
  • add the app to your Apple devices

What you can use the Apple Pay for

As mentioned above, Apple payments made with Apple Pay Casino are becoming increasingly popular in online casinos. When you sign up at the online casino, you can check if the casino has the Apple Pay Casino in the payment method selection step.

The payment method(s) you select during registration can be changed over time, and you can usually find the options for doing so in the casino's terms of use. There are several Apple Pay Casinos where this payment method is already available.

Our Opinion

One reason that is this popular is that you can benefit not just in casinos from this payment option, as Apple Pay Canada also makes it easy to shop in physical stores. So you can buy whatever your eyes desire without having to carry cash or a credit card. Apple Pay Canada is totally contactless, so it's also totally hygienic.

Apple Pay FAQ

You can install the Apple Pay app on any iOS-based smart device, so you can make payments using a smartwatch.
Today, countless online and offline shops, websites and online casinos allow you to pay via Apple Pay, and its popularity is growing.
You can add multiple debit and credit cards to the Apple Pay app and use them alternately, for a total of eight cards at the same time.