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9 Sure-Fire Casino Gambling Tricks that Actually Work

If you have been in this industry for long, you will agree with the fact that in gambling, there are no guarantees!

Gambling involves a substantial amount of risk but there are measures you can incorporate as you place your wagers so as to get the best from it..

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Below, we take a look at some of those measures and how you can best use them to your advantage:

Work with Smaller Jackpots

Smaller jackpots

Huge jackpots can be very tempting. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing roulette, slots, or table games, huge jackpots promise cray returns.

However, the chances of hitting these jackpots are highly minimal. Additionally, the huge payouts come from the money that players have used on the casino.

For example, if you opt to play new slots, go for games that pay a max of 4,000 credits as opposed to a larger payout of 10, 000 max credits.

You stand better chances of winning in smaller payoffs since most of these games come with low variance.

On the other and, games like keno can be less risky but only if you choose picks of between 3 and 5.

The risk is a little less and you are most likely going to win some profit.

Place Smaller Bets

I have come across some online publications that tell gamblers to “go big or go broke”. As an experienced gamer, I can comfortably say that this is quite misleading!

Smaller Bets

On the contrary, the more you use, the more you are likely going to go broke.

The only sound advice that I can give you is to stretch your bankroll and place multiple small bets.

Chances of losing or winning are equal regardless of the amount used to place a bet.

The truth with large bets is that as much as it feels good to multiply your wins, it’s also possible you could be multiplying your losses if you are making huge wagers.

It is possible to find punters who sneer at the small wagers, but if you take the time to do your math, you will notice that you stand higher chances of staying longer in the game with smaller bet amounts as opposed to the large ones.

There is a possibility of winning as much as $1000 with a $5 bet.

At times, you may feel cheated and regret using a smaller bet amount. For example, you could win $200 from a $1 bet and instead of celebrating that, you end up blaming yourself for not considering a larger bet.

That is not quite important but the best way to go about it is to consider how many wagers your current bankroll can make.

Obviously, the more the wagers, the more the wins!

Go for the Short Odd as Opposed to Long Odds

It doesn’t sound fun winning $30 as it may win $300. However, the short odds indicate a high possibility of a positive outcome.

Actually, we can reveal that if a high number of experienced punters are in favour of one competitor over the other, it could indicate higher chances of losing if you place bets on the long odds.

Once in a while, you will get the occasional days when the unexpected happens. This should not discourage you as that’s what makes gambling fun.

If you work with conservative betting, you will be able to get regular modest wins which is unlikely if you are in aggressive betting. This is even worse if you do not embrace research.

This principle works across all games. For example, in blackjack, more experienced players will not be amused with a 15 or 16 in their hands.

They actually stand fewer chances of winning if they are dealt an 18. The best option would be to aim an 11 or less.

Work with Simpler Options

Betting can be complicated to some extent. If you are more experienced in this industry, you can place bets on the odds.

However, if you are just starting out and you have a very basic understanding of what betting options look like, you are safe sticking to the simple bets.

In gambling we say, the more complicated the rules, the more likely you are going to lose! The truth with such rules is that they have been planted there to give the casino the house advantage.

Read and Understand the Fine Print

Most gamers are always in a hurry to make some quick profits from betting. Often times, many will not really bother to go through the terms and conditions on the casino which could also be the reason for them missing out on many casino offers.

Take for example a player who loves slots and they make a quick spin on the highest paying combination yet they are way too far from hitting the jackpot.

The player may be left wondering what went wrong but the truth is, they did not know that there are terms attached to the maximum bet that they may not be aware of.

This is very common in slots that offer progressive jackpot games.

If you come across a slot game that consists of a paytable screen, it is important to run a quick scan before attempting it.

Understanding the house rule places you in a better position as far as betting is concerned.

Avoid Using a Betting System

Gambling is very unpredictable and if you come across anyone who swears by their sure-fire betting software, run.

Betting Soft wares are developed by fellow human beings and they are not 100% reliable.

In gambling, there is no sure outcome hence, a betting system cannot be at a position to alter the probabilities.

The truth about these betting systems is that they are structured to recoup any betting losses, and this they do by increasing bets.

This approach comes with equal chances of losing or winning regardless of the amount of cash you had used to place the bet.

Accept the fact that you cannot win all the time and embrace any losses that may occur. Chasing some lost bets is the number one recipe for a disaster in gambling.

Work with Time and Money Management Systems

A game’s odds and probabilities cannot be altered with the use of a betting system, however, there are useful systems that you can consider and these come in handy when managing your budget/bankroll as well as gambling habits.

Casino games are entertaining by their very nature. Most players just walk into a casino or log in to their favourite online casino and head straight to the gaming area, without paying much attention to the time or money they are going to spend there.

Timing the hours that you spend on a casino game is a good reason and here is why.

You see all the glitz and glamour that comes with the casino design? that is what makes many players get hooked and continue gambling. If you have a time management system, it will assist you in learning how to get “out of the comfort zone”.

This will assist you in taking a break, and you can now be able to reason straight and make more rational choices.

Second, sitting for hours on end is not a very healthy thing to your heart. When you take a break from your gambling seat and take a few steps around, it is a great improvement to your health.

Last but not least, you may be feeling a little frustrated with the progress you are making on your current game. When using a time management system, you will be able to stop and access the progress you are making. If it’s not heading in the right direction, it’s time to change games.

Try the Demo Games before Playing for Real Money

This is especially important if you are a newbie

The good thing with most online games is that you can always find a free version (demo) HERE, that allows you to practice as much as you want.

Most online casinos have relaxed their rules and you will find many offering a section they call “try before you buy”.

In that section, you get to try games such as blackjack, slots and even roulette.

Playing the demo helps you learn the rules of the game with no risks involved.

For games like blackjack, you can learn how it works by playing with the help of a tutorial.  

Take some time to study how the game’s probabilities work and by the time you are playing for real money, you will be more knowledgeable than you’d be if you just plunged in.

If you Love Slots, Go for Cheap but Entertaining Games

Slots remain the most favoured casino games of all time.

Due to modern technology, a lot of game developers are able to create very entertaining slot games that offer a lot of fun, and not the usual bells and whistles.

However, the beautiful graphics and design that accompany most of these slots come at a cost to the developer and is most likely going to be passed on to the consumer(player).

This is why you need to use the demo to ascertain how much you can win with such a game.

If you are in the game for pure profits, then you will need to monitor how much that game is going to pay you.

Weigh your options heavily as each spin in a slot game comes at a cost.

For example, if a slot game offers $0.25 as the minimum bet, you are far much better with it than taking one with a minimum bet of $10.


Gambling is a risky undertaking and to succeed with it, you must possess some rare virtues.

In this industry, you will find both smart and dumb ways common among gamblers.

The bottom line is in the choice of bets if you are in it for money.

Make informed choices and you will enjoy the industry.

Shawna Dudley

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