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Casino Secrets To Winning

Best Way to Make Money at a Casino: Secrets to Winning

Gambling always deals with challenges. There's a risk of losing any moment. At the same time, the chance of winning is too tempting to resist. The casino also takes the same risk of losing. But, anyway, the player is always much more affected by the possibility of failure, as any casino failure is simply the statistics.

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At the same time, it is crucial to choose a legal and reliable gambling sites, which is sure to provide good gambling. Besides, some online casinos even provide deposits insurance. For instance, Columbus Casino offers one of a kind 25% insurance on future deposits for VIP players. In order to get it, they have to contact Columbus' customer support, ensure their deposit and get the payout in case they lose. The insurance payout and a 10% VIP payback are added up. Moreover, Casino Columbus regularly provides double interest on points gathered while playing.

However, some establishments let the users change the terms of the game. There are two things to be aware of before improving your winning chances. First, the outcome of a game can be altered. Second, it's unbelievably difficult to do the math, and you will almost certainly confuse yourself.  These two mistakes cause most of the loses of the players.

So what do we mean by saying that the outcome of a game can be altered?

Lots of games make it possible for the players to change the bets, the odds, and the % winning chances. We should say that the outcome of a game is usually changed for the worst. For example:

You're playing a slot win a prize on a spin. A “Gamble” button appears. You are offered to play a secondary game, perhaps, using the award you have just won. This way you are tempted to hit a more significant win, risking the prize you have just won.

In theory, the majority of slots have a return to the player above 90%. This indicator hypothetically demonstrates how much money retains the user playing continuously for several years. It doesn't mean that this is the exact amount of cash you will surely win or retain.

Now let us look at the example of blackjack. You may be offered by dealer an insurance. But, as a rule, gambling experts do not advice to take it. That is because if you do, it means that you're making a bet that you will lose. The probability that you are right and the dealer has a blackjack always lower. However, lots of users seem to be tempted by the offer to «insure» themselves.

It is natural that the casino will sometimes try to persuade you to change your decision because your win is far from their interests. So our advice to you is to keep to your original game.

There are a few common mistakes done by the gamblers.

One of them is confusing the probability of winning with the theoretical return to the player. The first one is limited to the next round. The second is just a calculation of what all the players of a particular game will get all together over the life of this game. This way, the more rounds are played in this specific game, the closer the results of this game will get to the theoretical return to the player.

Another mistake is supposing that the chances that the house will win the next round are 2.5%. In reality, these chances range from 0% to 100%. The house edge never should be taken as a guarantee when we're speaking about a particular round played in any game, be it keno, slots, blackjack or baccarat. Professionals love calculating probabilities. However, the possibilities cannot predict the next round’s outcome.

Did you know that the roulette wheel has typically a 1 in 37 or 1 in 38 chance of landing on a given number?  And the possibility that the ball will land on number “5” 100 times in a row is still 1 in 37 or 1 in 38. It is always the same. This ensures truly random spins, although be they can't be completely random due to the laws of physics.

What is essential, is that the expected probability does not mean there will not be the other outcome.

What we are actually trying to say is that you should not try to do the math like an expert, just because a random chance will sooner or later prove the experts wrong.

A Few Winning Secrets or What One Can Do to Boost the Winning Chances

  • No second-guessing.
Winning Chances

Legal casino games always provide a fair chance of winning. So make sure to choose reliable online casinos and played fairly. And you will get the prizes that correspond to the expected probabilities of given outcomes. Of course, sometimes the houses may hold back small extras. After all, they do have to make some money. But that's the whole thing about gambling:

The random chance will always happen to be. Actually, that's where the excitement of gambling is. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Do not take too high risks.

Do not forget that positive thinking may be effective in your everyday life, but not in gambling. When you risk less, you lose less. And, naturally, you winless, but that is still better than losing much more than you can afford.

  • Try to divide your money in a way that you play as many rounds as possible.

In other words, the winning chances to win back €100 are much higher if you divide them into twenty €5 wagers than if you divide them into five €20 wagers.

  • Don’t be greedy, usually little gained is better than much lost.

