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8 Unknown Tricks Used by Casinos to Make you Spend More

Casinos are always vibrant and from the beautiful décor to the great sounds and beautiful lights, these establishments (whether online or land-based) are designed to create an environment that is both welcoming, and addictive.

It is common for a gamer to step inside a casino with lots of hope and optimism., and with a wallet filled with lots of gambling cash. The plan is probably to play a couple of rounds, maybe two or three, but hours later, you find yourself glued on to the game, and you have even lost track of the time, and probably the money too!

After exhausting your cash, you head to the nearby ATM yet again and get more money to fund your irresistible casino bets.

Although you are confident of winning, finally, it dawns on you that the house always wins.

But how do these casinos manage to continuously trick gamers into losing such large amounts of money? How do these establishments manage to make otherwise normal, hardworking people make unreasonable financial decisions, and worse, on a day-to-day basis?

The short and clear answer is that each and every aspect of a casino is designed to alter the normal thinking of human beings.

From the carpets and ceilings found on land-based casinos to the flashy and glamorous nature of online casinos, every detail in the design of these gaming houses is aimed at distorting common sense.

Casinos use lights, cool sounds, and a great physical design to create a warm and welcoming environment that is also hard to navigate.

Things like illusions of regular big wins are one of the major enticements that convince many payers that they may as well strike it rich if they keep on wagering. The food and drinks are part of the deal, and this is meant to keep us satisfied with no need for diversion.

But what are the major tricks that casinos use to keep you spending money?

Read on to find out:

Tricking you to Play with Chips and Not Real Money

When you place a bet on a blackjack table or go all in during Texas hold 'em, you're wagering real money on the outcome of the hand. Only it doesn't seem that way yet since you have converted your money into brightly coloured tiny discs that resemble true currency.

To wager large amounts of chips rather than actual money makes sense, and the effects of a loss are less painful as well. Another option offered by many casinos is the ability to deposit funds onto a card that can be used to play digital games, creating yet another means of separating gaming from the actual spending of real money.

No Clock in Sight!

Next time you visit a casino, look out for a lock, and you will realise that there is none in sight! Do you know why this is the case?

Well, casino operators want you to lose track of time, and this way, you will be completely oblivious to the number of hours spent or the time of the day or night, so that you will continue to gamble. If you're looking to manage time, only trust your phone or watch.

Free Flow of Alcohol

To be honest, when it comes to gambling, excessive drinking is the greatest thing that these establishments enjoy. Because alcohol decreases doubt and impairs judgment, it is supplied continuously, and it is delivered straight to the players who are seated at the card tables, at the slot machines, or in front of horse-racing screens.

Except for the little tips that any ethical patron is expected to give to the waiter or waitress, the liquor is often provided for free.

The Floor Design has a Maze-Like Layout

Casinos are purposefully meant to be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are no straight hallways leading to the exits, and there are no apparent passageways from one area of the gaming floor to another.

The meandering passageways and deliberately placed gaming segments are intended to draw your interest as you walk through, encouraging you to stop and play a round of roulette or put a few dollars into a gambling machine when you were initially on your heading to the washroom or even out the door.

Free Room and Board!

If you spend enough cash at a given casino, they will often offer complimentary meals and even a free stay at the adjoining hotel.

This creates a situation where you don't have to leave the casino even to meet those basic human needs of sleep and sustenance. And when you wake up the next day, chances are good you'll gamble more.

They Limit your Opinion of the Outside World

You cannot tell what time of day it is once you have passed through the doors of a casino, which are normally coated with window tint to reduce the brightness of the sunlight outside. You must consult a watch or phone to ascertain what time it is.

When it comes to their lighting systems, casinos maintain it consistently throughout the day and night, and they frequently use décor to deceive you into thinking it's a reasonable hour to be alert or awake, such as brilliantly coloured flooring and ceilings painted to resemble the sky during the day.

They Hold Big Celebrations for those Rare Wins

If you're playing slots or at the craps table, your odds of hitting the jackpot or going on a hot run are slim to none.

However, whenever someone hits that rare huge win on a slot machine, flashing lights flicker and music blares, and anytime someone rakes in the money at the tables, applause erupts from the crowd.

This false sense of possibilities causes other players to continue to lose chips, even if the fact remains that someone else has won, and it has nothing to do with boosting your winning chances.

Bathrooms are Strategically Placed

When you enter a casino, and the first thing you will notice is the gaming tables or slot machines. In contrast to the majority of establishments, casinos' restrooms are positioned deep within the facility, not ideally near the entrances.

To relieve yourself, one must walk further in the casino, past numerous other opportunities that woo you into trying your luck.


Casinos have evolved from an old man's pub to a glamorous building. In today's world, the lure of money and glamour is enough to keep people gambling all night long.

Casinos have perfected the art of making people spend more and more money. The lights and sounds of a casino environment can cause players to become less focused on risk and reward, making them play longer than they should.

Brightly lit spaces can trigger our brains into feeling like we're at a social event, increasing dopamine levels and making us feel good - which could lead us down a gambling addiction path.

However, learning how to focus, especially when using real money is one of the best bankroll management tips that every gamer should embrace.

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