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4 Tips to Help save Your Bankroll

Bankroll management

In this industry, there are many things that a player must consider in order to become successful. One of them is learning how to manage a bankroll as this is the backbone of every gamer.

However, this is also the most challenging part as not very many gamers have the discipline to budget and stick to a particular bankroll.

If you are in gambling purely for profit, you will need to put a little effort so as to turn it into a small side hustle.

The process of setting up a bankroll is simple: you only need to set aside the amount of money you are comfortable to lose and only place bets from that amount.

This is not an easy undertaking to many gamblers especially after they lose a bet. Many will add funds to their bankroll with the aim of placing more bets hoping to finally re-scoop their lost funds.

However, it is very important to enter this industry with an open mind given the risk it involves.

Growing your bankroll slowly but steadily should be your aim.

If you are having trouble working within a set budget/bankroll, please read the tips below.

We have put together some helpful tips that will assist you to effectively manage your bankroll.

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What Percentage do you Average?

First and foremost, you need to find your average maximum and minimum numbers.

This way, you will be able to know when to place a bet and when to avoid a major loss.

gambling Money

If you have been in gambling for long, you already know that to succeed in this industry, you need to put into consideration every bet that you place.

Your goal should not be necessarily centred on a windfall over the weekend but rather, it should focus on long-term commitment and growth.

For proper sustainability, gambling requires you to determine the percentage range for all the wagers that you place.

Many professional gamblers advise gamers to use between 3% and 5% of their bankroll per bet.

For example, if you have put aside a bankroll of $500, each bet that you place should be between $15 and $25.

This way, you will be in a position to control your spending while staying firm so as not to be swayed by the big bets.

Avoid the Temptation to Recover Losses

It’s natural to want to recover any losses you may have encountered.

Unfortunately, in gambling, this is one of the hugest mistakes that many players make. This action alone has the potential to wipe out your entire bankroll. How? You may ask.

There are no guarantees in life and more so in gambling. Often times, you will come across good and bad streaks but most players only remember the bad times.

For example, when a gambler loses three bets in a row, they should also know that a time is coming when they will smile after winning three times in a row.

But sadly, many gamblers do not consider this and they are in a rush to add more money in their bankroll with the aim of recovering the lost bets.

The truth about gambling and betting, in general, is that this industry is a war of attrition. This means that success will only come to you through small but steady wins over a long period.

The reality with gambling is that you will have both good and bad days. The question to ask yourself is, what impact will this have on your bankroll at the end of the day. Will it be a positive outlook or will you end up with $0 in your bankroll?

Don’t Bet While Under Influence!

We all know alcohol impairs judgment and if you are betting while intoxicated, you will not be in a position to make rational decisions.

Why not place your bets before you go to that party!

Emotion and reason do not work well together and if you use your emotions to gamble, you can as well say goodbye to your bankroll.

Alcohol has a way of pushing people to spend impulsively, which also pushes them to engage in an emotionally-charged bet.

The bottom-line is an intoxicated mind has no ability to deliver excellent results.

Stop When You Can

Ever heard of the advice quit while you’re ahead? Well, in gambling, we advise you to quit while you’re behind!

The more you continue betting, the more you are likely going to lose money. This is hard to swallow but it is the truth.

Avoid the common weakness of betting “As-You-Go” which is very common among many gamers.

There is this temptation that comes with previous outcomes. For example, in sports betting, a lot of players take the risk of randomly placing bets while relying on the previous outcome.

Remember, there are certain things that influence the outcome of each goal and you cannot entirely depend on the previous outcome to place a wager.

If you plan to bet on five games, stick to that instead of changing your mind because of the previous results.

Additionally, if you plan to use bet $30 on a certain game, avoid increasing it to $50 because you have some money from the previous bet that you won. Actually, this is very common as most players feel like they are not really using their money but the “house money”.


If your goal in this industry is to make decent profits, then you will need to avoid any shortcuts since they rarely work.

Patience is key here, and the best approach is to aim at making money in the long term rather than looking for a get rich quick system.

How you use your bankroll in gambling determines how well you will come out at the end of it all.

Remember, real success is not necessarily influenced by one or two huge bets but rather, it’s as a result of discipline and patience which also helps you not to wipe out your bankroll.

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