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Do You Love Blackjack: Here is the Easiest Way to Succeed With It

As far as casino games are concerned, blackjack is one of the games that require a lot of skill to master.

To succeed with it, you may need to try out different strategies and incorporate the ones suitable in your gaming.

However, before you rush out there to test a blackjack system, it is important to note that these strategies are based on maths as well as logic.

The most successful way to go about these types of games is to put your superstitions behind and embrace the numbers.

Here is a guide on how to go about these games and what you can do best to win each time you play:

Choose the Right Casino

This step may not seem important and oftentimes, a lot of players are not keen on the casino they are working with.

 Right Casino

However, your casino pick is one of the determining factors on whether you will succeed with your gaming or not.

To pick a good casino, you just need to look at their reputation (check for online reviews from previous users).

In addition to their reputation, a good casino should be in a position to offer a long list of blackjack games as well as generous bonuses.

Dealing with a reputable and licensed casino like 1xslots casino, LVBET Casino or HotSlots will ensure that you get a fair play and if you make some winnings, the casino will gladly release them to you.

Blackjack Game Variant

This is another important step that you must consider. Not all blackjack games are worth trying.

One of the most important features should be the house edge. The lower it is the better the choice!

If you come across a blackjack game with a variance of over 1%, you need to steer clear of such. Choose ones that offer a variance of less than 1%.

Practising on a BlackJack simulator can help you improve your skills and chances of winning.

Be Well Informed on the Game

Not two blackjack games look the same. Therefore, it is important to be well aware of the features that come with each blackjack game since applying the same gaming strategy on all of them might not work.

Even the smallest of changes matter hugely because they have the potential to affect the house edge.

Some ideas to consider before picking a blackjack game include:

-How much it pays

-Number of decks available in the shoe

-Does the game allow you to double on any two cards?

-At what stage can you split your hand and how many times is that allowed?

-Can you double each time you split a hand?

-Is hitting split aces allowed?

-Does the game offer a chance to surrender and if so when?

-Is it possible for a dealer to hit a soft seventeen?

-What is available between a 5-, 6- and a 7-card Charlie?

Also, look out for blackjack games that bear similar names because they might differ heavily when it comes to their rules or house edge.

Such games could just share the name but they are developed by different game providers. A good example is Classic Blackjack; the one developed by Microgaming has a house edge of 0.13% while that of NetEnt has one at 0.35% which is a notable difference.

Work With a Basic Blackjack Strategy Card

By now, we assume you have already found a good blackjack game and it’s now time to play!

Well, you may want to start with a basic blackjack strategy card which should be specific to the game you choose.

On most play cards, you will be shown how to play against any given dealer upcard. A complete gaming card should consist of three main parts which are for hard hands, soft hands as well as for pairs.

Blackjack Strategy Suitable for Side Bets

We have already seen how useful strategy cards can be when it comes to blackjack games. This is also very important to players who are new to these types of games.

Blackjack Strategy

However, you may also have noticed that these cards do not cover much when it comes to side bets.

A perfect blackjack strategy should be the one that takes note of all gaming aspects. Such a card should advise on things like when to place a bonus bet and the amount to go to each bet.

The good thing with blackjack games is that they are very low when it comes to the house edge. Additionally, a skilled player will be in a position to significantly reduce the house advantage further down with the help of varying blackjack strategies.

Casinos are fully aware of this and in a bid to increase the house edge (revenue); they add extra decks to some of these games which ultimately create different side bets.

Although these side bets add a lot of fun to the game, they also come at a cost and could slowly drain your bankroll.

The best gaming strategy for blackjack is to avoid placing any side bets.

Your bets are safer when you stick to the strategy cards.

Card Counting at a Glance

A lot of players associate blackjack strategies with card counting. Although it is a strategy that is still possible especially in land-based casinos, it is not possible to execute it on online casinos since the deck is shuffled with each hand.

The only way possible is via the live dealer blackjack. Any player looking to try their hand in card counting techniques can only do so through live blackjack games.

But is card counting any beneficial to blackjack players?

Card counting is not illegal, and it is a well-known and well-defined blackjack technique.  The technique is aimed at assisting a player to follow the number of both high and low cards within the game shoe.

In return, this action gives the player an insight into the type of card that might appear next. This is a good tip to work things in your favour.

There are several card counting systems in blackjack but the most common is known as Hi-Lo. With this system, with each low card (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) that appears, you will be required to add one point. On the other hand, each high card (10, J, Q, K, A) requires you to deduct one.

The higher the card count, the better your chances of acquiring 10-valued cards. This is good for you as a player but bad for the casino.

Picking a Blackjack Betting System

By now, we understand that a blackjack strategy card comes in handy when you are making decisions on blackjack betting. However, there is still the question that lingers on the mind of many gamers and this is ‘How much should I bet?’

To answer this question, many developers have come up with all manner of blackjack betting systems, but none can provide a definite answer to this bugging question.

If anything, most of these betting systems are pure fallacy that has seen many gamblers drain their bank accounts in the hope of getting maximum profits with their use.

Although no betting strategy can help you beat the house, there are a couple that can be combined with other strategies to improve the odds of winning.

One example is by using card counting combined with a basic strategy. With it, you can be able to increase the amount you place in each bet and especially when the count is high. At this point, these strategy cards are predicted to be ‘more correct’ which also increases your odds of winning.

Always Start with the Demo

After absorbing all the above information, by now you may be feeling charged and ready to take on the blackjack.

However, in any gaming event, it is always wise to practice first before you can bet with real money. This is where the demo comes into play.

Most of these games are free for demo trial, and you have no limit on the number of times that you can play.

Remember to use some of the tactics we have mentioned above like the card strategy and see how it can be useful if you were to use it in a real game.

Also, you can take advantage of the demo games to master the skill of counting cards.

Merge Your Bonus with Blackjack Strategies

Playing online has some advantages as compared to playing at a land-based casino. One of these advantages is the generous bonus opportunities available on most online casinos.

If you are issuing money that is not yours to play on an online casino, you have an edge because you will be allowed to keep winnings that this free bonus brings.

With the blackjack, you can combine the already low variance of the game with a good bonus, to beat the casino and take home the profits.

However, learn beforehand on the terms and condition of the bonus as some require heavy wagering requirements sometimes as high as 40xs.


The best blackjack strategy is entirely dependent on each player’s individual needs.  The soundest approach that you can adopt is to work with a strategy that fully corresponds with most of the variation attached to the game.

This is the only way you can achieve the best gaming results.

When this is combined with a good bonus it improves your chances of getting a moderate return in the future.

If you are a beginner, start by finding a strategy card that is most suitable for the gaming variation of your choice, and most importantly, stick to it.

Practice as much as you can and remember not to take yourself very seriously, have fun while at it. After all, it’s just a game!

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