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Best Online Slot Machines To Play In 2019If you love the thrill of a Vegas slots machines but would prefer a way to have the fun and the thrill without having to put on pants, then it is once again time to thank the internet. Online slot machines have now made it possible to enjoy the risk and the reward of this iconic form of gambling all from the comfort of your own home. Like all good things, there are a lot of options out there. Since not all online slots are created equal, we have compiled here some of our favourite options for you to consider.

Here are some of the best online slot machines to play in 2019:

Cleopatra Slot Game

Even the thought that comes into your mind when you hear the names of the site makes you want to dive into the fun. Kerching.com has become one of the most beloved sources for online gambling. However, Cleopatra Slots are one of their most popular slot games in 2019. As the name suggests, the game’s theme is based on the story of the famous historic Egyptian ruler or co-regent, Cleopatra VII Philopator.

Apart from its stunning theme and amazing graphics, what makes this slot game even more interesting are the unique features it providing. These include its 5-spin the reels alongside 20 paylines, not to mention the free spins bonus that could see your winnings triple. Players are also eligible for a sign-up bonus worth £500 on the first 3 deposits at Kerching, along with up to 100 bonus spins the Cleopatra slot game. You can make bets from as little as 1 pound to 5 pounds per lineal. The site is also easy to use and as far as reviews from many of its users go, it is quite safe when it comes to your money.


Fortunium is another huge crowd pleaser that many people like to have fun and kill boredom with. In addition to having the features of a classic slot machine, Fortunium offers incredible features, rewards, and bonuses. A good example is the win booster feature (which increases your chances of winning), free spins, and the wild symbols feature that makes you want to come back and play each time you’re near a computer. The video slot is also mobile-optimized with a vertical interface that allows you to enjoy the fun even from your smartphone. Unlike other online slot games, fortune features 5 reels and 40 paylines in total. In addition to being created using some of the most recent gambling techs, this game also allows you to chat and interact with other players to make it more fun. It acts as another social media outlet for a lot of people. Whether you want to bet big or small, you can find something to work for your needs.

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Jumanji is a name that is not so new to most of us. We’re not referring to the big-time movie hit by Dwayne the Rock Johnson here. We’re talking about an extremely fun online video slot machine game that is the creation of two tech giants NetEnt and Sony. Since its release in 2018, Jumanji has been the talk of the day for many slot machine gamblers around the world. The game comes with 5 reels and up to 36 paylines, providing multiple options and combinations through which players can earn winnings. You can plunge into the endless fun of this game with just 0.01 bucks. Some of the unique features of this movie-based slot game include free spins as well as the Wild Symbol, among others.

Laser Fruit

Laser Fruit is another fascinating game that most lovers of online slot games, unfortunately, don’t know about. Created by Red Tiger Gaming, this game is really catching up speed and continues to win the hearts of many. This is mainly due to its captivating graphics, its classic theme, as well as some of its amazing features and numerous paylines.

It comes with the standard 5 reels, with 3-6-10 payline rows. It also has the Wild Symbol and Free Spins bonus. What’s even more interesting is that you can win up to 10K times your stake, which is arguably more than any classic bet slot on the market can offer.

If slot machines are something of a passion for you, then there is no reason to keep yourself from enjoying that thrill. There are dozens, probably hundreds of slot games out there; but these are some of the games you totally need to check out if you’re in it for the fun and the money. You probably won’t consider leaving your home to hit the casinos any time soon.