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15 Coins™
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🎰 15 Coins™ - The gold coin series continues

The number 15 can be divided into 5, 3 and 1, and in the case of 15 Coins™ that means 5 bonus symbols to enter the bonus round, 3 rows of reels to fill and hit a Grand Jackpot and 1 result - maximum fun! Tempted? Read on for more details!

15 Coins™ is derived from the hugely popular 9 Coins™ slot and is the fifth addition to this thriving series. What set these members of the slot family apart from their competitors is their unique mathematical model and solution that seemed unconventional, but turned out to be a game-changing innovation that led to the series' top performance.

Functions and Features 15 Coins™

This new creation from Wazdan emphasizes simplicity of play with a classic 5x3 reel format. In this brilliant slot, you won't find any paylines as all 15 reels spin separately.

Now, let's talk about the most attractive aspect of the 15 Coins™ slot - the Hold the Jackpot bonus round. When activating the bonus game, you get 3 free spins with the aim of covering as many reels as possible. While 3 free spins may not seem like a lot, here comes the fun part - once you hit a symbol, the number of spins resets.

15 Coins™ symbols

The game includes: the Cash symbol represented by a shiny coin that awards prizes, the Cash Infinity™ symbol represented by a red coin, the Collector symbol represented by a box full of gold coins, the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpot symbols, concluding with the Mystery and Mystery Jackpot symbols. All the symbols listed appear in both the base game and the Hold the Jackpot bonus round.

15 Coins™ Winnings and Prizes

In the 15 Coins™ game, you will encounter a variety of interesting symbols, each with its own way of adding excitement and wins to your game. Let's take a closer look at these:

  1. Cash Symbol (Coin): Represented by a shiny coin, this symbol pays 1x to 5x your stake. Not only does it add to your winnings, it also helps you get into the Hold the Jackpot bonus round.
  2. Cash Infinity™ symbol (Infinity Coin): This is a special version of the coin, red in colour. When you get this symbol, you can get between 5x and 10x your stake. And it has an extra surprise: it stays on the reels until the end of the next bonus round, helping you get to the Jackpot Grand more easily.
  3. Collector Symbol: This symbol is represented by a box full of gold coins. When you get it, it collects all the values from the Cash and Cash Infinity™ symbols, adds them up and multiplies them randomly by 1-20x. It can lead to big wins, especially if you also have Jackpot symbols.
  4. Mini, Minor and Major Jackpot Symbols: These symbols bring attractive wins - 10x, 20x and 50x of your stake accordingly. If you get your hands on these symbols, get ready for the potential for impressive wins.
  5. 5. Mystery and Jackpot Mystery symbols: These are mystery symbols represented by padlocked boxes. They can turn into other bonus symbols at the end of the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, adding extra surprises and winning possibilities.

Each of these symbols brings a different feel to the game and opportunities for big wins. With so many variations and combinations, you'll experience a variety of thrills and winning possibilities as you spin the reels in 15 Coins™!

RTP & Volatility 15 Coins™

As far as 15 Coins™ is concerned, two important aspects you should take into account are the RTP (Return to Player) and the volatility of the game.

The RTP of this game is above average, which means that your chance of getting back more of your stake is higher than in many other games. This can be very encouraging for players, as it indicates that the game offers a better chance of long-term gains.

15 Coins™ also gives you control over volatility. What does this mean? Well, volatility refers to how often and how big the winnings are in the game. Low volatility games offer lower but more frequent wins, while high volatility games offer higher but less frequent wins. In the case of this game, you can choose what kind of experience you want. If you like more consistent wins, you can adjust the game to a lower volatility. If you're looking for big wins and are willing to wait longer for them, you can choose a higher volatility.

Maximum Earning Potential

Let's talk about the maximum winning potential in the 15 Coins™ game - and believe me, it's really big!

The main attraction is, of course, the Grand Jackpot. To get it, you have to enter the Hold the Jackpot bonus round and cover all 15 reels with bonus symbols. But don't be discouraged, because the reward is well worth the effort. The Grand Jackpot is worth 1000x your stake! Your imagination takes care of the rest: thinking about this impressive amount can make it hard to contain your excitement!But the earning potential doesn't stop there. The 15 Coins™ game comes with a Unique Gamble Feature that gives you an unforgettable opportunity. This feature allows you to double or lose your winnings up to seven times in a row. But here's what makes it really interesting: this risky bet isn't just limited to regular prizes. You can even choose to apply this feature to the Grand Jackpot! And if you're lucky enough, your potential win can increase from 1000x to a massive 128,000x your stake!

Special Features

While the variety of Jackpot symbols offer lucrative prizes, the real treat is the ultimate prize of the 15 Coins™ slot - Jackpot Grand. It's not easy to win, but it's worth the spins! To get it, you'll need to enter the bonus round and cover all the reels with bonus symbols, after which you'll receive the Jackpot Grand prize worth 1000x your stake! But to increase your chances of entering the bonus round and spinning for the big prizes, in 15 Coins™ you'll find the new Chance Level feature!

By default, the game is played with the default setting. However, with the introduction of the Chance Level feature, you can increase your chances of entering the Hold the Jackpot bonus round! What's more, this feature has three levels: x2, x3 and x5; each multiplies your stake and chances by the corresponding number. However, the Chance Level feature does not affect the paytable, so the symbol values remain the same as for the base stake in both the base game and the bonus game.

Once you run out of re-spins or manage to cover all 15 reels with symbols, the bonus round ends and all wins are added up. But there's a surprise. If you consider yourself a lucky person, then you could try your luck using one of Wazdan's classic features - the Unique Gamble Feature. This addition allows you to double your winnings, or lose them, up to seven times in a row. And the best part is - the Jackpot Grand is also eligible, and you can walk away with winnings worth up to 128,000x your stake!

Apart from the Unique Gamble Feature, this slot offers a host of innovative features such as Volatility Levels™ that allow you to adjust the size and frequency of your wins, the Buy feature that takes you straight to the Hold the Jackpot bonus round, the Ultra Fast mode that, as the name suggests, massively increases the speed of the spin, bringing you prizes faster than ever before and much more!

15 Coins™ Theme and Design

The graphics and theme of 15 Coins™ are truly remarkable! Imagine a bright and colourful world where coins sparkle and collect to bring you big wins. The game is created with attention to detail, featuring vivid animations and captivating colours. All this makes for a truly immersive and eye-pleasing gaming experience.

The theme of the game revolves around coins and winnings, giving you the feeling that you are in the middle of a real treasure trove. It's a design that will get you excited and curious to explore what's hidden in the glittering world of 15 Coins™!

All in all, the graphics of this game are truly top-notch - not only are all the animations in the game vivid and fluid, but the slot's colour palette combined with high-quality assets creates an immersive experience, further enhanced by a pleasing sound design.

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