It sounds stupid, though, because what's the purpose of gambling if you're not hitting for the jackpot? You can adjust the number of your wagers upward in case you're doing well. Just try to keep them proportionate to your bankroll.

  • Always try to play with the Bonus Money
Bonus Money

An excellent opportunity to do so is using the welcome bonus, which is usually given by the casinos to their new players. For instance, some of the most profitable WB we came across recently, are the welcome packages of the new Columbus and AzartPlay casinos. The total Columbus casino WB can reach 650 EUR + 195 FS and is credited for your first 3 deposits. The AzartPlay Casino offers you a WB on your first five deposits, and the prize can amount to 500 EUR + 175 FS. So choose a good casino with an attractive WB and play conservatively with the bonus money to increase your chances of fulfilling your wagering requirement with just the bonus money. Naturally, that's not as easy as it may sound. However, give it a try.

  • Do not make it complicated.

No matter which game you choose, try to play simple. This will save you from making stupid bets.

  • As a rule, the free games are more generous than those you play for cash.

Playing in the demo version may sometimes seem more comfortable and better, as the wins come more often. You can always compare the theoretical return to the player in a free version and the paid one. A different server also affects

the free game. It may be using a different random number generator, etc. So do not be fooled by the free versions of the amusements.

  • Play low variance games.

The truth is, the less volatility there is in the prize to wager ratio of a game the more likely it will pay you rewards.

Once again, our advice is to ignore the extra bets the house offers you.

  • Stick to a fixed maximum payout in video slots

Some video slots have a fixed maximum payout, while others have progressive jackpots, meaning that their jackpot increases with every play without a return. As a result, the more people play them, the bigger the jackpot is. Naturally, people think that progressive games are more profitable. But the thing is, that such games are all linked together. Consequently, everyone wants to win the bigger jackpot, the number of players increases, together with the chances to lose. And the same policy is also applied to the odds of winning smaller amounts as well.

This way, games with a fixed maximum payout are more generous and offer more chances to win.

  •  Games with smallest jackpots are better

This way you’ll be able to win in the short term.

The huge jackpots take much more time to be created, which lowers the winning chances.

Although video reels look more appealing, they pay back less, not to a large extent, though. It may be up to a 5% less return, but for slots it is sufficient.

The reason is quite simple: exciting entertainment features take a little bit longer to display the elements. Consequently, the casino is not making money at this time, so they are programmed to receive a bit more from the users.

  • Manage your bankroll

Planning ahead the amount of money you can spend on gaming is always the best you can do. You should also remember to check the full betting range of the machines beforehand. This will save you from frustration and losing all you have in 15 minutes. But if you pick the one that fits your budget - hours of pure gambling pleasure are guaranteed.

  • Connect pay lines to costs

Pay lines matter the most on the calculation of the slot machine’s actual cost. Remember, that betting on all the 25 lines for trying to hit the jackpot will cost you much more. So make sure to check out if you really can afford all those bets at once?

  • Do not play if you're tensed, depressed or having hard times

The result of the game may not always be positive, so in order not to make the things worse, avoid playing when the things are not going so well. You should take a break every half an hour or so. You may even set the alarm if you need it, in order not to lose track of time.

  • Be picky about your Online Casino

Always make sure that you’re playing at a legitimate online casino. Meaning that it’s the one offering only legal games, paying out your winnings promptly and making sure all your private data, including banking information, is secured and confidential. Check out the reputation of the house, read what the other players say about it. Find out if the casino is licensed and where. Look at the payment and withdrawal options and limits. It’s also very good if the customer support service operates 24/7 and there’s an ability to contact the operators via a live chat. In this regard, we can recommend two recently born online casinos – Columbus and AzartPlay. Notwithstanding their young age, these establishments have managed to gain lots of positive feedbacks and can boast an outstanding reputation with regard to all the above-mentioned features. They are both licensed in Curacao and correspond to the highest gambling standards.

  • Accept their gifts

All the bonuses, offered by the gambling sites, are an excellent opportunity to save your money. Gifts, promotional events, free spins and so on – use them all whenever there’s such an opportunity.

