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Best Games to Beat Bonus Wagering

As a passionate gambler, I understand the troubles we as players come across when trying to reach that sweet bonus cash. That’s why I decided to focus the entire article on how to beat bonus wagering and games that can help you the most. I’ll focus on the most popular casinos and go through each one, to give you the most comprehensive tips on how you can beat the casino's bonus wagering requirements.

What game genres should you play?

online casinos

Similar to land-based casinos, online casinos have a wide range of games from which you can choose. Besides the main attraction, slot games, you can also find games like blackjack, roulette, craps, poker and many more. All of these games have different requirements, but what matters the most when trying to meet the requirements is how much do these games contribute to them.

Games like baccarat and poker have a low house edge, and that’s why casinos have put wagering limitations on them, usually allowing them to go up to only 50%, which makes wagering through them next to impossible. If you want to wager your deposit bonus successfully, you should play slot games, as they offer the best chances of beating the bonus wager requirements. I’ve done a lot of research to bring you the best online casinos and slot games out there, so you can have the upper hand and win that bonus money more efficiently.

Netent Slots for Wagering

NetEnt is a Swedish software provider founded more than two decades ago. It is arguably the most reputable provider currently on the market. NetEnt games are especially popular in Europe and have also made its way into some land-based casinos in the US. What I find most interesting about them and what made me want to recommend them to you is their very high RTP (Return to Player). Netent offers probably the best RTP than any other casino. I’ve selected a few of their games that I think you should check out when trying to beat the wagering requirements:

  • Kings of Chicago – It has an RTP of 97.80%. What caught my eye during playing this game are the astonishingly high bonus multipliers. Kings of Chicago rewards you with bonus multipliers that can reach 500x or even 1000x of your wagered sum. With this being the case, this game can really help you meet the requirements.
  • Simsalabim – Currently standing at an RTP of 97.50%. This is one of those jackpots that have high-volatility, which means that you have to be careful when playing it. As is the case with the previously mentioned slot game, to say that this game has great multipliers would be an understatement. Simsalabim has a wild symbol that pays out a multiplier of 7,500x. When you combine that with the games free spins multiplier, you are looking at a possible multiplier of up to 22,500x. Though this game is as highly volatile as they get, I still very much recommend it, since it also has low and medium level payouts for those who don't want to push the limits of their budget and want to meet the wagering requirements.

Quickspin Slots for Wagering

Another company based in Sweden, Quickspin specialised in video slot game development, more specifically 5 reeled slot games. What I like about Quickspin is that their games aren't simplistic and straightforward. They are often really broad and focus the gameplay on adventure themes, narration and big bonuses. When you play a Quickspin slot game, you can really tell that the developers have put in a lot of effort to make sure the game is well done. All Quickspin games are excellently optimised and can be played on multiple platforms. I’ve picked out a couple of Quickspin’s games that I would recommend to you:

Slots for Wagering
  • Big Bad Wolf – Following the story of the three little pigs, the Big Bad Wolf takes you to the fantasy world in this 5 reel, 25 payline It has an RTP of 97.34% and is a relatively low volatility video game, which makes it good and safe for wagering. What made me choose this game as a good example for wagering, is that it offers some nice free spins bonuses as well as re-spins and multipliers.
  • Sinbad – Another Quickspin game that is low risk and suitable for everyone. What I like about this game is that though it pays out relatively small sums, it pays often. This makes the game really exciting and fun to play, as you can't wait to hit the next win. There are 40 paylines scattered on the screen and a lot of possibilities to connect winning combos.

Barcrest Slots for Wagering

Though it may not have the reputation as the previous two developers, it has a rich history going back to 1968. Barcrest has been developing land-based and online casino slot games for almost half a century. During this period it has been one of the most innovative developers, always pushing the limits and trying out new mechanics and features in their instalments. When you take a look at their online slot games, what makes them distinct from other casino games is the number of unique features, especially the high rollers options. Barcrest players can choose to spin a smaller number of spins at a higher cost or vice versa, which gives them the advantage of getting enhanced pay-outs and jackpots. There are two Barcrest games I would recommend:

  • Ooh Aah Dracula – The main advantage of this game is the flexibility of its betting range. The game has some impressive features like free spins bonuses and multipliers, but what stands out is the flexible RTP. I haven't found this in many online slots, and it can certainly be a nice thing to check out if you're Ooh Aah Dracula offers two RTP’s. The RTP of 96% for regular players, and an RTP of 99% for those who decide to play the game in High Roller mode. The High Roller mode in itself has some interesting features like the Graveyard bonus feature and Pick Me Game.
  • Monopoly Big Event – This is one of my favourite Barcrest games of all time. It's enjoyable and offers some rewarding bonuses. Combine that with an RTP of 99%. It’s a great game to enjoy while you try to meet the wagering requirement.

Beating Wagering in other Games

Like I’ve said, slot games are by far the most efficient in meeting wagering requirements, but if you don’t like playing them and want to try out different games, I’ll showcase how wagering works with various types of games. Again, I think other forms of games aren't suitable for clearing the requirements as the risks are not worth it most of the time. For example, I’ll use a casino that offers a €100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement tied to it. Generally, roulette counts 50% of your wager, while baccarat and blackjack count only 10%. This means if you would wager €100 of a game of roulette or baccarat, you would be effectively wagering a sum of only €50 and €10 respectively. This can get you in big problems when trying to meet your bonus requirement, as you will have to put in much more effort and risk more.

Wagering Requirements Summary

Wagering requirements are a necessity in today's online gambling, as they protect casinos from underhanded players who want to take advantage of the bonuses without having to play at the casino. They are simply a gameplay mechanic which we as gamblers must master to profit from the game. That’s why I would recommend you to do a lot of research before deciding to put your deposit money into a casino. I’ve shared with you the most beneficial casinos that can help you beat bonus wagering requirements more easily, but there are also a lot more things you should be aware of when playing. Understanding the rules of the game and the conditions casinos set in front of you will make it much easier to win and claim those bonuses. Check out my other articles and learn more tips and tricks on how to beat the casino at their own game.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

I hope this article was helpful and that you’ll try out some of these online instalments, as they’re worth your time (I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren't). No matter what game you decide to play, remember why you decided to sign up for an online casino in the first place. Remember that online gambling experience is meant to be fun enjoyable. Don’t focus too much on rewards and achievements, enjoy the exciting games online casinos have to offer. With a bit of practice and learning, you will have no trouble getting those generous casino bonuses and prizes.

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