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Counted amongst the most well-known and largest providers of online casino games in the world, Playtech started building its games portfolio in 1999 and has been a major player in their industry ever since. Over the years, it has built a massive portfolio of numerous online casino offerings, including everything from online poker to online blackjack to online roulette. What they are undoubtedly best known for are the 200+ online slot titles provided by the company over the years are highly-revered in the online slots marketplace, are massively popular with fans and have some of the best reviews on the marketplace. Here are only a select few of the varied and distinct online slot games ever released by this massively popular company whose very name has become a mark of quality all on its own. Playtech.

Fields of Fortune

Field of Fortune is now and has always been one of the most popular, revered and plain impressive titles to come from the Playtech stable. It hasn’t aged a day and is as revolutionary now as it was back in the day. And for very, very good reason. It’s a online slotsbrilliant piece of web design and a sterling example of all that you could possibly ever want at all from an online slot game, It’s really that good and may well still e the crown jewel in Playtech’s very diamond-studded crown.

Why is it so very good? Well, there are a number of very compelling reasons that hint towards why this may be the case and here are only a few of them. With a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.22%, Fields of Fortune is counted amongst the most rewarding online slots in the Playtech’s portfolio. More, it’s one of the most rewarding, value for money slots to be found anywhere on the internet.

It is a 5 reels and 25 pay lines slot game, involving bets ranging from 25p to £ 250 per spin. What this means, basically, is that you have five separate lines on which to win, be it through diagonal, vertical or horizontal matches and is incredibly cheap to play. It’s an online slot game with a gardening theme, featuring expanding wilds in the base game, as well as a free game feature wherein you’re required to choose between parsnip and carrots spins. Set against a meadow and trees, the symbols on the reels are represented by vegetables such as parsnips, carrots and green beans, apart from the regular playing card symbols (10, J, Q, K and A).

It's a particularly unique and seldom replicated theme that may at first seem to be a rather odd choice of theme but when you think about traditional slots games, it really isn’t at all that. Food items like cherries were used on the earliest slots as they are easy to represent with simple symbols and minimalistic artwork. It also offers plenty of room for simple but engaging sub-games that have become so important in any sort of online slot in this day and age. Fields of Fortune slots is available at Casino.com, a fun and friendly online casino platform bursting with all kinds of casino games, giant jackpots and attractive offers.

Desert Treasure

Going from the garden to crazy adventures out in the desert, we have Desert Treasure, another major title in Playtech’s packed stable. It too is counted amongst the most rewarding online slots offered byDesert Treasure game by Playtech Playtech and is actually even higher than Fields of Fortune's sky-high payment rates., Desert Treasure’s RTP is an impressive 97.1%, which is the sort of odds that you almost never see in games of this type.

Released as long ago as 15 years ago, way back in the now-ancient year of 2005, Desert Treasure is such an enduringly top-shelf online slot game that it remains extremely popular even today, despite the appearance of fancier games that have more possess but little of Desert Treasure’s style and impeccable gameplay. This slot game also features competitive 5 reels gameplay that again allows the player to win through all sorts of different matches and sequences. It also offers a handful of special features inspired from all things Desert that give the game an increase in variety to elevate beyond just watching reels spinning for hours on end. You’ll get to see the Desert Lady scatter symbol, Golden Snakes wild symbol and the bonus symbol represented by a Map + Compass which triggers the bonus round, which makes the game into something like a quest rather than just a super simple point and click game. The graphics are pretty simple, it’s true, but they’re classy and beautifully drawn by some of the best artists in the industry. The high-resolution sound effects are as classic as they ever were. This is must-play gaming for adventure fans everywhere.

The Matrix

With the fourth instalment just announced with the return of one of the Wachowski sisters and stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss, now is as good a time as any to revisit the legendary sci-fi Hollywood film, The Matrix, with the slot machine game that was modelled on it. The movie is as much a classic now as it was twenty years ago and this online slot game from Playtech is counted amongst the best-branded slot games in the online world to match it.

The Matrix online slot games not only does an excellent job of recreating the film on a game built around spinning wheels by presenting us with spectacular recreation of the film’s characters, including Neo, Trinity, Agent Smith and Morpheus, its use of symbols, graphics, sound effects and free games that are lifted from or styled after some of the most unforgettable sequences in the 1999 classic makes it feels like you’re the one who is actually in the Matrix with the fate of the world hanging on your own head.

Give the game a spin and you will forget that it was created by computer programmers of the highest standard but that it was personally created by the Wachowskis their very selves! That’s how true the Matrix online slots game is to its source. In terms of gameplay, there are 2 distinct wild symbols in the game and you are offered a whopping 50 different pay lines to win as much as possible. The 95.14% RTP of this game makes it one of the most rewarding online slots around and even if it’s not quite as impressive as the above two games in terms of payout, it’s still a huge RTP and it’s attached to one of the best designed and exciting games to ever come from Playtech or any other online casino company.


Offering an RTP of 96.94%, this is yet another one of Playtech’s popular online slot games that is about as rewarding as these sorts of games can get. Rather than being based on a single movie, though, it is instead inspired on Hollywood movies and filmmaking in general. This one if for serious film buffs of all stripes and makes. As you make your way through the game you will notice some of the best known and just plain best Hollywood directors of all time, as well as all sorts of film-related artefacts sprinkled throughout the game to make it feel like a cinephile’s greatest fantasy.

There are an amazing two bonus rounds in this particular game, and each of them is triggered as soon as you manage to pick up the lucrative headphones symbol or when you are lucky enough to come across the rare three-director symbols on the screen at any time while you play the game. Here’s the biggie, though. Not only is this a killer movie-based slots game with excellent sounds and graphics, but it also stands out by offering progressive jackpots that really boost your possible winnings. The way this works is that every single spin you pull contributes a small sum to the progressive jackpot associated with the game, which is up for grabs as well, so the more you play the higher the possible rewards for you to collect will be.

These amazing games are only three of the hundreds offered by Playtech who remain the company to beat in the wide world of online casino games.