Blackjack Counting Cards

Blackjack Counting Cards

A technique and a strategy that minimizes the Casino advantage and increases the chance of gain of the player. There are a number of variations of counting cards, including simple counting cards, standard counting cards and professional cards counting. They can be differed regarding to the counting method used and the complexity. Learning these techniques require a great memory and a long-term study. The player has the advantage in certain circumstances of the game. The advantage goes to the player when they are several cards of high value (tens and cards with symbols) in the dealer than low-value cards. This is a disadvantage for the croupier because rules may force the House to take a card rather than to wait. A player may stop at any points, while the dealer must take a card from 16. The higher is the number of cards with a value of 10 in the deck, the greater the risk the dealer to lose. This is the basis of card counting in blackjack. A player can increase the bet when he knows that the chance of winning is less than of the Casino. Intelligent players who can count the cards may gain an advantage of up to 2.5% over the Casino. The art of counting cards is the monitoring of cards which have been dealing. Bets are increased once certain values are exceeded.

A simple method of counting cards in blackjack

Even beginners can understand and learn this simple method. It is based on counting cards of ten points from a package, not on the number of cards of the lesser value remaining. The higher is the number of high value cards remaining, the greater is the probability that player will have a good combination and the dealer will lose (the dealer must take one more card until or at least 16). On the contrary, the higher is the number of low-value cards remaining, the greater the advantage dealer. This is easy to remember, because one-third of the value of 10 + cards, ACEs that are easy to remember. If more than 1/3 of all tens or more ACEs remain in the package, you should duplicate the bet. Otherwise, the player has to reduce its stake into half.

Counting cards in blackjack standard

The standard method of counting cards in blackjack defines more precisely the proportion of low-value cards during the game. Each card is assigned a number, and the total is evaluated as follows when you are dealt:

  • + 1 for low-value cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Cards: 0 for 8 and 9
  • -1 for the cards with a value of 10
  • -2 for Aces

In the package are several cards with high value, equal to 10(positive). There remain several cards of low value (negative). The higher is the total positive, with higher probability the dealer will lose and the player can increase the bet. Dealer opportunity is higher than the aggregate negative increases. Decisions shall be taken only on the basis of the calculated total divided cards. Your bet cannot be affected by the previous performance, i.e. holding gains or losses of the past. This is the only way to gain the maximum from this strategy of blackjack. At the same time we must learn how to count cards, automatically and quickly so as not to be seen by the croupier.

If you learn to count cards it will allow to increase the odds. Professional players of Blackjack use a complex system in order to increase their chances of winning. In this way follow the cards which were dealed and try to predict what cards will appear. Small cards in the deck decrease your chances and in the majority of the cases it will turn to the winning of the dealer. Low cards favor the dealer because they allow them to win in case of a Stiff. High cards in the deck will improve your chances of winning. Blackjack pros use this system to beat the House. If you learn to count cards in Blackjack, you can play with the highest odds against the House.
Counting the entire package or withholding memorization of cards played is not necessary. The method allows high value cards to low cards. The advantage is that the dealer has to pull that last Hit.


  • There are 7 players in the game.
  • Another rider and five other players over.
  • 7th Stand and ask the player to act on the House is over.
  • The dealer pays 7th player.
  • The players and the Bank have surpassed.
  • The dealer won money from players what they deposited first.
  • The House now has an advantage of 6,97% calculated beginning on the mathematics to the player.
  • The House will establish a rule to make the game more correct and to keep players in the game.
  • 3 to 2 payout on Blackjack will reduce the house edge to 2.33%.
  • Allowing a Double Down, any pairs, Double after Split, reduces the house edge to a basic strategy and card counting player get the advantage.

Card counting can be successfully because you may win an advantage in the case of reduction of the cards in packs from 2 to 8. A package with a discount of 9, 10 we will have disadvantage. However, if you recognize a package with an average of 9, 10 and ACE, you have two options. You can bet more money or you can alter your strategy and increase your chances to win a given hand.
Blackjack Games can be won with the help of Blackjack systems because they offer players a real advantage and tips for the game. The rules of Blackjack begins with knowing the odds of winning and the rules that will suits you; otherwise the game is risky.

Advantages and disadvantages of counting cards in blackjack

From the outset it is important to say that counting cards cannot be used in online casinos based on mixing all the cards in the deck for each game. In a real casino, players who are not welcomed in card games the casino tries to avoid them from the games. These players are trying to hide, often changing tables, avoids certain casinos and often tries to look like ordinary tourists or casual players.