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7 Most Suitable Games for Casino Newbies

The world of gambling is quite huge, and with each passing day, more and more games are released into the market.

If you are just starting out, you may find yourself lost in this large market with dozens of different games to choose from.

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Most newbies find it rather challenging to determine the starting point. The problem can be compounded by game rules since you will be required to learn new rules for every game.

This can make a new player feel intimidated way before they even get to play the game.

However, all is not lost and if you are just starting out in the gambling industry, here is a quick guide that aims to make your gambling path as smooth as possible.

So, if you are new to gambling what are some of the easiest games to tackle?

Slot Machines

Many gamblers will agree with me on this one. As far as gambling is concerned, slots are the easiest type of casino games for a new gamer.

With slots, all that is required is for the player to select the spin button, sit patiently for the reels to stop, and then they get the results.

You may find the slots of today a little more intricate compared to what was there a few years back. Most slot machines of yesteryears were basically three-reelers, however, today; we see flashier five-reeler slot machines that also come with a bunch of features and bonuses.

To pick a slot machine, you do not require massive research that can also be very time-consuming. If you get a little trouble, just reach out for help from the game’s screen and you will be sorted in no time.

This screen is particularly helpful when looking for information concerning bonuses since some have a more complex bonus scheme.

With slot games, betting options vary and rarely will you get a game that features the same options as the other.

For example, there are some slots that bar players from changing any options, and this is common on slots that are found in land-based casinos.

On the other hand, you will come across some that allow you to change the number of pay lines, coin size, and/or amount of coins on each betting line.

Even in such a scenario, it is easy for a new player to quickly figure out their most suitable betting options.


Back in the day, Baccarat was not easily accessible and many players considered it a game for the elite and wealthy.

However, things have changed and today; you can easily access these types of games thanks to mini-baccarat.

Baccarat is not a complex game and you can easily play it even if you are completely new in the industry. The only major requirement that a layer should know is the three available wagers i.e. player, banker, and tie bets.

Below is how the structure works:

Banker — this represents a bet on the banker’s score that is used to beat the player’s score

Player — represents a bet with the hope that the player’s hand is better than that of the banker

Tie — represents bet with the hope that both the hands of the player and the banker will end in a tie

With the three options on this game, the most suitable choice for a newbie would be the banker wager.  Baccarat games deduct up to 5% commission on the wins and given that this option offers the lowest house edge of 1.06%, you can still make some profits with it.

At first, the game appears a little complex, but the good news is that it is one of the easiest games to play.

Just place your wager and let the dealer deal with the rest.

Video Poker

For video poker, it is perhaps the most complex when it comes to strategy. A player’s decision is what determines the end result in this game including the house edge.

To start the game, you are required to pick a draw button that sends you your five-card hand. Afterwards, select the cards you want to hold and to discard after which you finalise your hand.

Basically, Video poker involves five-card stud, and this makes it an easy game that a beginner can comfortably play.

The most interesting thing with this game is the strategy that is purely dependent on the player. To get the best results with video poker, you can improve your skills by learning from the many poker training programs available online.

Roulette is another easy to tackle the game. The game offers a very simple gaming concept making it suitable for beginners.

All that a player is required to do is bet on a number or section of the wheel after which you wait for the spinning wheel which is what will determine the end results.

The only challenge for a newbie is to figure out the board. This also varies and the grid has 37 numbers for European roulette and 38 numbers for the American version.

There are several ways through which you can place bets. There are single number bets, bets on an intersection between lines, or at the tail end of a box outside the grid (outside bets) or a numbered row.

Before you rush to place a bet, you must be able to understand why you are placing that bet there and why.

Understanding where you are placing chips is of utmost importance as this is what determines the exact wager.

To quickly get a grasp of how this thing works, you can take a look online for the free resources that will help you in figuring out the entire process.


Blackjack shares some similarities with video poker especially when it comes to the betting strategy.

Although this strategy is a little complex, you do not need to master it at once for you to succeed in the game.

With just a few lessons, you will be good to go and the most important step is to learn how to place a bet in the proper circle.

When ready with your bet, you will be dealt two cards with two options which require you to either play hitting or standing. The table rules together with your overall score are what will determine if you get a double down or split.

With just those basics, playing blackjack should be easy.

Learn these basics by looking up a blackjack strategy chart online. You will find very useful charts that indicate the correct move that you are supposed to make. It all depends on your score in combination with the dealer’s up-card.

After you have mastered all the intricacies of the game, you can venture into more advanced options like card counting.

Online Casino Scratch Cards

You may be well aware of the scratch cards that are readily available in convenience stores. Most of them require you to scratch a surface (opaque) to reveal the price or item won.

Online scratch cards work pretty much the same and they are available on online casinos.  The major difference between online scratch cards and those sold physically is that you cannot physically get hold of the online version.

For the online version, you need to select the virtual opaque with the help of your mouse or finger. After this step, an animation is revealed whereby; a coin scratches that online card so as to reveal the contents.

Scratch cards may not be as famous as slots or table games, however, they are fun to play and set the pace for beginners.


Keno’s popularity may have faded and, although the game is not as popular as it used to be a few years ago, it still has its place on land-based casinos.

Actually, keno remains one of the easiest games that even newbies can quickly grasp. Furthermore, keno is one of the easiest casino games to play. It’s structured like a lottery game whereby, a player is required to select numbers on a provided card.

On most keno games, players are given the option to select as many as 30 numbers from a list of 80. The odds of winning and the final payment potential are largely determined by the numbers selected.

After you make your selections, you will submit your card after which the drawing will appear. The game machine will then pick the winning numbers and finally, the card gets to be evaluated.

The reason keno is so easy to play is due to the fact that the game gives you some sort of control over your results and this is through the selection of numbers.


They say Rome was not built in a day and this is also true when it comes to gambling.

No player who is a professional gamer today became an expert overnight.

You may have big dreams and you look forward to the day you will dominate games like poker or craps.

However, you will be more successful if you start from the bottom and this is through playing some of the games that I have mentioned above.

With casino games, you are given many options and if you master the art, you will be on your way to professional gambling in no time.

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