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All You Need to Know about Infinity Reels

Invented by ReelPlay software provider, Infinity Reels are an innovative slots mechanic. You may recognize the name of the provider from some of the big Megaways releases, including Big Bucks Bandits, Atlantis, and many others. However, what exactly are Infinity Reels and how do they work, let’s find out.

What are Infinity Reels Slots?

Infinity Reels is a new type of slot machine mechanic invented by ReelPlay. They are one of the most innovative software providers in this niche and their new engine has

Infinity Reels

 been released in 2020 with the popular title El Dorado Infinity Reels. This is a fantastic new adventure and experience for all the people who love slots, and now there are so many new ways to enjoy different slots mechanics. The most popular certainly are Megaway Slots, Megaclusters, and Megaquads Slots.

So far, there are only a few Infinity Reels titles, and the industry experts believe that there will be many more in the near future who will follow this trend. The most popular titles of this new software are El Dorado Infinity Reels, Giza Infinity Reels, and Odin Infinity Reels Megaways.

How do Infinity Reels work?

The “infinity” features of these games come from the mathematical possibility of continuous adding of new reels on the right side of the game. There seems not to be an actual limit to the number of reels 

Reels work

any such game is able to add. As far as cascading reels are concerned, there is also no limit to the number of consecutive winning reactions. The bigger the grid the higher the cash prize from the combination of symbols, which seems to be huge, which is an added benefit of these games. And when the spin is over and there are no winning symbols left on the rightmost reel, the layout will restart and go back to its original side.

Infinity Reels slots are volatile in reality and the grid is expected to expand, while the gameplay is often based on the smaller 3x3 and 3x4 grid. This might not be what players imagine when they play these games, but the potential of winning big is still there. And what is practical and great about this new mechanic is that the game will never reach more than 8 or 10 reels per spin.

Special Features of Infinity Reels

Every online casino game has its iconic features. When it comes to Infinity Reels, they have many great features that make them special and stand out from the crowd. One of such features includes high-quality imagery and a great visual experience. However, that’s not all, since they have other great features:

  • Infinite extra reels: as mentioned before they start from a 3x3 or 3x4 grid, but there is an infinite potential for extra reels to be added to the game area, and you can hit big wins.
  • Symbol multiplier: each time when a player hits a winning combo of 5 symbols in a row, an extra reel is added. Plus, the symbol multiplier increases its value by 1 and the prize gets higher.
  • X888 Jackpot: if 12 consecutive winning combos are triggers, then the jackpot unlocks.
  • Free spins feature: if you want to unlock this bonus round of free spins, you need to hit 4 scatter symbols.
  • Buy-a-bonus feature: this feature was introduced by Megaways Slots and you can simply buy your access to the bonus round.

Even though this slot mechanic is fairly new, there are already several games to choose from. The list is not long, but everyone expects the list to expand soon. So, until then, let’s look at the three most popular Infinity Reels games.

El Dorado Infinity Reels

This is the first game released with the new mechanics. El Dorado offers a great look and feel and the very quest for the lost treasure is loved by everyone. The visual and sound effects, as well as the animation, are of top quality, and this puts this game in the high-quality category.

The game starts with a 3x4 grid, and winning combos are created with 5 or more adjacent symbols. When that happens, a new reel is added on the right side, which increases the chances for a big win.

Odin Infinity Reels Megaways

On paper, this game is what every slot fan wants and has hoped for, and this game is a huge success. However, players will need a bit of luck and patience to achieve big wins in this game, but there is a lot to be gained. The gains of this game include triggering special features, such as Free Spins, Symbol Multiplier, and the Jackpot Prize of x888 the stake!

Giza Infinity Reels

This great game features the Ancient Egypt theme and it is all about the mysterious Pyramid of Giza. The game also starts with a 3x4 grid and adds extra reels every time a winning combo is hit. The special feature of this game is Buy-a-Bonus as well as the x888 Jackpot Prize.

Pros and Cons of Infinity Reels

Infinity Reels have brought many changes to the online gambling industry, but just like any new product, they do have their good and bad sides.


New concept - this new concept that came with Infinity Reels is just getting started and the innovation keeps customers satisfied. This format is attracting lots of publicity everywhere and it has proven to be a really popular game at all online casinos. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if developers start experimenting with this new engine.

Win multipliers - this is a great pro for Infinity Reels, because not only can you extend the reels but you can build on a win multiplier. With each additional reel, your multiplier increases 1x, and people seem to love that. Also, this concept of slot games helps people win big in more than one way, including payouts, more reels, and multiplied prizes.


Few reels to start - Infinity Reels come with a promise of the ability to extend the grid for eternity and keep winning big. However, this is rarer than it is a norm. It can be frustrating when you lose on a 3x3 or 3x4 grid before even adding the extra reels.

It can be confusing - It is often hard to understand a game without playing it, and the same goes for Infinity Reels. When you start, the game may seem confusing and look like a mess of cluster pays, extending reels, and multipliers, and you would need to play the game a lot in order to fully understand it.

How to Play Infinity Reel Slots?

After you have read all about Infinity Reels, you are probably wondering how to play them and where to get them. Luckily, we have that answer, too.

Choose a Casino

The first step, of course, is to find the perfect online casino that offers Infinity Reels games. After you’ve done your research you simply need to choose a casino that has one of the few Infinity Reels Slots and take it from there.

Register and Make the Deposit

Once you’ve chosen a casino, it’s time to sign up. Maybe the casino you are already loyal to has these games, so you can skip this step. In case you were looking for a new site, simply click on register and follow the sign-up process. Enter your personal data needed and decide if you’d like to play with real money or try free games first. If you chose the first option, simply choose the amount of money and make the deposit in order to be able to play.

Start Playing

Once the deposit is in, you can search the Infinity Reels on the chosen website and start playing these new games. Also, see if the casino offers a free demo of the game so you can learn how to play and get the hang of it before you start playing for real money.

Will These Games Revolutionize Gaming?

The future of Infinity Reels is yet to be seen because they are pretty new on the market. However, even though they exist only for a few months they have become a very popular game in the industry. People already appreciate and love the new format and it has become widespread fast. Many top-quality online casinos have already picked up these games and added them to their menu. People are already hooked to the format of the expanding grid, which creates more potential for winning big and creates new opportunities. Plus, this new concept of the grid gives players more action than the standard 20 or 30 pay line slots. So, it is safe to say that the future of Infinity Reels looks great and they may even bring new innovations to the table soon.

As you can see the industry of online gambling is always expanding and innovating. Infinity Reels are the latest innovation and they are expected to grow in number and quality in the near future.

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