  • Pick the most convenient banking method

All casinos offer different banking options. Make sure to look through the list of available before making actual bets. Then find out about the peculiarities of each of them and try to find the most suitable option.

  • Enjoy the process!

The biggest mistake done by most gamblers is playing for earning money or taking it all too seriously. Remember, that this is just a game. It’s meant to be fun. You do not necessarily have to win, and the chances that you’ll lose are quite high. You still have to enjoy it! The process of playing should be your objective, and the win is just a nice bonus, nothing more!

  • Be ready to lose

Ask any experienced gambler how not to lose, and they will tell you that no matter how good you are, it’s inevitable that you will have a bad game, or a bad day, or a bad year. It's absolutely impossible to avoid losing. So never, under no circumstances go gambling when you have financial difficulties, and you're hoping to make the things better by winning some cash. As a rule, in such conditions, the law of unintended consequences attracts the very contrary result.

  • Play Responsibly

Although many players may laugh at this one and say: “that’s for the weak ones”, it’s not a secret that gambling can turn into obsession and cause real addictiveness, which, in its turn, may have devastating consequences. Everything in this world has the good and the bad side. It’s up to you which side to stick to, whether to have fun and stop in time or to get hooked and become a slave of the slot machine.

Advanced and fair online casinos, like Columbus Casino, for instance, promote responsible gambling as a part of their client service policy. They indicate on their official website that they take responsibility before the users as their duty and want to be sure that the players enjoy games on their website, while remaining fully aware about potential social and financial harm gambling may cause to you. That's why you will also find on Columbus' site some useful tips as for how to keep gambling fun and only risk affordable amounts of money. To maintain control over gambling passion they remind the users that they should always consider the following aspects:

-   Gambling should be moderate.

-    Do not chase your losses — there will always be another chance to win.    -    Play only when you can cover your losses.

-   Control the time and money you spend.

-   If you need to take a break from gambling, send a request to self-exclusion. This service is provided if you feel the need to take a break from gambling. It can be done by contacting the online support service. At Columbus casino, for instance, self-exclusion means that your account will be closed for at least 3 months and will not be activated under any circumstances during this period. You may also require short-time freezing of your account for 7 days.


Playing at an online casino is best perceived as a contest between the players. The winner is the one who can go more rounds, until lady fortune steps in and offers the jackpot to a random gamer. In this case, it's all about self-discipline. A good player is the one who is enough wise and self-disciplined to walk away on time.

So decision making is the key to success. No one can give you any guarantee whether you will win or lose, but it's in your power to cut your losses short by taking fewer risks.  If you stick to the pieces of advice we have given you. We are sure that gambling will become the most pleasant leisure time and you will never lose more than you can afford. You must be prepared to lose and take it simply as the price of the entertainment you get. After all, you do not get frustrated or disappointed when you have to pay for your cinema tickets, vacation or meals at a restaurant.

Everything has its price. What is so exciting about gambling is that sometimes you get the chance to win the money back or even win much more than you have ever spent. Remember, that casinos are not your enemies. They are willing to give money to the winners because that's their reputation and the best advertisement. But you must understand that not everyone can win, someone has to lose to cover those wins.

A decent casino always plays fairly and makes sure to provide the most favourable gaming conditions and the best support for its gamers, because it strives to keep an excellent reputation and attract more and more new gamblers, and not only to attract but also to keep them and make them happy and satisfied.

That is why it is so important to choose the right casinos, the ones which take good gaming as the critical aspect of their business policy. Beware of suspicious websites and play only at legal and licensed houses of proved worth, such as AzartPlay and Columbus casino. It doesn't mean that if you choose these websites, you will win more often, but you will be sure that the game is fair and that no one is trying to clean you out or make a fool of you. If you want to be among the winners – quit while you’re ahead, have enough self-discipline to stop.

In the end, "The House Always Wins" isn't just a saying, it's a mathematical result. If it were the other way around, the casino business would be losing money and not able to pay out all those huge jackpots. But, there is always a chance that you will be one of those lucky ones to win. So never lose hope and, at the same time, never play solely to win. Gaming is like a roller coaster ride: sometimes you're up, and the other moment you're down. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and take the failure as an inevitable part of this exciting experience.

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