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There are many factors to consider when choosing an online casino. The license, selection of games, payment methods, and customer service are four of the most popular factors. However, the speed of withdrawal has become one of the key considerations for many people when choosing which online casino to use.

When considering the speed of withdrawal from an online casino, everyone wants to receive their money as quickly as possible. Why would you choose to wait days to have your winnings in your account when there are some casinos willing to payout instantly? Before we look at the reasons why instant withdrawal casinos are becoming increasingly popular, it is important to understand what instant withdrawal means.

Instant Withdrawal Casinos are Becoming Increasingly PopularFor example, there is a difference between fast withdrawals and instant withdrawals. If an online casino is advertising fast withdrawals, that could mean any time within the same day. That may be sufficient for some people but it does not mean you will get your funds within a matter of minutes. However, if an online casino is advertising instant withdrawals, you should see your funds in the bank or wallet of your choosing in just a few minutes. It may take a few minutes and will not happen ‘instantly’ as in the true definition of the word but in terms of casino withdrawal times, a few minutes is extremely quick.

It is worth remembering the type of withdrawal method you are using can have an impact on the speed of withdrawal. Not all withdrawal methods will have an instant option, so you will need to check and choose the method that does offer instant withdrawal if you want access to your money in a few minutes.

If you have been searching for an instant withdrawal online casino in the US, you will find a good selection at Time2Play. You can browse through the reviews of the instant withdrawal casinos and see which ones you would like to join. Remember, there is a difference between fast withdrawals and instant withdrawals, so always keep that in mind when choosing an online casino based on withdrawal speeds.

In the modern world, we all want things done quickly. In some ways, we have lost our patience and it does not seem right if a train is 5 minutes late. Whether it be fast food, downloading games, delivery of a product or receiving money, we are not prepared to wait and the faster tasks are complete, the better. So, one of the reasons why instant withdrawal casinos are becoming increasingly popular is because we are used to things happening quickly in our daily lives. This transfers to playing at online casinos and we do not want to wait for casino games to load or for our winnings to enter our accounts.

In conjunction with instant withdrawals at online casinos is prompt customer support. Instant paying online casinos tend to have a fast customer service response time, with live chat being the preferred method of contacting the support team.

Finally, instant withdrawal casinos are becoming increasingly popular because more people are using cryptocurrency for online gambling. Many of the leading online casinos now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment and there are several benefits to using cryptocurrency as a payment method at online casinos. Not only are the withdrawals instant, but they are also secure and you can remain anonymous. Making a withdrawal using a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, does not require permission from a bank but requires another user of the cryptocurrency. When a user confirms a cryptocurrency withdrawal from an online casino, they receive a small fraction of the funds. So, with something to be made from the transaction, however small, there is a benefit for the user to complete the withdrawal instantly.