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Live Dealer Casino Games

These games are quite common nowadays, and you will see them on most online casinos. In fact, experts in the gaming industry predict that live dealer casino games are the next big thing in online gambling.

live casino, casino dealer

With live casino games, players get to enjoy the same experience as what they would normally get on a land-based casino. The friendly live dealers perfectly recreate the real casino environment.

Gamers who miss interacting with fellow players can now do so from the comfort of their homes.

Below is my take on live dealer casino games, and what you can do to reap maximum profits with them:

Understanding Live Casinos

Since their inception, online casinos have continued to improve, and many ideas have been introduced to the industry.

One of these ideas is live dealer gaming, and this is an activity that seeks to improve player experience. Live casinos have become a strong pillar for many online casinos.

Many gamblers who are looking for a gaming experience that is similar to what they would find on a brick-and-mortar casino are getting satisfied with their online-based counterparts.

Live casino games have a lot of differences and depending on their nature, these games’ complexity level differs sharply. This is also the case with the game’s features and visuals.

You may find a context that is mainly focused on just the dealer, while other times, the focus will shift to the whole casino environment.

How Do Live Casino Dealer Games Operate?

The configuration of these types of games differs from one casino to the other, but basically, they all aim to bring a real-time gaming experience to the player.

However, several mechanisms go into making the activity successful. Some of the things that a casino uses on live dealer games include:

  • Cameras – This is one of the most obvious devices in the entire deal. In my many years of gambling, all live dealer casinos that I have interacted with have two to three cameras.

Two of these cameras focus on the dealer, and the table, while the third one provides a picture in picture display.

  • Dealer – These are real human beings who are an integral part of this industry. Live dealers bring in the much-needed immersion into live dealer casino games. This interaction brings players as close to real land-based casinos as possible.

Most of the dealers that I have interacted with are pretty and gorgeous women but do not be fooled. These are women who have mastered the trade, and they are experts in this field.

They are professionals who have undergone strict training, and they know every aspect of the game. Additionally, each action that the dealer takes is tracked using smart card tracking systems.

This is a guarantee to the player that all the activities are genuine, and there is no chance that the casino is manipulating results.

  • Monitor – This device showcases every player who is participating in the game. Also, it serves as a live chat feature and this enables smooth communication between the dealer and the active players.

With flawless communication, all issues are promptly resolved, and there is no need to take breaks from the ongoing game.

  • Game Control Unit – This may not be quite useful to the player, but it is one of the most important technical areas of a casino.

GCU assists the casino to smoothly run the games, which in return give the player great live gaming sessions.

Mobile Live Casinos and Special Bonus Offers

A notable thing about online casinos is their incorporation of mobile live casinos. This offer provides players with different gambling options to choose from, and whatever the player decides can be done using a mobile gadget.

With the invention of the latest smartphones and other mobile gadgets like tablets, gamers can enjoy plenty of opportunities on live casino games. This way, you get the same experience and quality as you would get if you used the desktop computer.

In addition to their convenience and great immersive nature, live casino games have other valuable benefits. One such benefit is the special promotions and bonuses that are offered precisely for live casino players.

Depending on the casino, these offers can come in different types like a welcome live casino bonus, a free bet bonus.

To find more about bonuses, and how you can benefit from them, check my other articles touching on this topic.

Pros and Cons of Online Live Casino Gaming

One of the most noteworthy advantages live dealer gaming can offer you is the ability to track every minute of your gameplay.

pros cons, live dealer

Whether it's live blackjack or live roulette, this type of casino gaming offers you a chance to track the activity. You can play in a relaxed mode knowing that the game is both fair and legitimate.

Another huge benefit is the ability to settle quickly in the game, and get the action going. This is not always the case with regular casinos as the dealer tables are always crowded, and you will struggle to get an available seat.

Besides, online casinos operate 24/7 which gives you ample time to play from wherever you are.

The only challenging thing that you may find with online casinos is the fact that they are a little pricey than the regular slot games.

This could be attributed to the high cost involved in maintaining an online casino. So, if you are planning on enjoying a few bests on a live casino, be ready to use a relatively higher stake.

Which Games Can You Play on a Live Casino?

Online casino game providers have considered games for live dealers, and their live betting systems are a rich haven for gamers who love these types.

Although different online casinos offer a different range of live dealer games, there are three common ones that you are likely going to find on almost all online casinos. These are:

  • Live Blackjack – This is perhaps the popular type of live dealer games.  Live blackjack is massively enjoyed due to its entertaining and exciting nature.

It offers much more fun than all the other live dealer games, and with it, you get to experience direct contact with the dealer. You can also go against him.

There is nothing as satisfying as beating the dealer and getting to collect all the cash.

  • Live Roulette – This is another popular choice when it comes to online casino gaming. Live roulette is liked by many players because of its simple design. This makes it a straightforward, rewarding, and enjoyable live dealer game.
  • Live Baccarat –Many players who love taking huge risks will love this type of game. It’s the real deal for high rollers as wagers go to an extreme high. Despite it coming in a live version, you will get the standard baccarat rules.

There is little difference rather than, in the live casino a dealer places and accepts bets from gamers.

Playing Live Casino Games

Technology has breathed a new lease of life in online casinos, and more and more steps are being made in the industry.

From humble beginnings, online casinos have grown tremendously to integrate many other areas. Their latest and most notable area is live dealer games.

Their special features, great potential, and ease of use have attracted many players to them. Gamers who prefer an immersive experience will love indulging in live casino games without stepping a foot outside!

