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4 Time Management Tips To Help You Succeed In Gambling

4 Time Management Tips To Help You Succeed In Gambling

As years pass by, the world is increasingly becoming fast-paced.  This has also taken a lot of people’s time, and it’s almost impossible to get any free time anymore.

Next time you catch a ride on the train or by bus; ask the person next to you how hectic their schedule is, or how much free time they have. You will be shocked to find that, most people are always rushing to complete some work somewhere.

However, if you are into online platforms like gambling, you are among the few lucky ones, who can take advantage of technology to accomplish a lot of tasks. These tasks include online gambling.

Modern technology is like an answered prayer. With gadgets like smartphones and tablets, you have no excuse to try your hand at some trivial tasks like betting.

However, there is this disease that lingers among many people and it’s called “always” being busy. This is actually a time management problem that is very prevalent among gamblers, just like it is among other individuals.

If you are looking for more time to master the skill of gambling, or to enjoy this industry for fun, we have listed three times management tips that you can apply from time to time:

Plan Out Your Trip

This may seem quite obvious, but a lot of people do not take even a few minutes to plan their day.

Whether you are planning a day trip to a casino in the neighbourhood, or you want to take a full 7-day excursion to the casino cities the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, taking a few minutes to write down your itinerary will go a long way.

Here is a good example of how you can easily execute a simple plan when visiting a land-based casino.

Imagine living in the middle of nowhere, and the closest you can get to a poker room is two hours away.

Now, for two hours, you are on the road and you plan to get to the poker room first before you can join an open seat. If you are lucky, you will be able to secure yourself a set as quickly as possible, but many are the days you will have to wait for up to an hour before you can get into a game.

To save on time, why not call the poker house when you get near (say, 30 minutes away).  You can request the poker house to reserve a seat for you, and your name will be put on the waiting list. This step will not only get you a seat faster, but you will be able to save tonnes of time over the years you plan to visit the house.

Next time you take a vacation, why not write down as many details of what you want to do as possible. Start with where to eat, what to see, what casino games you wish to play, etc.

When you get there, stick to the schedule, and you will not only have a smooth visit, but you will be more organized and focused.  This will definitely save you time since you will not have to go looking for additional research when you get to your destination.

Consider Your Bankroll

This tip may surprise you at first, but I will explain to you why it is of utmost importance in time management.  Did you know that deciding how you will handle the money you have invested in gambling saves you a great deal of time?

Here is how:

First and foremost, you need to make reasonable bankroll considerations depending on two ways. One should be depending on whether you are working with a single-day, and second if you are doing a multi-day gambling trip.

After that decision is made, ensure you set a loss limit every time you are gambling.  If you lose a certain amount of cash, it makes a lot of sense to stop betting.

This may look like an obvious thing, but it is actually one of the biggest challenges that many gamblers have to contend with.

Have you been in a gambling-losing streak, until you think of rushing to the nearby ATM to withdraw some quick cash so as to top up your bankroll?

Now, with a set loss limit in place, you ensure that you do not only protect your cash, but you also save a lot of time that would have wasted moving from casino to the ATM and back to the casino.  A set limit helps you know when to stop and also, you save your money since you will not use what you had not planned to.

Bankroll management is also very important for gamblers who are making a multi-day gambling trip.  If this is the case, you need to break up your gambling bankroll into smaller portions.

If the money you have set apart for that day runs out, try and find another activity to engage in rather than to gamble. This will protect your bankroll, and ensure that you still have enough to cover the coming days.

Are You In Control?

Finally, it’s good to realise that time management boils down to two things; it is either, you are personally in control of your time, or another person will control it for you.

As a gambler, it is very important to be firm, and this will allow no other person to call the shots on your behalf.

You may ask yourself: how do I take control of my time yet I work for another person? There is also a concern if you have children who do extra after school activities like sports.

You know what?  If you do not take a step towards controlling how you spend your time, you will always be at the mercy of other people.

In fact, most of the obstacles that many people place in front of them when it comes to time management are mere excuses.

I’m not saying that you stay out of work so as to spend all your time gambling. If anything, you need a day job more than anyone, so as to sustain your gambling activities.

However, you need to dedicate a set amount of time to enjoy a game or two.

Let’s look at an example:

Assuming you are one of those gamblers who have a full-time day job. You are required to work for 40 hours a week, and you spend up to an hour commuting each day. This makes it 45 hours each week.

Now, each week consists of 168 hours, and we all get an equal amount of time.

Even with a full-time job, you still have a total of 123 free hours each week. For those gamblers who have kids who are active, let’s assume you spend about two hours each day handling your kids.  It makes it a total of 14 hours each week. You are still left with lots of free hours, actually a total of 109 hours.

As human beings, we all need to catch enough sleep. It is advised that as an adult, you should sleep for up to 8 hours each night. Now, with that, it totals up to 56 hours a week. 

Now, you have worked, you have had time with the kids and you have slept enough.  Yet, you still have 53 hours that you can use for anything.  Imagine just how much free time you have, and the many things that you can accomplish in 53 hours of free time that is at your disposal each week.

A lot of people are not even aware of how much free time they have, leave alone planning on how to use it.  The 53 hours that you are free are the ideal times you can enjoy gambling.

Time is Money Use Your Time Wisely

Are you interested in gambling, yet you spend a lot of your free time reading books or watching funny videos? Are you one of those internet addicts, who when they are not watching cat videos on youtube, you are on social media monitoring what others are up to?

Well, you have the freedom to use your free time in the way you deem best.  However, if you are in gambling for real money, then it’s the high time you spent most of your free time building your gambling skills.

I’m not against spending a few hours having fun, but what I’m advocating for is making a conscious choice.


From today, why not consider using some of the tips that I have shared above? They are simple tips that you can implement, yet highly helpful in your gambling.

Simply put, when you have a well-planned gambling trip, you will have lots of time that you would have otherwise wasted trying to make last-minute decisions.

Additionally, proper bankroll management keeps your hard-earned cash in check. Last but not least, you have total control of your life if you are able to control your day.

With the above tips, you will have lots of time that you can dedicate to improving your gambling skills.

Shawna Dudley

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