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Fairspin Casino Introduces TFS Tokens - a Loyalty Reward of the Future

Fairspin Casino has its own TFS Tokens, which are a local digital asset that is only available at the casino. These can be traded for fiat money and deposited directly into your gaming account, or they can be wagered in the TFS Token widget (a tokenized loyalty/reward program) for a bonus. You may even cash it out via cryptocurrency exchanges!

What Exactly are TFS Tokens?

You may be familiar with loyalty coins from other casinos, but Fairspin Casino has taken it a step further by introducing its own TFS Token. We imagine it's similar to loyalty tokens but better!

TFS Tokens are actual money, a cryptocurrency that can be invested in, cashed or exchanged in a casino account.

Unlike many other loyalty coins, these are actual money that you may withdraw or trade whenever you want.

This is the future generation of loyalty perks, and you'll want to be a part of it! Now is the moment to create an account if you don't have one.

TFS Tokens: How to Get Them

Once you've signed up for Fairspin Casino's "Play to Earn" program, you'll begin collecting TFS Tokens as a cashback benefit for every stake (win or lose).

You can use fiat money or cryptocurrency to purchase in the TFS Token widget. You'll get more TFS Tokens if you do it this way because of their "Hold to Earn" policy.

Fairspin Casino will gift you 200 TFS Tokens just for signing up and creating an account!

With the advanced technology, we can say that these are the tokens of the future, and you could get as many as 200 such tokens simply by joining the site! 

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