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Choosing the Right Casino Games

Most of us don’t really think too much about how we choose which casino games to play. You may be a blackjack aficionado or look to play the newest slot game, making the thought process behind the choice automatic. But, should we be more careful? After all, all casino games are different when you look under the proverbial bonnet.

Let’s start with slots. Obviously, of all online casino games, slots are the most diverse. In a sense, they are a blank canvas for games creators, who are able to create complex ‘blockbuster’ games like Playtech’s Justice League, or simple games like NetEnt’s BerryBurst.

But regardless if the game is complicated or simple, there is no rule to say that the game will have better payout potential. What players sometimes neglect to look at is the RTP (Return to Player), i.e. the amount of money the game is guaranteed to pay back over time. Most slots will have an RTP hovering around 95%.

Additionally, slots are known to draw many gamers to an online casino, and this is why these platforms offer some of the best bonuses and loyalty programs. A casino like LVBET offers excellent tournaments like the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, which is a great way of adding to the fun. Besides, a welcome package that consist of €5 No Deposit + 1000 Free Spins is awaiting new members.

BetAmo will also take good care of you, and upon sign up, you will be able to enjoy a welcome bonus of 20 NO Deposit Spins + €300 & 150 Free Spins.

While betting on the go via your smartphone, why not enjoy 100 NO Deposit Spins + €1000 Bonus, and as many as 900 Free Spins, from a reputable casino like 21.Com?

High RTP can lead to better returns

So, it follows that playing slots with a higher RTP will be more likely to pay out over time. A Night Out by Playtech is one of the more popular casino games online, but it also happens to have a very high RTP at 97.10%. On the other hand, Leprechaun’s Luck is down at 91.31%. Over time, A Night Out will pay a higher percentage back to the player.

However, you should now that RTP is not everything. Having a high RTP is not a guarantee of big wins, nor does it mean the games are necessarily better. For example, progressive jackpot games have a lower RTP than standard video slots, but the trade-off is that you can win a life-changing sum of money, perhaps millions of times your stake. Indeed, the key here is ‘volatility’, some slots will offer small wins more frequently, whereas others will offer wins infrequently, but they are more likely to be bigger.

Similar rules apply for other casino games. Classic versions of video poker will normally have a very high RTP, but the percentage will go down when special bonus features and jackpots are added to the game. The same goes for blackjack games that feature side bets and jackpots. Again, it’s a trade-off for that bigger payout potential.

Learn the difference in live casino house edge

When it comes to live casino, there are choices to be made too. Most online casinos with live dealer tables will offer both American and European roulette. However, the former has a higher house-edge than the latter due to addition of the double zero on the wheel. Think about it: It’s a real game, so betting on individual number when there are either 38 possible outcomes or 37 outcomes will make a difference. Choose European roulette when the games (as is often the case) have the same payouts.

All of this advice hints at the fact you should measure your game choice by your aspirations: If you are trying to overturn bonus wagering requirements, play high RTP, low volatility slots; If you are hunting for a really big win, play progressive jackpot games. If you are a patient player with a strategy, play classic versions of blackjack. Nothing is guaranteed when you play at a casino, but if you adjust your game selection in line with your goals, you are more likely to have a satisfactory experience.

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