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How Betway Trying to Expand its Brand in the US Market

Betway is making strides to expand its brand in the US market and has a significant European presence which it seems intent on building to even greater heights. A quick glance at any Betway Sportsbook Review will show you just how respected they are in the gambling industry. The company was first formed in Europe and has just added Poland to the list of countries that it is licensed to operate in.

Slow US Market

US gambling MarketThe reason that the market in the USA is so far behind is down to the fact that many states have made gambling illegal for a long time. However, when sports betting legislation received an overhaul in 2018, devolving responsibility for legalisation to the state level, the market for sports books and casino websites exploded. As more states created regulations and issued licences to companies such as Betway, others were able to see the potential financial benefits of allowing gambling in their jurisdiction.

Iowa Comes Online

Towards the end of 2021, Betway was able to gain regulation in Iowa and add them to the list of states it now services which also includes New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana. Such is the growth; the company also announced plans to float on the New York Stock Exchange in a partnership with Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp, which is a special-purpose, publicly traded acquisition company.  Betway, owned by Super Group, will undoubtedly be looking to replicate the success it has enjoyed in Europe as it pushes into the US. COO and President of Super Group, Richard Hasson, said: “We are delighted to further Betway’s US presence with the addition of another live market there. In our core geographies, we continue to thrive with market-leading positions, scale, and financial flexibility, operating a proven, cash generative business.”

Super Group Monopoly

When a company reaches such market penetration, it is almost inevitable that it will continue to flourish. The group not only owns Betway but also Spin and has 24 licences active now, meaning it ranks highly in many of the international markets. Poland is another solid addition to its already impressive portfolio. Hasson also commented on this success, saying the company aimed to enhance its formidable competitive position in Europe with the new license in Poland, speaking of his vision for the company's future, saying, “This progress illustrates our focus and execution as we bring Betway, the premier and unified global online sports betting brand, to customers across markets and around the world. Heading into 2022, we expect the pipeline of new market expansion to be active and to continue both internationally and in the US, where the acquisition of DGC provides us access to a group of 11 states.”

Responsible Gambling

Of course, being one of the most prominent players in the industry means that Betway also has to take responsibility for the punters using its sites. As more players enjoy the casino games or bet on sports, there will be more gambling problems that arise. Betway has a robust support system for players, including self-limiting tools that are available free of charge in the user account. These allow players to restrict the amount of time or money they spend on the site, ensuring they cannot get into trouble. The site also offers advice and signposts punters to external organisations that can support anyone who feels that gambling has become a problem in their lives. With such responsible policies and so many licences under their belt, it is clear that Betway will continue to push into more states as they legalise gambling and replicate their UK success on a worldwide scale.

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