Privacy Policy

DELUXE MARKETING LIMITED, the operator of the Deluxe Casino Bonus website at, has made the protection of users' personal data a priority. To this end, the operators of the website comply with all regulations aimed at protecting the privacy of users.

Data protection is of utmost importance in the protection of personal data and the following policy aims to ensure the rights of users and the security of their data.

We inform our users about what personal data we collect, why and how we use it. We will conduct all data processing fairly and transparently, avoiding misleading or obscure information.

We only collect personal data that is genuinely necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. We do not use data for purposes other than those for which we have previously informed users.

We always seek the unambiguous and informed consent of the data subjects before collecting and processing their data. Data subjects must be given the opportunity to withdraw their consent at any time.

We ensure that appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place to protect your data to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure to unauthorised persons.

We allow data subjects to access, modify, delete or export their data. We carefully handle users' complaints and questions about data protection.

In the case of data transfers to third parties, we inform our users of this and specify the extent to which we share the data. We only work with partners that we trust and that comply with data protection principles.

We pay particular attention to the protection of children's personal data. Deluxe Casino Bonus does not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 18. If you believe that your child has submitted such information to our site, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately and we will make every effort to promptly remove such information from our records.

In addition, we recommend that parents and guardians monitor their children's internet use habits, participate, monitor and control the online activities of their minors. In particular, the Deluxe Casino Bonus website is intended for persons over 18 years of age.

User rights

Users have rights to make their needs known to the website operators. Under the GDPR data protection rights, users have the following rights:

  • right of access
  • right to correction
  • Right to remove data
  • right to limit processing
  • right to oppose the processing
  • the right to data portability

Under the right of access, the user has the right to request a copy of their personal data. We may charge a small fee for this service.

Under the right to rectification, the user has the right to ask us to correct any information they believe to be inaccurate. The user also has the right to ask for any information he or she considers incomplete to be completed.

The right to erasure gives you the right to request that we delete your personal data under certain conditions.

Under the right to restriction of processing, you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data under certain conditions.

Under the right to object to processing, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data, subject to certain conditions.

Under the right to data portability, you have the right to request that we transfer the data we collect to another organisation or directly to you, subject to certain conditions.

If the user makes a request, the website operator will have one month to respond.

What data do we collect?

For Deluxe Casino Bonus, the personal data collected are those that the platform needs from the user in some way. A good example of this would be if the user wants to register on the website. This requires certain personal data such as name or e-mail address. This information is then passed on to the website operators, who process it in accordance with the applicable rules.

The operator of the website may also obtain personal data if the user contacts the operators of the platform, i.e. if he or she sends an e-mail or posts a comment on the website. In these cases, the personal data that the operator will have access to are those that are visible in the e-mail or post, i.e. name, e-mail address and the content of the message, possible attachments.

The purpose of the data collection

The collection of data by the Deluxe Casino Bonus website in accordance with the applicable regulations is for the following purposes:

  • optimising the website
  • to constantly maintain and improve the user experience
  • to personalise the website for the user
  • improving services and features
  • maintaining contact with the user
  • user registration and account management
  • visitor analysis and statistics
  • integration of third party services
  • requesting user opinions and feedback.

The operators of the Deluxe Casino Bonus website take great care to ensure that all data is collected in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations, while at the same time endeavouring to provide users with the most accurate and complete information possible about what data is used, how it is used and for what purpose.

Contacting the data manager

The operator of the Deluxe Casino Bonus website is Deluxe Marketing Limited. Users can contact the operator via the following e-mail address if they wish to request further information beyond what is described: [email protected].