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Classic slot machineThis topic presents an unending debate in regard to the best type of online slot games to play.

The slots market is a huge one, and this may be the reason why different players have different opinions.

For example, there are those players who prefer modern Video slots that come with higher bonuses and many paylines. These types of bonuses are viewed as a ticket to multiple winning opportunities.

On the other hand, many other players will go for the classic version of the slots that come with just three reels, and fewer (one to five) paylines that are also optional.

If you are caught up between these two versions, and you are confused on the one to try, read on to spot the difference!

Video and Classic Slot Games- The Difference!

In almost all online casinos, both the classic as well as the video slots are readily available. By the time you are through with this guide, you will have decided on the most suitable type of slot.

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Number of Paylines

If you are already a slots player, you will agree with me that modern video slots are a better choice, if you are looking for a slot game with many paylines.

For the classic slots, a majority will offer just one payline, which in most cases is spread over the slot’s three reels. However, on rare occasions, some classic slots will come with three to five paylines.

Then, there is the newest model in town whereby, some video slots are using the All Ways playing mechanic.  A video slot with such design allows you to use hundreds, or even thousands of paylines per every spin, in exchange for a small stake.

Bonus Games

Video slot games are most likely to offer bonuses as opposed to classic slots. This is because classic slots do not have a design that can accommodate the bonus game feature rounds.

Although you can come across one or two classic slots offering a bonus game, their design is quite basic. Mostly, the much that you can get from such is just a simple wheel spinning bonus feature.

If you want to enjoy some free winning rounds, then video slots should be the type to consider.

Jackpot Values

Both video slots and classic slots come with progressive jackpots.  This means that both versions of slots do not differ much when it comes to the jackpot potential that they can deliver.

However, a majority of video slot games will only allow you a chance at winning a progressive jackpot when you either activate all the paylines, or place a live play maximum stake.

Therefore, it is very important to read through the terms and conditions of such games before trying out the progressive jackpot!

Varying Payout Percentages

This is one of the major differences between the two. Video slots and classics differ hugely when it comes to the payout percentages.  

To get the most out of them, you need to do thorough research before you can conclusively settle on the one that offers better payouts.

Both Video and classic slots can offer a low or high payout, but if you have been in this industry for a while, by now you know that working with a slot that offers the highest payout percentages, but with a fair chance of winning is the best option.

Frequent Game Releases

It is not very often that we get to see a lot of new classic games being released into the market by the major slot developers.  The few that do are usually clones to earlier versions!

On the other hand, new video slots are released each month, and there is always a constant flow of such games going live on the major casino platforms.

So, if you are fascinated by the creativity that is applied by top developers, you can always lookout for new video slots.

Comps and Bonuses

Online casino bonusesIt is rare for an online casino to dictate to you the type of slot that you can play to earn a bonus, comp points or even special promotions.

On most of these casinos, such offers are available for both classic and video slot game players.

With that said, both classic and video slot players normally get the same playing value on the casino bonuses.

However, if you are playing for real money, it is extremely important to check fully all the terms and conditions attached to these slots.

Some of the terms can be restrictive when it comes to the type of slots games that you can play for cash.

Slot Game Variance

Both video and classics slots offer low, mid and high variance. If you prefer low valued winning slots, you will not have any difficulties getting such a sloth whether classic or video slots. This is the same scenario if you are looking for a slot with huge payout potential.


Gone are the days when Classic slots dominated the land-based casinos. Back then, gambling establishments featured coin-operated games.

However, with the rise in the use of technology, the casino landscape has made some major strides. Today, video slots remain the most common type of slots, and these games come in all shapes, themes and sizes!

Modern video slots come with more mechanical features and are far more profitable when compared to the classic version. This may be one of the motivations behind the massive positive reception that they have continually received from gamers.

Although classic slots are not as common, they are still available, especially on the online gaming platforms.  You can even find a few classics incorporating more modern features like the use of scatter symbols or re-spins.

We may never see a return of the classic era of casino gambling.  However, the video slots present a better option, and they come with better gameplay than their old colleagues!