Game description

About Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond EditionAlthough the title sounds like this game is a complex one, on the contrary, it is pretty easy to understand how it works. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game has been rising in terms of popularity, and that is because the newbies are delighted to have a table game they can fully comprehend very quickly. Microgaming, a leading software provider in the gaming industry, brought to you free Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. 

In my review, you will get closer to understanding the rules, specific strategies and the fact that you can first play the demo and then come to a decision to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game. So, without further delay, let’s start!

A Possibility To Play The Demo Version

If you’re planning to use your money to place bets, it is recommendable that you first know what is Premier Roulette Diamond Edition all about. I tell you this because I would like that you avoid any mistakes on your endeavour at conquering Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. Completely for free, you can try to play the demo version on Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game.

When you go and see for yourself what it’s like to enjoy in the demo version, you’ll see a mahogany wheel that is of course spinning and on the top of its post is a huge diamond sparkling the colour red. Right beside the spinning wheel of Premier Roulette casino game are big and tall stacks of chips of all sorts of colour and right in front of you is the table where you can see your regular betting options. On the top-left hand corner of free Premier Roulette Diamond Edition you will see your game's history, and on the top right-hand side are your bets and wins. 

Developing a Strategy With the Rules

The betting range in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game goes from €0.25 to €10000 just like in Premier Roulette. When you simplify the game of roulette, you can see that you just guess where the ball will end up out of exactly thirty-seven numbered. Knowing precisely where the ball is going to end, is simply impossible, but the admirers of statistics think the opposite and they developed many patterns in which they believe will get them many wins.  The one essential thing for you to know that in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game you can make called bets only in the expert mode, but you can also make outside bets. If you’re a beginner at free Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, this arrangement will suit you very much.

You have a help menu which gives you more insight into payouts and rules. It can be found just above the statistics, and you have to press the question mark if you're eager to know more about this option. 

The payouts in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino game are regular in the roulette world:

  • Straight up bets pay out at 35:1
  • Splits pay out at 17:1
  • Red/Black bets pay out 2:1
  • High/Low pay out even money
  • Odd/Even pay out even money


One thing that is important to mention is that Premier Roulette Diamond Edition has a 97% RTP, which means you have good chances for a win. The absence of complexity makes free Premier Roulette Diamond Edition a game that attracts many players who are new to the gaming world and want to have the real casino experience. I recommend you to play free Premier Roulette Diamond Edition as soon as you can and see how luck serves you!