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5 Well Kept Gambling Secrets No One Talks About

They say secrets are akin to power and this phrase applies heavily to gambling too.

Any player can walk into a casino’s blackjack tables with a basic strategy card. However, only a handful of players are able to effectively decipher the secrets of card counting. This is the only way to gain a higher edge on the house edge.

Each casino game comes with a secret. For example, it’s quite hard for blackjack players to figure out the art of hand-reading. Figuring out the hand that your opponent holds is one of the most difficult things.

For slot games, spinners have their own secrets that include payback percentages that they get from their favourite machines.

Additionally, you will come across a few hidden things in the game of Roulette.  You will not easily get any information on the secret ideas that they apply to their spotting and exploiting.  

Another secretive game is the baccarat. How do you go about figuring some strange games like Cockroach Pig!

Although general gambling is an easy thing to do, it may be a little different if you want to get into it professionally. To succeed as a professional gambler, you will need to learn a few secrets that are already known to the specialist.

In the list below, we have put together some strategic insights that are rarely known to most recreational players. We hope you find this information helpful, and you can go ahead and incorporate it into your gambling tactics.

You Can Get Free Classes for Poker and Table Games from Your Casino

Often times, you will find many people hanging around a casino table but rarely do you see them place a bet.

These people are more like gambling ghosts. The only activity that they do is to watch in silence as other players take on the games.

You will even notice some of them craning their necks to get a clearer picture of the on goings-on a betting layout. Still, there are those whispering to each other as they attempt to understand how the gaming action is done.

However, you will not see any of these people attempt a game or even place a bet. These people are here to learn how the games are done.

These people frequent the casinos to watch and learn how things are done, until a time when they will be able to muster enough courage to tackle games.

Understand Different Blackjack Hands

Blackjack games can be a little complex to players especially when it comes to making hit and stand decisions.  

Also, it may be a little tricky to discover the numbers on a game on a roulette wheel.

For craps, how do you go about the many betting options that rea found in these types of games?

Those are some of the challenges that may be a big hindrance to a player's success in this industry.  

Luckily, there are many learning lessons that are completely free and they can be found online at no cost.

Most casinos offer daily classes and you just need to schedule the time and be ready to learn.

While online, a friendly dealer will take you through the process of online gambling and you are allowed to ask as many questions as possible.

You Can Trigger the Staggering Progressive Slot Jackpots Any Time

Most major progressive jackpots that are offered by slot games payout quite regularly.

However, it may not be a walk in the park for a player to use $3 to trigger a $10 million+ jackpot. You may need to beat a lot of odds for this to happen but lightning does strike.

Practice as much as possible and most importantly possess the rare virtue in gambling which is patience.

Do not give up on the third or fourth trial because patience surely pays.

You Don’t Have To Break the Rules to Get an Edge Over the House

If you remember, at the beginning of this article, I made reference to the game of blackjack. With this game, there is the process of flipping cards, and to the players in the know, it is one of the best ways to get the house edge.

Do not try unorthodox means of beating the casino because sooner or later, they will find out and they will permanently block you.

Although card counting is not considered a crime in gambling, each casino comes with own rules in regard to this process.

As per the house rules, a Casino reserves the right to ban suspected card counters if they are found to be infringing on the rules.

But did you know that it is possible to gain a house edge without necessarily breaking the house rule?

This is very possible with a unique type of video poker machine. The game in question is commonly referred to as full-pay Deuces Wild, and with it, you are allowed to play up to 100.76% in expected return. However, you will be required to use the correct strategy at all times.

With such a game, you get a 0.76% edge over the house.  This makes the game one of the favourite among secretive players.

The two terms “full pay” is often used to refer to the game’s unique paytable scale.  

Here is an example of some of the best pay tables used on a Deuces Wild machine:  

Natural Royal Flush-----800

Wild Royal Flush--------25

Straight Flush----------9


Four Deuces-----200

Four of a Kind-------- 5

Five of a Kind------15

Full House------3

Three of a Kind------1

With this information, you can enjoy video poker with a smile knowing that you stand better chances over the casino.

Remember, it is also possible to adjust Deuces Wild machines to offer a payout of 11 coins for a straight flush and 4 coins on four of a kind.

Now that you know this coveted gambling secret, you can enjoy video poker with a slight edge over the casino.

Avoid the Sucker Bet

A good example of a sucker bet can be seen in baccarat.  If you look at an example of the two base bets of Banker (1.06%), and Player (1.24%), you will notice that they carry a very reasonable house edge rate.

On the other hand, a Tie bet in most baccarat game comes with an edge of as much as 14.36%. This makes a tie bet a good example of a sucker bet. Their design is aimed at tricking unsuspecting gamers who end up making terrible choices on odds.


In most cases, an industry providing a service directly to consumers applies different methods to cushion itself against losing profits to the consumers.

Most of the ideas are surrounded by a lot of secrecy and the only way to beat such an industry is by learning of their secrets.

Now that I have let you in on some of the secrets surrounding gambling, you will be more equipped in your journey towards a successful gambling career.

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