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    Wazdan Games and Products

    Wazdan SlotsWazdan has grown to be one of the most recognizable companies in the industry.✅This isn't because of their big game selection or large casino partnership programs, but because they make some of the strangest and unique games on the market.✅They have a fairly atypical way of approaching and creating their online casino games.✅Wazdan uses the latest gaming technology to produce a multi-market and cross-platform experience for all online players✅They primarily operate in the European region, but also have players from all over the world✅

    Wazdan offers a very versatile and flexible gambling platform. They are responsible for producing both desktop mobile gambling products. Their game library includes a portfolio of over 50 games, ranging from blackjack and poker to keno and roulette. Though they have their imprint in many casino games, about two-thirds of their entire offer is online slots.

    Wazdan games offer a unique experience that you won't encounter playing any other casino game. They make minimalistic and clean slot games, as opposed to other providers who clutter their products with flashy graphics and as much as visual as they can fit onto the screen. Though Wazdan doesn’t have the most visually advanced games of their market, all of their games have a specific and very alluring charm.

    Their slots are excellently optimized and very smooth, focusing on performance instead of graphics. Another quirky thing about this developer is that, besides making classical 3 and 5 reeled games, they also have some 4 reeled slots available under their belt.

    Simple and Straightforward Software

    One of the most significant advantages Wazdan has over its competition is that it uses the Unity game engine, which has been used to create some popular AAA PC gaming titles in the past. This innovative approach to gambling software is unlike any other in the industry and is a part of what makes Wazdan so unique. The Unity software works in internet browsers, without any downloads required.

    Though it does take slightly longer to load, it is a very stable engine no matter on which device you’re playing.

    Licensed and Trustworthy

    Wazdan is certified by both the IDQ and NMi testing agencies. It is also licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority, which guarantees this provider safety and trustworthiness. All of Wazdan’s games operate on a random number generator software, ensuring fairness and reliability.

    Strong and Reputable

    While Wazdan might not seem like a serious and reputable contender amongst other providers, it is a solid developer that holds a respectable position in the gambling scene.

    Highly regulated and player-friendly, they have a lot of potentials to become one of the biggest online casinos game providers on the market. If you’re a fan of streamlined online video slots or want to try out their unique 4 reeled games, Wazdan is a great provider, more than capable of providing you with enjoyable gaming experience.