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Space Stacks Slot (Push Gaming)

Space Stacks Slot (Push Gaming) slotFrom its title, you can tell that Space Stacks has borrowed its theme from the space field. The slot was created by Push Gaming, a developer that is respected for their creativity in turning even the simplest of ideas into great work.

If you enjoy slot games with big rewards, good graphics, and fun and interesting features, then you will be happy to try out Space Stacks.

Here is my unbiased review of this slot:

Game Set-Up

Push Gaming went off the rails with this new slot title, and they have offered us something that we haven’t seen anywhere so far.

The developer gave the slot 10x10 reels, with a Reelbets engine that allows players to place bets on individual reels. This way, you get to enjoy instant prizes.

There are plenty of features inside, and you also get to enjoy up to three forms of bonus games.

Betting and Prizes

Real money wagers start from as low as $0.10 per spin, and you are allowed to spend up to $100 on each spin that you make.

Space Stacks offers a good jackpot of 5,000x, which translates to $500,000 in cash when using the highest stake.

However, the slot is also highly volatile, but with a fair long-term RTP of 96.23% (there are other smaller variants, so be sure to check with your online casinos to see what they are offering.)

Space Stacks Slot Features

Push Gaming has given Space Stacks a total of 10 reels. 3 of these serve as the triggers to the bonus games, while the remaining 7 deliver instant prizes. It’s up to you to decide on the reel that you want to place a bet on, with some of these delivering payments of up to 5,000x.

You also get an opportunity to work with boosts and these can improve the prizes coming from other regular reels. On a lucky spin, you may get symbols on all the reels, which will end up with a payment (however, this will only happen if you had already placed a bet on them).

By placing a wager on the right bonus reel, you could end up triggering up to three bonuses. These are:

Astro: the bonus spins a wheel that comes with 32 prizes, alongside the multipliers.

Flip: This is a picking feature, and with it, you can pick 3 tiles out of the available 36 positions. You may end up with a multiplier, or better, a prize of up to 1,000xs the stake.

Apex: then we have this one which offers up to six reels, and this is where you try to get some symbols that will enable you to claim their prizes. With this bonus, you can expect better prizes since each newly filled column has the ability to boost your already available prizes.

Theme & Design

Personally, I find the slot rather unusual, with a little bit of a space theme in it, and lots of gemstone-type of symbols occupying its reels.

Push Gaming has provided quite a large game area, and you get each reel with its version of a symbol on it. Among the symbols are asteroids, images of rockets, the Sun, Earth, the Moon, plus several other planets (geometric forms).


From my experience playing the slots for real money, I can say that Space Stacks offers a unique experience to players across the board.

Push Gaming is a great slot developer, and I can recommend Space Stacks to all levels of players.

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley