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Puttó – a game of chance

Putto is a game of chance, type of lottery game which is considered to be fast game, due to the fact that the numbers are drawn every 5 minutes. Some players consider it a bit complicated, or confusing, but the moment you understand its rules, you will love this type of gambling.

All over Europe you can find this game of chance available, and Hungary is one of those countries where you can play this game organized by the State Lottery Company (named Szerencsejáték Zrt.).

Puttó is a great game of chance to play for those players who are not so patient to wait a week for their lottery numbers to be drawn, as in the more classic types of lottery games like 5/90 Lottó, 6/45 Lottó or Scandinavian Lottó.

Puttó Lottery history

The Puttó game was launched on the Hungarian gambling market in 2005 by the State Lottery Company.

The name of this lottery game is related to the term known from the history of art, the little angel-like, winged and chubby figures of children, but no one knows how it is connected to this game, also known as “fast Kenó” game.

As for we are talking about a game of chance, this can be played only by people who are more than 18 years old, because, according to Hungary’s jurisdiction, just like in most countries, gambling is not a legal type of game to play for minors.

Rules of Puttó game

The Puttó lottery ticket is formed of two main boxes, named Box A and Box B, and you will have to choose your number combination from these boxes.

You can pick the numbers on your ticket by chance using a random number generator or you can pick your favourite numbers.

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From Box A you have to pick 8 numbers out of 20, while from Box B you will pick 1 number out of 4. Puttó draws take place every 5 minutes, and you own a winner lottery ticket if 5 out of the chosen 9 numbers you picket have been drawn, of course, in the correct box. So numbers from the different boxes do not substitute each other: a number 4 from Box A cannot take the place of a number 4 drawn from Box B.

Winning a prize

Prizes can be reached in the following ways:

  • 4 + 1: means that your numbers chosen from Box A match 4 of the drawn numbers from the same box and the number chosen from Box B was also drawn. Greater matches like 5 + 1, 6 + 1, 7 + 1, 8 + 1 will bring you even greater prizes.
  • 8 + 1: is the full match at Puttó Lottery.
  • You can take home a prize even if your number from Box B did not match the drawn one from the same box, but in this case your numbers on the ticket in Box A must match at least 5 of the drawn numbers from the same box.

The broadcast of the Puttó draw

The draws take place every 5 minutes, as we said, this is a fast-paced game. Draws take place every day from Monday to Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 20:30 p.m. This is important information, because this way you know what is the deadline for placing your bet.

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So the number of draws from Monday to Saturday is 264 draws a day, while on Sundays it is 246. In a draw, from both fields numbers will be drawn, 8 numbers from Box A and 1 number from Box B. After the draw, the Puttó winning numbers will be available to check online.

Hitting the jackpot in this game can bring you 10,000 times the stake you made, but even at least 5 out of the nine numbers picked can bring you a prize.

Puttó prizes

The maximum prize in every 5 minutes is HUF 20 million. To help you calculate your winning, the prize table is available online to match your results with the prizes they might bring you.

Good news is that the number of winners does not affect the size of your prize like in other types of lottery games. So, when playing Puttó and winning prizes, you will not have to share any of your winnings with other winners. Your prize only depends on the size of your bet, and the odds for the hits do not change.

The price of participation in Puttó game

basic Puttó game costs in Hungary around HUF 400. How much does a ticket cost?

HUF 400 ❌ bet multiplier ❌ number of marks in Box B ❌ number of draws

For example: if you place a 3x bet and you want you ticket to stay in game for the next 5 draws, while you mark in Box B all the four numbers, your Puttó ticket will cost you:

HUF 400 ❌ 3 ❌ 4 ❌ 5 = HUF 24,000

In a normal game you can play 4 number boards. Playing on more than one number board means that the price will be calculated by adding up the prices of the number boards separately calculated with the formula.

For those players who are fans of the Joker game, we have some bad news because Puttó cannot be played with the Joker add-on game alongside.

Earlier winner numbers

Some players take a look at the earlier drawn winner numbers in order to decide which numbers to play on their ticket. These previous lottery results make statistical calculations possible and available online.

The daily winning numbers drawn can be accessed on the website of the State Lottery Company.

How to play your Puttó ticket

The State Lottery Company makes it possible to play your ticket in the classic way, by entering a lottery, or accessing the website, or even by using the mobile application named “Okoslottó”. This application developed by the lottery company has a lot of other advantages too for players.

The way of paying the ticket price varies according to the method you have chosen for playing your ticket.

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