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Blackjack Switch Review

Blackjack SwitchBlackjack Switch is a very popular casino game made by Playtech. Although at first sight, it looks like a simple it standard game, Blackjack Switch comes loaded with some features that make it unique and interesting. So, how do you play Blackjack Switch and should you give this Playtech product a chance?

How Blackjack Switch Plays

Blackjack Switch works slightly different than other blackjack games. You are playing with two hands instead of the regular one. The two hands work separate from one another, and all of your actions work independently. You can split or double down one hand without changing the bets of the other one in each round. Although this may seem like a challenging task to undertake and sounds confusing, it plays very smoothly.

Blackjack Switch draws its name from a special feature you can use once per round. The switching ability gives you the chance to switch the top cards from one hand to another one. This can come in handy, and if you use it in the right moment, it can bring you massive wins. With an RTP of 99.42%, it is a relatively medium variance blackjack game and is suitable for all playstyles.

Another useful feature included in Blackjack Switch is the Super Match option. It is a direct product of the switch and can win you money just by having a certain card combination, regardless if you win or lose the round.

Available on almost All Devices

Due to the massive popularity of Blackjack Switch, the developers at Playtech have decided to optimize this blackjack game for mobile and tablet devices. Not only this, the mobile version of Blackjack Switch is available at all casinos that use Playtech software, in both native app form and direct browser versions. The smartphone and tablet versions are available for both iOS and Android devices. This is a great option for gamblers who like to play casino games while on the go.

Must-Play for All Casino Players

No matter if you’’re just starting or are a grizzled gambling veteran, a game like Blackjack Switch should be a part of your blackjack library. It is very simple and straightforward, yet unique and very interesting to mode. It can be as low or high stakes as you wish since the betting chips go from $0.10 to $100. It surely stands out from a crowd of other blackjack games, and can easily become one of your favourite casino instalments.