General Terms

This policy relates to the mutual rights, and obligations that are associated with the use of the Services of this website, and where your personal data is used. Deluxe Casino Bonus is available as a localized version and is/can be translated into other languages.

These are available via Deluxe Casino Bonus subdomains or other different domains. Occasionally, you will come across Plural first-person terms like Our, We, or Us, all these refer to the Website’s operator.

We highly respect your privacy and are fully committed to ensuring that your personal data remains secure, and is processed in accordance with the laid outlaws.  

The main purpose of this Privacy Policy is to fully inform you of the measures we have put in place, so as to protect your personal data each time you visit our website, and/or use our services.

We also ensure that you are well informed of your privacy rights, and how you are protected by the law (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, GDPR).

We aim to be as transparent and as clear as possible. However, we also understand that occasionally you may find it a little challenging to read the legal documents.

Please feel free to contact Us should anything look unclear.  Our contact details are available on our website, and you can reach us for clarification.

This Privacy Policy is subdivided into small manageable formats. You can pick a specific area that you may want to read. However, we recommend that you read the entire Privacy Policy in full, so as to get a clearer picture of what you can expect.


1.   General Information and Rules

■Why You Need the Privacy Policy and Its Importance

■Data Management/ Controller

■Our Contact details

■How we affect Changes to our Privacy Policy

  1. The Type Of Data We Collect From You

■Personal Data

■Data We Receive From You

■Categorized Personal Data

■Failure to provide Data

■Your Username

   3. Why And How We Use Your Personal

■General Use/Purposes

■Legal Purpose and Detailed Purposes

   4. Retention

■ What We Consider Before Determining The Retention Period

   5. Forum Rules

   6. Dispute Mediation Service

   7. Cookies


    1.1 Why You Need the Privacy Policy and Its Importance

The aim of this privacy policy is to provide you with knowledge of how WE collect information. Additionally, we also aim to inform you of the process that we undertake in using Your data, in partnership with OUR services, and this website in general.  

This Privacy Policy has put together a lot of details, and conditions that WE apply while collecting and processing your Personal Details. Article 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0(GDPR) have details of the same.

Please note that the Deluxe Casino Bonus does not collect any data relating to children, and this privacy policy is not intended for that purpose.

1.2         Controller

Deluxe Casino Bonus is the controller who is also responsible for your personal data (herein, you will find words like We", “we”, "us" or "our" that are used in this Privacy Policy).

We have engaged the services of a data protection officer (DPO) whose duty is to oversee questions relating to this privacy notice. If something about this privacy policy is not clear, you are free to Contact Us, or the DPO via the contact forms provided on our website, or through [email protected].

  1.3 Contact Details

Deluxe Casino Bonus strives to provide information that is as clear and as straightforward as possible. Although our information is transparent, we also understand that legal documents can appear complex, and they are not always easy to read.  

However, We strongly encourage You to read this Privacy Policy with utmost care. If you come across an area that is not clear, please contact us for clarification.

Our Contact details are [email protected].

    1.4 How we affect Changes to our Privacy Policy

Deluxe Casino Bonus reserves the right, (at Our own discretion), to modify, add/and/or remove portions of this Privacy Policy, or modify it whenever we deem appropriate.

If any such changes occur, We will notify You immediately, most probably via email. Additionally, we will also archive, and safely keep the previous versions of the Privacy Policy, and you can always request a copy of the same.


  2.1 Personal Data:

This is any type of information that is used to identify You as a person/an individual or that which relates to an identifiable individual.

Anytime it is not possible or feasible for Us to make use of anonymous and/or anonymized data (in a manner that does not identify any Users of the Site or customers of Our services), Deluxe Casino Bonus is nevertheless committed to protecting both Your privacy and the security of Your Personal Data round the clock.

  2.2. Data We Obtain from You:

There are two ways through which we collect data from You. This is through interactions with You, or through Your interaction with Us or our Services. Your data is then grouped together as follows:

  1. The registration Data: this is what we obtain the moment you register on our website. It is inclusive of your choice of the display name.
  2. Contact Data- This includes both your residential address and your email address.

III. Log in Data IP (internet protocol address), also included in the operating system (on your login devices), your logins, as well as the browser used to access our website.

  1. Analytics data- this includes different data that You provide/ or use to access/ or use our Website and/or Services. It can/may include the referring URLs, your browser data, usage (time) information, settings as well as Website preferences.

We also use cookies to collect certain information. See “Cookies” in the last section.

  1. Depending on the forum that you use to log in, we may ask you for additional information that includes:

■Your age

■Your Language(s)

■ Your Google e-mail address

For example, by using Google+ to log in, you will have accepted to provide us with the above-mentioned information. Please note that the only time we use the above information is either for login or for analytical purposes.

    2.3. Personal Data in Special Categories

Deluxe Casino Bonus DOES NOT collect any Special Categories of Personal Data related to you (this is inclusive of religion, political opinions, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex life, philosophical beliefs,  trade union membership, your health details, genetics, and biometric data). Additionally, we also do not collect any information about criminal offences and/or conviction.

However, we may request that You send us such data while communicating with Us.

    2.4. Failure To Provide Personal Data

In situations where We are required by law to collect certain data from You, or under certain terms on a contract with us, we will not be able to offer our services to you should such information be unavailable.  

    2.5. Username

Always ensure that the username you provide us with does not contain any personally identifiable information. This is because, there is a possibility for the username to be shared with other partners, and at this point, it stops from being personal data anymore.


3.2         General Purposes

Deluxe Casino Bonus only uses Your data when the law permits. Below is an outline of the most probable times when we are likely to use your data:

- To allow You use and/or access the Website

- For the purpose of verification and/or identification

- For any purposes that involve a legitimate interest of Deluxe Casino Bonus in regard to direct marketing of Our own similar goods and/or services through electronic mail, via live telephone conversations or through postal mail

- For the purpose of setting up/ and or verifying an analysis

3.3         Legal Purpose and Detailed Purposes

It is important to note that We may process the data you provide us with for different lawful grounds. However, this also depends on a particular purpose for which we are using your data.

Please get in touch with us in case you want additional details regarding a specific legal ground that Deluxe Casino Bonus may be relying on, to process your personal information/data.

-We may use your data to allow you to register and access the website as a new user (Registration Data Legitimate Interest). This will enable you to gain access to certain areas/ functionality or particular content.  This include ability to post comments on our forum

-A commercial business analysis, which aims at creating standards, ad hoc reports, as well as periodical information. 

-Log in Data, and Legitimate interest (which we can/may use to grow and develop our products/services)

-To enable you to participate in Our offers or promotions that may be offered on/ or through our website, and to get in contact with you if you happen to win any of our prizes.  

-To improve the services we offer on our website by eliminating spam from our forum.


What criteria do we use to determine the retention period? Your data will remain safeguarded with us, for as long as necessary. This is to ensure that we are able to completely fulfil the intended purposes for collecting it. This could be for accounting purposes, reporting requirements, or for fulfilling a legal requirement.

 4.2. We ensure that all the information that is published on our Website(s) is the most accurate. However, given the ever-dynamic nature of online gambling, we have no guarantee of the accuracy of the information included on our Website.

Therefore, we will not be held responsible, nor shall we bear any liability in case there are damages resulting from the use of information presented on this website.

4.3. The Website may contain some links that lead to external third-party websites. These links do not have any effect on the content of such third-party websites, and therefore, it bears no liability for such content whatsoever.

Prior to participating in any form of online gambling, ensure you read through all the terms and conditions.

4.4. By accessing and using the Website, You grant consent to these Terms and conditions, which also confirm that you fully understand the Terms of privacy of this website, and you will abide by them.

4.5. We wish to notify all users of our website whose personal data is/ has been processed through the Website that, by consenting to the Privacy Protection Policy, they also consented to the processing of their personal data, if the website finds it necessary for use in accordance with the provided Terms.

4.6. By accessing and receiving services from the Website, the User (a natural human being), confirms to be not less than 18 years old and is within the legal age capacity to undertake such a task.

It remains the User’s sole responsibility to ensure that gambling is allowed in their jurisdiction and to observe all other legal requirements necessary.

4.7. In order to comply with local legalisation, the website retains the right to bar or restrict access to part or the entire Website for users from certain territories.

4.8. If You notice some inaccurate information regarding the legislation of a certain country/ territory, you can inform us through [email protected]. Our aim is to use the most accurate information, so as to comply with the laws of all the countries where this Website is accessible.

4.9. Any text, logos, and trademarks published on the Deluxe Casino Bonus Website remain our intellectual property. While Logos and trademarks of all online casinos, and online gambling service providers, as well as payment providers, remain the intellectual property of the respective operators.

We only publish these trademarks and logos and trademarks on Our Website for the sole purpose of introducing/ referring to the services providers to our visitors (nominative fair use).  This process of copying another website’s information is only allowed prior to approval, and we may use a working do-follow backlink in the form of <a> HTML tag.

