Space Stacks

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Space Stacks
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Space Stacks slot machine presentation

Space Stacks is an exciting and innovative online slot game developed by Push Gaming. This game conquered a territory that few developers venture into and aims to redefine the world of traditional slots with a new approach. Push Gaming is a game developer known for boldly innovating in the gaming industry, and Space Stacks is no exception. The RTP rate is 96.23%. When it comes to game volatility, Space Stacks has medium volatility.

Space Stacks is a game that not only offers novel gameplay with the ReelBets system, but also includes exciting bonus features. The game features unique betting options, high potential winnings and bonus reels that guarantee players an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience.

Sparkling prizes - space adventure in the design of Space Stacks

The theme and design of the game is unique and cool, and it takes us to a space adventure full of stars, mysterious distant galaxies and amazing space phenomena. The graphics and visual style of the game are cool and immediately captivate the player. The background is a cool space panorama, on which countless stars shine, while we can look into the distance of distant galaxies. The symbols are detailed and have high-quality graphics, which further enhances the experience of the space adventure.

The game theme of Space Stacks takes us to the future, where space travel and interstellar exploration are the essence. The atmosphere and design of the game perfectly matches this theme and invites players to a marvelous space adventure.

Space Stacks is not just a slot, but a complete experience where players will go through a unique visual adventure while collecting prizes among the stars. Push Gaming has done an excellent job with the theme and design of the game, creating a world that we love to immerse ourselves in.

Features and functions in Push Gaming's masterpiece

Space Stacks is a neat online slot game developed by Push Gaming, offering players a unique and exciting gaming experience. The game stands out by allowing players to freely choose which reels to place their bets on, allowing them to create unique strategies.

The game has 10 reels, the first 6 of which are instant win reels, and awards 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x and 50x stakes. The last reel, Max Block, can give you an instant win of up to 5,000 times your stake. The game also features three bonus reels, Astro, Flip and Apex, which trigger exciting bonus features. The Astro bonus feature features a 32-segment instant win wheel where players can collect prizes and multipliers until they reach the Collect segment. The Flip bonus game is a selection game on a 6x6 board where players can select spaces to discover their winnings and multipliers. The Apex bonus feature works similarly to the base game, but with a number of special rules.

The game is exciting and innovative, and players have the opportunity to customize their game strategy. Its RTP can vary between 96.23%, the game has medium volatility. Space Stacks opens a new dimension in the world of slot machines, and those who like an exciting and unique gaming experience should definitely try this cool space adventure.

Space Stacks - A space adventure, where the players also enter a new dimension!

Space Stacks is a truly unique and exciting game from Push Gaming that redefines the world of online slots. The ReelBets system gives players the freedom to choose which reels to place their bets on, giving them plenty of tactical options.

The gameplay is slightly different from traditional slots and it may take some time for players to fully get to know and like it. Smaller instant wins appear often, but the real excitement kicks in when the bonus features are activated and you can win up to 5000x. The unique betting strategy and gameplay may not be ideal for everyone, but for those who like to break the traditional game rules a bit and are looking for new challenges, Space Stacks is a great choice!

After all, Push Gaming is committed to bringing new and exciting ideas to the world of gaming, and Space Stacks is further proof of that commitment. If you are curious about what's new and are ready to discover a completely new gaming experience, then you should try this space adventure.

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