There are no special requirements that you are supposed to download onto your gaming gadget. With a simple click on the casino game, you will be on your way to enjoying the live games.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular games among players who like card games. Casinos have discovered that many live dealer gamblers have been missing out, and this is why they have introduced the Live Blackjack.

live blackjack

From the comfort of your home or office, you have an opportunity to engage with live casino dealers and even play with real cards with real people.

This is a fun and convenient way if enjoying these types of games without going to a traditional casino.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Blackjack imitates the glamour that comes with gaming in large cities like Montecarlo and Macau. Live Blackjack may have all the activity taking place online, however, you will get to see the dealer directly via a live stream.

Why Play Live Blackjack?

Although there are players who still swear by the original table games played in a traditional casino, many have embraced technology, and they enjoy the more convenient online version.

Today, you have many options to choose from if you are looking for different ways to enjoy this popular game.

Live Blackjack is one of them, and it also comes with several advantages. One of them is:

  • Convenience: as long as you are connected to the internet, it is possible to play the live version of Blackjack from any corner of this wide world.
  • Real-Life Experience: since the game is played with the interaction of actual real-life dealers, you can involve other players in your gaming round.

How to play Live Blackjack

If it is your first time playing Live Blackjack, you probably are already wondering what rules are expected. The thing is, there is no much difference between Live Blackjack games and traditional blackjack.

On the deck, you will get 52 or more cards, and the aim is to get as close as possible to 21. This is only possible by beating the dealer’s hand.

If you are not sure of your skills, and you are looking for ways to sharpen them, you can access Free Blackjack right HERE. These games are available at no cost, and a good resource to improve your gaming skills.

Common Live Blackjack Rules

You Must Place Your Ante

By placing your ante first, you will be able to can get started with Live Blackjack. For starters, an ante is the first bet that you place during a Live Blackjack session. Both the amount used, and some form of luck will determine the outcome of your game.

  • You Are Required to Let the Dealer Hand Out the Cards

The dealer in the live casino who is playing against you is the one supposed to distribute the cards once you have placed your bet. This is different from what we see in Blackjack where the present dealer is digitized.

  • You Decide Whether to Stand, Hit, Split or Double Down

There is a display where your hand will appear face-up. The dealer from the other end will inquire about your preferred maneuver.

  • The Dealer Decides on Who Pockets the Winnings

Once all the players agree on the current hand, the dealer will go on and declare the person who has won the round.

Live Roulette in Online Casinos

Between Live Blackjack and Live Roulette, it seems like Live Roulette has an upper hand. Online Live Roulette gives you more satisfaction when compared to what you get on the traditional casinos.

Also, all this satisfaction can be enjoyed on mobile, desktop, or tablet gadgets, and you get to play from home.

Understanding Live Roulette

live roulette

This type of online casino game does not rely on the common random number generators (rng) to determine the likely outcome.

A real human being serves as the better alternative, and this is the dealer whose work is to spin the wheels.

The live casino gaming is streamed with the help of a webcam. Besides, you will also get the option of interacting via chat as the session progresses.

Online gambling is a safe form of gaming, and the results are completely random. This means that there is no room for result manipulation.

Since you are part of the game, you can be able to see the exact thing that the dealer is doing. This guarantees you a random outcome.

Game Play and the Involved Rules

Live Roulette comes in two versions, one is the European Roulette (this one has 37 pocket wheel that is market 0-36). Many players prefer this type of roulette due to the higher odds.

American roulette is the other type and it offers both a double and a single zero. When playing in Live Roulette, there is no limit to a single number.

You are allowed to make any combination of wagers, and these can be in groups of numbers. This activity happens in the happening on the “inside section” of the table.

The “outside section” has different offers, and you get a collection of matching bets and pairs. Each takes up to 18 numbers which are either even or odd, black or red, and low or high.

More About Table Games

Live Roulette tables are on 24/7, and stakes vary. You can use anything between a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to play.

Tables that are available in Live Roulette are reserved for Private Roulette (exclusive members).

Immersive Roulette is another option, and with it, you will get several cameras (HD) that follow a bouncing ball.


Just as with other online casino games, a live dealer casino needs a little bit of patience to learn and master the skill. You need to take the time to know your dealer as well.

However, even with some basic skills, you can get started with games in this version of a casino.


As the name suggests, online live dealer games are games that involve real humans. The games happen in real-time with the assistance of a dealer. To give players a near casino experience, live dealer games use the typical traditional casino gaming gear. These include cards (blackjack and baccarat), and ball and wheels for roulette. However, casinos use more modern gear like high-quality HD video streaming.
No, this is not possible especially if the casino is legitimate. The dealers are professionally trained individuals who have a lot of knowledge of how the industry works.
Different types of games are available on the live dealer casino. However, the three most common are blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Some live dealer casinos offer games like live poker, Sic Bo, and Texas Hold’em.
Yes, on a live casino, games occur in real-time, and there is a dealer to assist you. Additionally, you can communicate with fellow players during gameplay. On the other hand, regular online casinos are internet-based concepts where gamblers can come in and play games in a virtual environment. Real-time communication with fellow players is not possible.
Yes, this is possible. If you want to chat, head over to the chat icon and input your message. Once the dealer reads your message, they will respond to you orally via the camera. You can also chat with fellow gamers.
No. Many gamers have a wrong notion, and they believe that there is a good time of the day or night to engage in live gaming. This is not true and the only right time to play is when you are ready.