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Are Loyalty Rewards in the Online Casino Industry on the Rise?

Following the rise of digitalization, numerous online casino platforms have altered their approaches to ensuring consumer retention. While incentivization has always been crucial to the iGaming sector, the manner in which offers are now being presented to consumers is changing. Essentially, this is down to the rising popularity of loyalty rewards programs.  

Loyalty Programs Have the Potential to Take the Online Casino Industry to New Heights 

Loyalty Programs

At the time of writing, it is, without a doubt, that loyalty reward schemes are on the rise across numerous online casino platforms. While there is no shortage of new offers and sign-up bonuses within the iGaming sector, they don’t all guarantee platform security in relation to sustaining a consumer base that consistently sees consumers return. Because of this, loyalty schemes have the capability to take the iGaming market to new levels from both a consumer and operator standpoint.

Many establishments within the fashion retail industry have long utilized loyalty programs as a means of not only retaining their customer base, but also to help take them forward as a business through the collection of data and trends. This way, retailers can effectively modify the products and services that they are offering their customers to ensure that their needs are being met. Going forward, this could also be plausible at online casinos following the rising popularity of loyalty programs, such as tiered VIP systems.  

New Approaches to Consumer Retention 

Typically, the online casino industry has long opted to incentivize user participation throughout many online platforms. Fundamentally, this approach was adopted through the implementation of welcome bonuses and other offers that were available only to new customers. However, although this method has proved successful, it isn’t the most beneficial strategy when seeking to develop long-term relations with consumers. This is primarily due to the fact that, upon the expiration of sign-up bonuses, users can easily change to a different platform that is incentivizing their switch.

As a result, and to combat this issue, most of the top-rated online casinos now automatically enroll users into their loyalty programs. Generally, this type of approach means that the more you play at operators such as Sloty Casino, for example, who were only founded in 2017, the more extravagant the rewards become through their VIP program.

In addition to the standard sign-up bonuses and free spins, the VIP aspect of Sloty casino also provides users with exclusive promotions, including event invitations, holidays, and personalized birthday presents. This user-specific experience that is integrated into online platforms, such as Sloty Casino, is an indication that loyalty rewards are on the rise within the digital casino industry, with operators focusing their attentions on ensuring sustained consumer relations.

Furthermore, at Karamba Casino, who is a big player in the industry, having been founded back in 2005, continued playing at their site generates rewards points that can then be converted into bonus cash through their loyalty program. At present, Karamba operates with a seven-tier system, with the offered rewards dependent upon the user’s position on the VIP ladder. For example, those in the most prestigious tier receive numerous birthday bonuses, free play Sundays, monthly cashback offers, and much more. 

Personal Offerings are Central to the Rise of Loyalty Schemes 

As demonstrated through both Karamba Casino and Sloty Casino, numerous aspects of their loyalty schemes are tailor-made to offer a personalized experience to many of their regular players. While the offering of birthday gifts may, on the face of it, appear unnecessary, it’s a smart marketing tool in building a stable connection with existing consumers. In the long run, this user-focused approach that is now being adopted by online casinos will be pivotal to the future integration of loyalty programs throughout the broader iGaming industry.

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