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Blackjack Combinations That Will Help You Win

If somebody asks why you play blackjack, what would you say? Here’s a tip; blackjack is a great go-to choice among other card casino games because it is easy with a straightforward set of rules. It also has considerable odds for the players to win while also having fun simply because blackjack offers accessibility and profit to both experienced and recreational punters.

If you have been playing blackjack for a while now, you are already well versed with the basic rules of hit, stand, split, double-down, and surrender. Blackjack is also played among two to seven players at a table. Take note that you are not playing against these players, but instead, you make deals against the dealer. A bit of this refresher is not bad, too.

These basic rules are tweaked among different variations of blackjack. These variants may offer a bit of a difference in the game’s overall strategy. However, let’s focus on the most common combinations you can employ when playing blackjack.

Employing the Basic Strategy

Knowing the basic strategy is good, but knowing when and how to use it during playing blackjack is even better. When you are at the table or online platform, you would not just randomly throw a hit or a stand when you play. After your first cards are dealt, you must learn what kind of hand you have and then proceed with the next best move you think you can use.

Consider first whether you should surrender with your first cards. It is important because surrendering will not always be allowable in every casino. Find this out since there are times that surrender is not offered once you’ve already hit.

If you think you should not surrender, consider if you need to split. Splitting is most likely your second step once you have your first cards. Remember that you cannot always split on your first cards, and there are only specific pairs you can split. For instance, you always split on 8s and aces, while you should never split 4s, 5s, or 10s.

The next move to consider if you think you shouldn’t split is whether or not you should double down. If you get a chance to double down, it would be best if you only doubled with full risk because carelessly doing so might lose you more money.

Your last considerations are most likely between a hit or a stand. Often you hit when you have a soft hand, which is when you can hit without risking going bust. Otherwise, you should stand on a hard hand. A stand or a hit greatly depends on the dealer’s upcard, so you should keep an eye out.

Live Blackjack Table at FanDuel Casino and other gaming sites don’t require you to memorize the entire scheme of the basic strategy since these combinations are found in charts. If you get enough practice and experience in blackjack, you will familiarize it in no time.

Try these Strategies, too.

Besides mastering the basic movements, there are also other strategies to help you win in blackjack.

Card counting

Card counting is assigning or tagging values on the cards in a deck. It helps you track the ratio of high-value cards to low-value cards, the hi-lo system. For every high-value card pulled from the deck, you subtract one point (-1), and on every low-value card pulled, you add one point (+1). The high cards are 10s, face cards (K, Q, J), and aces. The low cards are 2s through 6s, while 7s, 8s, and 9s are neutral or (0).

Card counting also helps you determine to adjust your bets according to the value counted. If the value is positive, it means there are more high-value cards left on the deck. The odds are in favor of you, which is a good chance to raise your bet. In comparison, a more negative value means that there are more low-value cards left. You better lower your bet this time.

Some might think that card counting is cheating or maybe even prohibited, but pay no worry because it is not! Card counting is just a strategy you can employ to lower the house edge and increase your odds. However, it takes time to master this technique fully. In which case, you need to practice a lot before actually putting it into action.

The Conservative Approach and Martingale Approach

These approaches are more like how and when you will bet appropriately. You will be able to control and manage your bankroll through this approach.

The Conservative approach is more fitting for newbies and punters who don’t like high-stakes blackjack. This approach is a good way to start betting because you minimize and control your starting bet throughout the game. In this approach, you raise your bet with every win you get. It only stops when you lose, and you go back to square one. This way, you prevent overspending, and you can tell when to stop playing.

The other one is the Martingale Approach, which is the complete opposite of the former approach. It is an aggressive approach more fitting for punters who go for high-stakes gambling. It is typically not recommended for newbies.

This approach is when you double the amount of bet whenever you lose. Yes, every time you lose! It is a risky move; however, the rationale for this is that you only need one win to compensate for the money you lose. Use this approach discerningly.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack is a card game enjoyable in its form. With distinct and simple rules, any punters can follow through with less hassle. The basic strategies in blackjack are more than enough to let you through the game, but employing these techniques and approaches will significantly maximize your winnings.

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