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Tome of Madness
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Unravel Darker Mysteries with Tome of Madness

Tome of Madness is a slot game that was developed by Play ‘N Go software. This slot game is based on fictional writings particularly those of H.P. Lovecraft. The main character, Cthulhu, is one huge sea monster that looks so much like an octopus. Most of its body is covered in tentacles with a green rubbery skin with wings that resemble those of a dragon. If you get scared of images then Cthulhu may not be your thing!

I did find the fortunes of Cthulhu!

After the not so pretty images, I encountered with this slot game from Play N’ Go, I knew I was in for a rough ride. Well, I delved deeper into the slot to see what I could make of it and if the horror-like images were of any benefit to me.

As I came to find out, Tome of Madness has quite a high volatility (variance) with an RTP value of 96.59%. The game is filled with many bonuses some of which I got to enjoy like the 2x Multiplier Wilds, Mega Wilds and the portal feature. With a small deposit that I made of $10, I had the potential of winning 2000x my total bet.

If you have been in this industry for some time, by now you understand that high volatility in slots is characterized by small wins that are far in between, but potentially huge wins if you have lots of patience.

The symbols I came across

With this slot game from Play N’ Go, there are different colours and images to indicate different categories. For example, the low-end symbols on Tome of Madness are marked with either red, green, purple or blue crystals while the high-end symbols are marked with images of Ring, Octopus Pendant icons, Cthulhu Skull and Dagger.

Tome of madness is a cluster win slot game that has different cascading symbols. To enjoy any wins, I was required to match 4 symbols (touching either horizontally or vertically) and land on the reels. The moment I hit a winning combination, those symbols disappeared and a new symbol was created.

Remember, I was doing all this using my tablet but you can also play the slot game on your smartphone or PC. According to Play N’ Go, these are the highest payouts for 10 winning combinations and above:

Octopus Pendant – 100xs total bet

Dagger – 60xs total bet

Ring – 40xs total bet

Cthulhu Skull - 30xs total bet

Purple Crystal – 6xs total bet

Red Crystal – 5xs total bet

Blue Crystal – 4xs total bet

Green Crystal – 2xs total bet

Enjoying the Bonus

Tome of Madness does offer some free spins that I got to enjoy. Although they did not feel like the usual free spins that I was used to getting in other slots, when triggered, these free spins gave me an opportunity to raise my winning combinations. This also meant an additional chance to unlock my all-time favourite- the Mega Wild Cthulhu Symbol.

Tome of madness maximum jackpot wins

Play N’ Go have very good jackpot payouts and the Tome of Madness is no exception. Tome of Madness pays a fixed maximum jackpot of up to 200 000 coins (2000xs the highest bet of 100 coins).


Although the graphics were not as clear and vibrant as I had hoped, Tome of Madness was a worthy addition to my list of favourite slot games. At first, I had a small challenge trying to understand and figure out the features, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to spin the reels like a real pro.

I love fast things and this game is all about fast-paced actions, if you love high volatility slots, then you may want to try your hand at Tome of Madness. The game is easily available on most new online casinos and it’s easy to find it.

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