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American Roulette Review

American Roulette is made thanks to the Americans, but it's not only played in the United States, but players from all corners of the world also enjoy in this online version of the popular table game. Software developers, iSofbet which happen to be a gaming company with a big reputation in making all types of table games, made American Roulette casino game. So, because of the worldwide American Roulette presence, they’ve realised they can also make their version of American Roulette and attract many gaming admirers across the globe. The graphics are three-dimensional in American Roulette casino game, and you will find the standard spinning wheel on a blue table. 

To emphasize the effect of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, American roulette casino game introduced audio where you can hear the dealer speak and the sounds of the ball spinning. Read in my in-depth review to find out what made many gaming admirers continue to play American Roulette casino game over and over without feeling the signs of boredom. Delay aside; I'll start!

The Rules Of Free American Roulette

When you settle in and try to play American Roulette casino game, the next move would be to pick the chip somewhere between the value of 0.1 and 10, and then you place that chip on a number of your choosing. To have full control in free American Roulette you would need only five buttons, and I will present them in the following list:

  • Cancel Bet- this button’s function in American roulette casino game is to remove any bets that are placed in that particular moment
  • Spin- this button’s purpose is to spin the roulette wheel
  • Cancel All- this button, when activated will remove every single chip from the game’s table
  • The last Bet- when this button is clicked it makes the same bet as in the previous round
  • Rebet And Spin- this button will keep the chips in the precisely same place as in the round before, and it will also spin the roulette wheel, which is a very useful feature.

In American Roulette casino game, you have the possibility to choose from the following coin values:

  • €10
  • €5
  • €1
  • €0.5
  • €0.1

The odds in free American Roulette can go up to 35:1. The rest of the odds are:

  • Split at 17:1
  • Split zero at 17:1
  • Trio at 11:1
  • Corner at 8:1
  • Street at 11:1

Also, there are:

  • Six line standing at 5:1
  • Dozen and Column standing at 2:1
  • Top line standing at 6:1
  • Red or black and even or odd standing at 1:1

If playing group bets are your thing, you can also do that in American Roulette casino game. Of course, you can try to play American Roulette casino game for free if you want to familiarise yourself with the rules and then go and invest some real money.


If you don’t prefer the European or the French roulette version, there’s hope left for you because this NetEnt gem of a table game is the thing you’ve been looking for. An American version of online roulette! I would recommend you to be a risk-taker and play American Roulette casino game for some real money!

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