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The New Year (2020) is already here with us. As is the norm, each new year, many people make resolutions but oftentimes, these resolutions are hard to follow through and before you realise it, the year is almost gone and there is nothing much that those resolutions have achieved.

However, if you put in the work, you can make a substantial change in your life by setting goals and aiming to achieve them:

When it comes to online gambling, there are certain things that you can do to improve your gaming which will ultimately improve your finances.

Here are a few resolutions that you can make as a gamer and which can have a positive change to your gaming life:

Be a Little Adventurous

Try New Gambling GamesIt’s normal to be tempted to stick to the tried and tested games. Changing or trying to break a habit is not an easy undertaking.

However, a change is also good as repeating the same thing over and over can be quite boring. Boredom in gambling should be the last thing on your list!

Why not spice things up a little bit. Get out there and try a totally different game. If you adore slots why not try the table games?

Alternatively, you can visit the “Other” category to see what may be laying there as some of those games that seem less famous could turn into your new favourites.

Be a little Organised!

Why not try a betting journal? If you take gambling seriously, you need to think of tracking your daily or monthly wins and losses.

Gambling journals will safely keep all your gambling records, and you will be able to tell why you are making continuous losses or wins.

If you take a serious look at this journal over time, you will be able to weigh the average profit and/or losses that you make in this industry.

This will go a long way in assisting you to make the necessary changes in your gambling career so as to make improvements where need be.

A gambling journal doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make good use of an old notebook or even a simple spreadsheet on your computer.

Write down the date and what your stake was and then indicate whether you made a loss or a profit.

This simple undertaking can help you set things in the right perspective.

Take Advantage of Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Advantage of Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Casino bonuses are all over the pace and landing a good one is not rocket science.

You can always visit respected blogs to see any update on the bonuses and updates available.

Take your time and lookout for good deals.

Actually, enjoying such bonuses is one of the best experiences that you will ever come across on an online casino.

Keep Track of Time

You will agree with me that even with a clock around you there are many days you have lost track of time as you sit glued on the screen enjoying a game.

Gaming seems endless and unless you know how to manage your time properly, you may end up missing a good night’s sleep.

There is a way that these online casino games get you hooked, and before you realise it, you are two hours behind your bedtime!

One tip is to set an alarm from when you want to start to the time you hope to finish.  If the alarm goes off, it’s time to end the game!

Try this tip without allowing the ifs and buts regardless of how entertaining the game may be. This will give you better gaming experience.

Read a Few Guides on Gambling

At the end of the day, gambling revolves around luck. However, it is also important to note that the smarter a player is, the more likely they are going to get lucky.

Why not make a resolution to do as much reading this year as possible?

There are many free online guides that offer very valuable information relating to casino gaming.

How About Trying a New Online Casino

I know how hard it may seem to let go of your favourite online casino. You have played on this casino for far too long to make a move.

Well, sticking to one casino is not bad but it denies you the chance to enjoy bonuses and promotions, not to forget the availability of an array of games that may not be present at your current casino.

You should not be scared of finding a new online casino as there are tons of Certified Casinos that are safe to work with.

Understand Casino Licenses

Do you really know how online casinos operate or how strict their licenses are? This year, take the time to understand how these casinos work and how their licences matter.

This will help you make informed choices when picking an online casino.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

To be a responsible gamer, you will need to be able to manage your cash wisely. If you work with a budget, it will make things for you and you can have some peace of mind while gambling.

If you are not working with a set budget, this should be on the list of your New Year gaming resolutions.

If you are still stuck and do not know where to start with this, you can use some of the free budget apps that are useful in getting you started.

Avoid Over Excitement Every Time You Win

Given the ease in which gambling money rolls in, it’s natural for players to get overexcited and spend it right away.

When you get quick cash, the first thing that comes to mind is what to buy.  There is no problem with that as whatever you buy with the cash won will be a constant reminder of the benefits of online gambling.

However, it is of utmost importance to put aside part of your winnings for future use.

You may not depend on gambling as a means of survival but if you put a little money from those winnings in your safety nest, it will come in handy on a rainy day!

Stop Chasing Losses!

This remains the major challenge among many online gamblers.

Stop Chasing Losses!No one wants to lose, and it is very normal to feel bad anytime the unexpected happens.

If you have the habit of choosing a lost bet, it is very difficult to stick to a budget. This is where irresponsible gambling creeps in.

You can allow one or two of such cases but if it begins to happen on a daily basis, then you are on a slippery path down the slope. This will bring along real gambling problems.

If you find yourself hooked in this kind of gambling, the very sound advice that I can give you is to take a break from it. In most online casinos, you will find what they call “cool off” options and these are options that you can set all by yourself without consulting anyone.

If you are in gambling for the long run, you will find more success with it if you set a realistic budget.

Find an activity or two to occupy your free time. If you are having serious trouble sticking to your limits, you can seek help from various problem gambling resources that are readily available.

Enjoy The Maximum!

Gambling can bring about some tense moments especially if a loss occurs. However, the bottom line of this industry is to provide fun in addition to profits.

After all, why would you spend your hard-earned cash on something you struggle to enjoy?

Your gambling motto should be “if it stops being fun, it’s time to stop

This is one of the best virtues that you can possess as a gambler, and it will also help you in taking loses in stride!


The year is still very green and you have time to make a few resolutions. I truly hope that you can consider most if not all the above tips and these will help you improve your gaming altogether.