It is also possible to publish content or parts of it, on the website. However, this can only be done with a no-follow backlink <a> HTML tag).


5.1. When the User joins and uses the forum, You have confirmed that the post and any related material (images, posts, and links) are not false or inaccurate, vulgar, obscene, hateful, defamatory, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, sexually-oriented, profane, discriminatory, adult material, invasive of other people’s privacy, copyrighted material (with no explicit consent from the owner), material/ information that may violate any applicable laws, or a third party’s rights.

5.2. We strictly prohibit any abusive behaviour and/ or activities, and this includes spamming, advertisements, promotions, posting the same message on different threads(topics), flooding, using chain letters, marketing materials/ bonuses, pyramid schemes(solicitation), as well as sending mass private messages.

5.3. In case of abusive behaviour, our administration team reserves the right to edit, close a thread, or remove it altogether with no prior notice issued to the User.  

5.4. All the messages posted on any of the threads/ forums express the views and opinions of individual Users and DO NOT in any way represent or reflect our views or opinions.

Our website’s administration team is not required to read or review any of such messages, therefore, we bear no responsibility for any of the content posted on the forum.

5.5. Should a formal complaint be made regarding content or posts on the forum, We reserve the right to reveal to the authorities the User’s identity, and all other related information that we may have collected on Our Website.


6.1. In the case of complaints arising from the use of services advertised herein, The Website provides a free-of-charge dispute mediation service. This is aimed at managing or resolving complaints from the Users, that may have been occasioned by the use of Our Services.

There is a form available here that you can use to launch an official complaint.

6.2. By submitting a complaint to the Website, the User gives us the authority to represent him/her vis-à-vis the respective online gambling operator and agrees that from the moment the complaint is submitted, he/she will be actively involved in the mediation process, and/or subsequent discussions.

Some individual cases may require the User(s) to (i) send an authorization email (via a downloadable form available here) to the respective online gambling operator or (ii) to grant us a formal authorization which will enable us to formally represent the User in the mediation process, vis-à-vis the online gambling operator. This template is available here in a downloadable form.

6.3. By submitting a complaint to the Website, You give us the authority to request and/or receive from the affected online gambling operator any, and all information that is related to Your casino account. This will include gambling logs, registered details, user activity and/or any other information that could prove helpful in identifying and resolving the issue.

6.4. In case of a frivolous complaint, or a complaint that is vexatious; We retain the right to cease and/or refuse to be part of that complaint at any time. Additionally, we will also not partake in any complaint where the User fails to cooperate in the mediation process or in situations where the User is not willing to provide sufficient evidence to support or validate the complaint.

Other complain that We do not associate ourselves with are the ones where the User has breached the applicable rules of the operator, as well as cases where the User is abusive, disrespectful, disparaging, or issuing threats while in communication with Our team.

     7. COOKIES

We use cookies so as to improve the User’s experience on Our website, and We may place them on your computer. To ensure the privacy of your data, we have done a careful review of these Cookies.  All Cookies found on this website work in accordance with the current EU Cookie Law.

By default, almost all browsers accept cookies. However, You can change this setting by choosing to enable or disable Cookies. Although there is the option to delete Cookies, this step risks the loss to your saved information, which comes in handy when You are trying to quickly access the Website.


For any Data that You may have shared with Us, you also have Your own rights. These are: 

-Right to access

As a User, you have the right to request a copy of the information We have/hold about You anytime you wish. Additionally, You have the right to request that We update, modify, or delete such information. In case of a legal dispute, or in situations where We are legally permitted to, We reserve the right to deny Your request, and if this happens, we will let you know the reasons.

-Right to correct

You have the right to have an amendment on Your Data if what We hold is inaccurate

-Right to restrict our use of Your Data

If You are not comfortable with Us using Your Data, You have the right to limit or block Us from using it

-Right to erase

 You have the right to request Us to remove or delete Your Data from any of Our systems

-Right to object 

You have the right to object/ or refuse Us to use Your Data

-Right to data portability

 As a User, You have the right to request Us to transfer, move, or copy Your Data

If you wish to withdraw Your consent to the processing of Your Data, make enquiries, or exercise any of Your rights that have been outlined above, please reach us through [email protected].

If You feel unsatisfied with the way a Data handling complaint has been handled by Us, You may redirect Your complaint to the relevant data protection authority.

To ensure that all the information, as well as data that We hold, is correct, and 100% accurate, keep Us informed of any changes during the period that We hold the Data.

In case there are some discrepancies between other languages of the User, and English, the English version shall be applied.