Game description

About Roulette 3D by iSoftBet

Roulette 3DThere's a big number of online casino roulette versions released today, and the number will only increase over time. The software developers are looking to make a roulette table game that will be different than the other versions, and they intend to satisfy the players with all sorts of features. The giants of the e-gaming market, iSoftbet created Roulette 3D casino game so they can get you a closer look at what does it feel like to play roulette in a traditional casino.

Roulette 3D casino game is a one-of-a-kind gem of a roulette version, and it offers players a unique experience. The three-dimensional graphics show you what its like to spin the wheel on a real roulette table on the fancy casino floor. There are also some special bets which you can place, and also players found the user interface to be one of the major reasons why they chose to play free Roulette 3D.

User’s Interface  And Rules

In Roulette 3D casino game the interface is straightforward and comprehensible with a lot of elements that make this table game enjoyable. The table layout of free Roulette 3D is above the 3D image and the roulette wheel. On the left-hand side of free Roulette 3D, you can find the racetrack which allows you to make bets. On the right-hand side, you can find the control panel where you can select your bets, chips and the button with which you can spin the wheel. Roulette 3D casino game has the rules just like you would encounter in the European version of online roulette. The numbers in free Roulette 3D go from 0-36 of course, there are also the regular betting fields on the roulette, and the main objective for you would be to guess where would the ball land exactly on the table. Small buttons on the left and right-hand side are the ones for modifying the sound and game speed in Roulette 3D casino game.

When you use chips with which you wager, you have the right to use the following denominations:

  • €0.1
  • €0.5
  • €1
  • €5
  • €25
  • €50

The betting limits range in Roulette 3D casino game goes from €0.1 to €10000. Roulette 3D will allow you the standard inside and outside bets, and also you can make the next bets:

  • Sectors
  • Neighbour bets
  • Red and black splits.

Roulette 3D casino game is a standard one, where you first make a bet, a number lands on the wheel, and if you won, you would get a decent payout of course. Also, there’s an RNG ( Random Number Generator) which purpose is to make sure that every gaming enthusiast that tries his luck playing Roulette 3D has a fair game and equal chances for a win.


The software company, iSoftbet once again proved that they could make top-notch variations of table games, and in this case that would be the Roulette 3D casino game. The regular roulette rules in combination with possibilities to make special bets is a nice combo which many gaming enthusiasts found to be very fitting. All that you can do is to try your luck and play Roulette 3D for real cash!