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French Roulette
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French Roulette Review

French Roulette is an online table game powered by one of the most recognisable names in the gaming industry, NetEnt. It is almost the same as the European version having 37 pockets and just one less pocket than from the online version of American Roulette. Online roulette established itself as one of the most popular games you would find in online casinos, and French Roulette is also very popular among a significant number of all gaming aficionados. You can choose from all kinds of chips to place your bet on. The next tip I would give you is that you should check out first how much will a particular number pay out before you place the chip.

Like in a majority of roulette variations, French Roulette casino game also has a control panel which consists of sound effects and an autoplay button, which function is, when you click it, to spin the roulette wheel indefinitely until you click the „stop“ button. The graphics in free French Roulette are slick, and the voice from the live dealer makes the gaming experience even better. Also, I found out that communicating with live human dealers was a friendly experience for me, so there’s another reason for you to choose free French Roulette.

Soon you will find out many useful facts about French Roulette casino game in my well-elaborate review! Let’s begin!

The Rules Of Free French Roulette

French Roulette is not so different from European Roulette, but the layout of the table seems to be different in shape, and the bets that you make will all be written in the French language. The minimum bet that you would have the possibility to make in free French Roulette is €1, and if you're a high-roller, you will be impressed by the fact that you can place as much as €75000. In French Roulette casino game you have the right to make the following bets:

  • Outside bets
  • Inside Bets
  • Neighbour bets
  • Call Bets

The RTP in free French Roulette is 97%, like in a majority of roulette variations. But if the so-called La Partage rule is applied the house advantage is going to be around 2.5%. If the roulette ball happens to land on 0  and you play the American or the European version, then you won't win absolutely anything. But in French Roulette casino game, if a ball happens to land on a 0, you will get half of what you placed if you placed money on the so-called 50/50 money bets like:

  • Red/Black
  • Odd/Even
  • Low/High

Some other features in French Roulette casino game that you would find useful are:

  • There’s a chat window if you want to communicate with the live human dealer
  • A possibility to save your favourite bets
  • With the feature Players' bets, you can see what bets did other players place in free French Roulette


NetEnt is a company that never disappoints their loyal gaming fans, and bringing in a French version of roulette is another very innovative move from the frontrunners of the software industry. Top-notch graphics, a possibility to place special bets all make free French Roulette an ideal table game. Be brave and play French Roulette casino game!

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