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10 Ways Technology Changed the Way We Gamble

Gambling is one of the activities that most people find extremely entertaining. Ever since it was legalized in most countries, people have started betting on several things such as sports games, horse races, and card games. Since the beginning, people started putting effort into exploring more and more ways to enjoy gambling. It has led to the invention of games like blackjack, roulette, the several types of poker, and the infamous slot machines. As we entered the age of technological advancement, we started developing even more ways to make the experience a lot more fun. Slot machines with a lever on the side turned into video slot machines, casinos starting using databases to cater to their clients, and game developers started developing applications which enabled people to play certain casino games at home against artificially intelligent opponents. During the cross-over from one era to the other, it was obvious that some things have changed. People’s gambling behaviours, how people experience gambling, its legal status and so much more have changed drastically. It only goes to show how much of an effect`s technology has on gambling, and the way we do it.

Online Slots

One of the ever growing trends in online gambling is online slot machines. Nowadays, you can easily gamble anytime, and from anywhere. You can even gamble for points or actual money; either by downloading a slots game or by signing up for a secure online casino. On the contrary to real-life slot machines, if risking money isn’t what you want to do, you can always play a trial period offered by the game. One of the advantages of online slots is that while you can have your fun with gambling, you can also enjoy the compelling graphics, special features and storyline of each game. Another point is that with online slots, you have access to many a game’s specifications and payout rates which can greatly boost your chances in winning. One thing we learned from technology is that it is in a constant state of change, and so are online slot games. Game developers put effort into making that there are constant updates, new features, and bug fixes, to make sure players get the best, most addictive, experience.


How-to Articles

The main source of information that most beginners depend on as they make their way into the world of online gambling; or gambling in general, is the general know-how of other players. With more and more websites dedicated to gambling, it is guaranteed that you will find all the information you want on almost any casino game. All that you have to do is use the right keywords while searching, and your search engine of choice will direct you towards the best sources of information. From there, you can check out other articles, get some tips and tricks, or maybe collect a couple of strategies that you can use to turn your luck around. Even in a zero skill game such as online slots, you’re guaranteed to find some pointers to help you win. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, most online slot machines’ specifications; such as RTP (return-to-player) percentage, volatility, and payout frequency, are available online. It is a thing that most gamblers find extremely helpful.

Platform Availability

mobile casinos

Now that most of us have more than one device, with the current trend in technology development, they’re either operated by android or IOS. While some try to purchase devices with the same operating software, the majority doesn’t find it a problem; until they need to use an application or transfer data from a platform to the other. Luckily, they won’t have to care because recent technological advancements have made it possible for web and game developers to adapt their casino-related content to the majority of operating software and devices. In other words, if you have a casino game downloaded on your laptop, you don’t necessarily have to be in front of your laptop to play. Just by downloading the same application on your phone, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on your other devices. This saves time and makes betting a lot easier and more accessible to anyone who uses their phone most of the time. In fact, research has shown that, within 2014-2015, mobile and online gambling in the United Kingdom accumulated a Gross Gaming Yield of around £3.6 billion.

More Advanced Real-life Gambling

As we all know, when technology prospers, it invades every aspect of life. So, while software technology made online gambling easier, it didn’t stop there. Technology managed to take the real gambling experience in land casinos, to a whole new level. First of all, we have more advanced video slot machines, as opposed to the old school single-lever operated ones. Modern machines operate with quite a complicated formula using pseudo-random number generators and are able to include a significantly larger amount of symbols. It results in a unique gaming experience for each person and a less predictable pattern of combinations. Second, within some casinos, player cards where their data gets stored; this includes account balance and status, compensation points, and rank updates.

Online Casinos

Like we’ve said before, the world of online gambling is growing massively. It is no surprise since most of us don’t have time to spare. Online gambling simply provides a brief escape we need from reality. Instead of dedicating an entire night to dressing up, going to a casino, and spending a lot of money on drinks, and additional expenses, you just need to turn on your device of choice; then you’ll be connected to a world of fun and excitement. In the early days of the remote gambling industry, there were only a few poker games available; yet, this has changed. These days, you’ll be surprised with the wide array of gambling games available on, and the other online casinos. Now that payment technology has developed, as well, gamblers are now able to make money off of online casinos. At first, in digital casino games, players were only allowed to bet with in-game currency. Yet, now, there are ways to securely connect to an online server where you can pay, and get paid without information leakage. However, with that option, it is better if you only play the games available on certified, or verified online casinos. Of course, there’s no need to worry because there are sources online where you can easily find a list of every single certified online casino in each country.

