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Difference Between Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses

Online casinos offer a whole range of bonuses that players can use on different types of casino games. When you visit Freespinsbonus24, for instance, you will find casinos with first deposit welcome offers featuring free spins or bonus money. Such bonuses will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience, but you should first establish whether they are sticky or non-sticky bonuses. If these terms seem strange to you, you’ll soon realize that they are actually quite easy to understand. Read the rest of this article to learn the difference between sticky and non-sticky casino promotions.

What is a Sticky Casino Bonus?

Let’s begin this discussion by explaining what the term sticky means when it comes to casino bonuses. Simply put, a sticky casino bonus is an incentive that you can use on casino games without the option to cash it out. Players are allowed to use the bonus for wagering only.

You can withdraw all winnings generated with the bonus provided that you meet the wagering requirements. The bonus amount will either stay in your account for future use or expire. Also, the casino may simply remove the bonus depending on the terms and conditions.

Sticky Bonus Example

By looking at a simple example, you should be able to tell whether your selected casino bonus is a sticky one. Let’s say you’ve joined your favorite online casino and received a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $100. You want to benefit from the entire bonus amount, so you’ve deposited $100. This means that you have a total of $200 to play with.

Now, let’s assume the casino bonus T&Cs state that this is a sticky bonus. You’ve then decided to bet with the whole amount, met the applicable conditions, and managed to win $100 on top of what you already have. Thus, you have a total of $300 in your account after the win. If you want to cash out, you will be allowed to withdraw the amount you have in your casino account minus the bonus. Using our example, you can only withdraw $300 - $100 or $200.

What if you lost your bet and would like to stop playing? In that case, you would only lose your deposit amount. Using our example, you would lose $100 in such a scenario.

What is a Non-Sticky Casino Bonus?

The second type of casino bonus you will find at most online casinos is known as a non-sticky bonus. This is also called a traditional, normal, or parachute bonus. It is a cashable offer, unlike a sticky bonus. When you claim a non-sticky bonus, you are free to withdraw it once you comply with the applicable wagering requirements.

Note that you can cash out the bonus and any other amount left in your account along with your initial deposit. The only hurdle here is to meet the bonus wagering requirement. If you don’t, then the casino won’t allow you to withdraw the bonus and the winnings associated with it.

Non-Sticky Bonus Example

Let’s consider an example using our previous figures. That’s, you have deposited $100, received a 100% bonus worth $100. Again, your deposit plus bonus amount will give you $200 to get started. But you can separate them and play with your deposit before using the bonus.

The first thing you want to do is play with your real money deposit of $100 before using the bonus. Why is this important? Well, you can withdraw your real money wins because your deposit is not attached to the casino bonus. In other words, the bonus wagering requirements do not apply to your casino deposit.

So, what happens if you play with your deposit and lose? Well, that’s where the non-sticky bonus comes in handy. If you lose your initial deposit of $100, you still have a bonus of $100 waiting to be used. This time, you have to follow the wagering requirements. The good news is you can cash out any amount won with the bonus and the deposit if you adhere to the rules and win.

Sticky vs Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses – What’s the Difference?

As stated earlier, a stick bonus cannot be withdrawn, while a non-sticky bonus can be withdrawn after meeting the wagering requirements. That’s basically the main difference between the two types of casino bonuses at online casinos. Whichever option you like, you can find it at online casinos listed by, especially if you are looking for a traditional bonus. For quick reference, we have listed the features of sticky and non-sticky bonuses below.

Sticky Casino Bonus

  • The bonus is for wagering only, meaning you cannot cash it out
  • Sticky bonuses are usually more lucrative than non-sticky bonuses
  • The bonus is attached to the deposit, so you cannot use them separately

Non-Sticky Bonus

  • A cashable casino bonus is also known as a standard, traditional, or parachute bonus
  • You can play with your deposit first and cash out before playing with a bonus with T&Cs
  • Players can withdraw the bonus and their winnings after meeting the wagering requirement

Types of Sticky Bonuses

We have learned that a sticky bonus is temporarily attached to the player’s deposit. The big question is, how does this happen? Of course, the bonus won’t stay there forever. The best way to know how these promotions work is to look at the two main options available at online casinos. These include phantom sticky bonuses and expiry sticky bonuses.

Phantom sticky bonuses are the most common types of sticky promotions at online casinos. The casino will add the bonus to your deposit so you can play casino games with a bigger bankroll. When you decide to cash out, the casino will then subtract the bonus from your balance. Usually, the bonus will automatically disappear once you withdraw your winnings.

As the name implies, an expiry sticky bonus has an expiration date. Therefore, it will be readily available as long as the bonus T&Cs permit you. Compared to a phantom bonus, the best thing about a sticky bonus that can expire is that it will still be available even after cashing out.

Which is the Best Offer Between Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses?

The kind of casino bonus that appeals to your taste will depend on what you like as a player. But it helps to know the benefits and drawbacks of any casino bonus so you can make an informed decision. When it comes to sticky and non-sticky bonuses, you can decide which offer is good for you by knowing the pros and cons.

The Benefits – Reasons to Choose a Sticky or Non-Sticky Bonus

Both sticky and non-sticky casino bonuses have advantages that make them worth claiming. If you go for a sticky casino bonus, you can expect the bonus amount to be significantly high. We are talking about 300% match deposit bonuses or more! That’s definitely a great way to boost your bankroll before you even start playing.

On the other hand, you might want to choose a non-sticky bonus because it’s a simple promotion. With this offer, your deposit is separated from the bonus, so you can begin with your deposit before meeting the bonus T&Cs. The other reason to claim the offer is that you can withdraw the bonus. In fact, you can withdraw the bonus amount, winnings, and deposits as indicated earlier.

The Drawbacks – Why You Might Want to Skip a Sticky or Non-Sticky Offer

Whether you are claiming a sticky or non-sticky bonus, it’s also crucial to know their negative sides. If you think the downsides outweigh the advantages, you can always switch to the other option. By choosing a sticky bonus, you must know that you cannot withdraw the bonus. Besides that, you need to have a substantial bankroll when playing with sticky bonuses. If not, you must know how to capitalize on the bonus because you can easily lose a lot of money if you are not careful.

You’ll notice that the bonus amount for a non-sticky bonus is often less than what you can collect with a sticky bonus. Another notable thing is that non-sticky bonuses come with wagering requirements. The problem with this is that you cannot withdraw any winnings from your bonus unless you follow the rules. If the selected casino bonus comes with a 50x playthrough requirement, it means that you must wager it 50 times to be allowed to withdraw your winnings.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how a sticky bonus differs from a non-sticky bonus. The bottom line is that a sticky casino bonus cannot be cashed, while a non-sticky bonus is cashable after meeting the bonus T&Cs. All in all, it’s up to you to decide which of the two casino bonuses is good for you now that you know what they entail. If you are ready to grab some amazing casino offers, go HERE right now, and you will find all sorts of promotions.

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