Slots With Scatter

During a slot game, ⏩ some symbols can make a difference ✅ especially when it comes to the payout I may receive while playing. ✅

How does the scatter symbol work?

During a slot game, some symbols can make a difference, especially when it comes to the payout I may receive while playing. The scatter is one of these symbols. When it appears, it will change how the game goes, and always for the better.

On any 5-reel slot, there is this symbol. It will unlock many features that the slot has so that I can have not only a better payout but also so that you can also have fun while playing.

When it appears, and it can be anywhere on the reels, it can trigger bonus rounds or free spins, amongst other bonuses that may be available on the slot. Usually, the scatter symbol is the highest paying symbol.

This symbol can be found on:

To trigger a feature, there’s the need for having three or more scatters during a normal spin, which sometimes it’s not that easy. Most of the times, the feature will be free spins but there’s also the possibility of being interactive bonus rounds. I prefer the bonus round since it’s completely different because I will interact with it.

They usually appear on 5-reel slots, but not so much on 3-reel ones, since they are more limited. Usually, there is no need to look if a slot has this symbol on it, which is an advantage to any player, but some slots actually don’t have them.

To look for it, I have to search the paytable of the slot, which I’m able to access very easily. A box will open after I click on the icon of the paytable, which will take me to a paytable where there will be specified all the symbols that appear on the slot, what they can do, and how much they pay.

This is important since it gives me the value of the scatter symbol (and also of the other symbols). In this paytable, there is also additional information such as the winning combinations that you can make while playing, the bonus symbols, the wild symbol, and how many and which ones do you need to trigger a feature.


  • You have to have a combination of 3 or more scatters to trigger a feature
  • The scatter doesn’t frequently appear during the game

The advantages of the scatter symbol

When I’m playing, and a scatter symbol appears, it means that I will be rewarded with free spins or with a bonus round. Either way, it’s always a nice thing since I can earn money from playing these free rounds. There is also the possibility of triggering, for example, more free spins if a scatter symbol appears when playing.

There is a fantastic advantage when it comes to the scatter, which is the payout it can give me, indirectly, because you can get a winning combination during the free round the symbol has triggered for you.  There are many ways that I can win some money while playing a slot, with a scatter symbol.

Triggering a feature can be hard, but when I do, it can be highly rewarding. Having the possibility of winning a better payout due to this symbol is incredible. That’s why it’s one of my favourite symbols on a slot.

It’s essential to understand how this symbol works to take advantage of it. You can see how it can help you to have a payout, whether it’s big or small. This symbol is given randomly, and appearing is always something good for the player.

However, it doesn’t appear regularly, which isn’t so good. I wish I knew all of this before starting to play free slots.

This symbol means a lot when it comes to its value since the reward is also special. That’s why it doesn’t appear very frequently, because that would make it lose its value. Appearing fewer times and giving players the bonus it provides, it’s how it should be, especially when the bonuses are as good as the ones this symbol provides.