Healthier Gambling Behavior

Whenever there’s a new invention, there are always problems, and drawbacks, that follow. With gambling being easily accessible from any device, at any time, there is no doubt that addiction percentages may have faced a slight rise. However, with the rise in addiction statistics, came the rise in awareness. Advancements in research and behaviour tracking technology have managed to direct people’s attention towards the symptoms of gambling addiction, and the causes. Needless to mention, this awareness of the causes has resulted in much better approaches when it came to treating this sort of addiction. In short, technology has resulted in the spreading of healthier gambling behaviour; as opposed to the overly indulgent behaviours supported by lack of knowledge.

Increased Security Measurements

Earlier in time, there were many ways to skim money from a casino. So many to the point that several films were made about some methods like, card counting. Movies like Barry Levinson’s Rain Man (1988), and Robert Luketic’s 21 (2008) focused on main characters who counted their way to the top ranks in Vegas casinos as if it was an easy gig. While the films were works of fiction, they did have an element of truth in them; theft was highly possible back then but, not anymore. Security measurements have advanced in such a way that a casino’s security staff is capable of monitoring every single spot inside a casino. Not to mention, AI software and facial recognition features make it extremely easy to identify cheaters, thieves, or any security threat of any sort. As for online casinos, payment services; such as PayPal, MasterCard and American Express, are a common medium for secure money transfers.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual Reality has been the target of several games developing leaders for quite a while now. So, it does not come as a shock that VR casinos are no longer a concept but a reality. There are VR casino games; slots, blackjack and roulette, where the player simply puts on their headgear and wait for the magic. It takes only seconds for a player to be transported from the real world and into a whole new world full of bright lights, extremely realistic graphics and ultimate control. Some games even allow humans to hold cards and move around chips; the full casino experience. A VR casino allows players to chat with each other, as well as, with the dealers. Among other features, this allows players to be totally immersed in the game which is what most people look for in an escape from reality. Especially that some find it harder than others to lose themselves in an online game. As VR developers make the experience more and more advanced, this is proving to be quite the competition for actual casinos.

Complete Accessibility

Since online casinos are only accessible through the internet, and since most mobile casino apps also require an internet connection, the availability of wireless internet connection is a huge factor that affects the way we gamble. Granted, mobile internet packages have always been an option but, the thing is, it takes a lot of data to run online games which can get quite expensive. Several countries are currently working their way towards total Wi-Fi coverage which means that players are on their way to complete accessibility. Ever since Wi-Fi connection started spreading through the world, it has enabled players to connect and play any time they wanted to, and wherever they were; it was the start of a new wave of people joining the remote gambling community.

In-game Creative Development

Like with any new “contraption”, the first form of use is always as basic as can be. With film, when the sound was first recorded and synced, people started using it extensively and without purpose. Now, it is used to send messages, or immerse people into a film; its purpose has become more advanced. How does this apply to gamble? Well, it’s simple. At first, slots were nothing but symbols that you roll and hope a good combination aligns. On the contrary, nowadays, other than the flashy graphics and special features, creators started developing themes and storylines for their games to make them more compelling. So, one could say that technology has made people more critical of what games they like and what type of gambling they prefer. Instead of just liking anything, people started developing tastes for certain game themes and other characteristics. Needless to say, with a more critical audience, creators are expected to put in more effort into making new games.

As you may have noticed throughout the article, as technology develops, gambling slowly makes a transition towards the virtual world. The origins of the change go back to the nature of the demand for gambling. Life is a lot faster than it was before. People have less free time to spend at real-life casinos; despite them having a unique atmosphere. So, to adapt to the demand, companies started leaning towards the internet to facilitate the process. Creators developed applications and games, put them in online casinos and transferred the entire experience to the web for everyone to enjoy, from the comfort of their homes. Taking all of this into consideration, one can’t help but get excited as to the possibilities lying ahead. Technology has already improved gambling so much that some often wonder if we’ve reached a plateau. On the other hand, with the rise of VR technology it is easy to dismiss those opinions; because, as you can see, gambling is a field full of potential.

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