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Slots are, without a doubt, the most commonly played games you can encounter online or in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, did you know that you can purchase a Slot machine for yourself? There are top picks for real Slot machinesplenty of sites that offer you multiple options; you just have to pick one that provides reliable products and secure transactions.

In this case, we recommend you resort to specialized gambling expert sites, like CasinoAlpha, which have an eagle eye when it comes to possible scams and will provide only safe Slot site options.

These are some of our top picks for real Slot machines that have been put on sale!

Fruit Machine Planet

One website that has real Slot machines for sales is Fruit Machine Planet.

It operates within the borders of the United Kingdom and provides a wide range of machines developed by world-renowned providers, such as Barcrest, Red Gaming and Global. The jackpots range between £5 and £70.

In point of safety, you can rest assured that the gaming variables are checked so that the player has a fair gaming experience (moreover, the site itself holds a license released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

Price range: from £125 + £60 delivery fee

Fruit Machine World

Fruit Machine World has more than 15 years of experience on the gambling market. There are more than 60 options on their website at the present moment, each with its own special features.

One advantage is that you can purchase themed Slot machines, such as:

  • Big Bank Theory;
  • Batman – Gotham City;
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Also, if you’re a fan of ‘Deal or No Deal’, rest assured, you get more than 15 different options at your disposal. Bear in mind that each machine comes with a warranty of 30 days.

Price range: from £175 + £60 delivery fee

Fruit Machine Sales

This site offers many refurbished Slot machines, such as ‘Batman’, ‘Wild Jokers’ or ‘Gold Strike’.

They might be pricier than what you usually find on the market, with the VAT added value. Yet, the advantage is that players can also find spare parts here, should their machine need any additional changes. You can also contact the website through a standard form that you fill in directly on their official website.

Price range: from £225 + delivery fee

Slot machine for sale in the social media marketplace

With the rapid rise of social media channels’ popularity all over the world, some gamblers have redirected their purchasing strategy towards the Facebook and Instagram marketplaces.

And so did retailers!

Nowadays, many sites expand their communication strategy through various social media channels in order to reach and attract as many clients as possible. Moreover, retailers are not the only ones who appeal to these channels when it comes to selling products.

Within the actual marketplace, mainly on Facebook, there are common people who sell and buy products according to their interests. This is a great way to meet gambling aficionados and even learn more about this industry from people who have extensive experience.

Be aware of scams!

Nonetheless, since social media channels are accessible to anyone, there are definitely people who just want to profit and take advantage of the less experienced.

Keep your eyes wide open for potential scams, and always double-check your seller's profile to see if it's legit or not before you actually make a purchase.

Final tips to keep in mind about real Slot machines

Make sure the site you are buying from is secure

about real Slot machinesAs with any other industry, there might be some scam sites out there that are looking forward to attracting new players and quickly getting hold of their money.

In fact, such a gambling site can replicate everything you see on legit online platforms, and you may not even know you’ve been tricked until your money is in their pockets. We advise you that, before making any purchase, seek both player and expert reviews for any such real Slot machine sites to know right ahead what you’re getting yourself into.

Count your money and see if you can afford it

We agree that purchasing a real Slot machine can be an exciting event for any gambler. However, don’t get carried away!

You must understand right from the beginning that a real Slot machine implies considerable expenses.

For example, should you choose to buy a new one, you will also pay an additional tax for the warranty (or extended warranty). This is a crucial feature you must take into account to avoid subsequent costs in the future.

Of course, there are many other costs that may come along the way, and you should be prepared for constant investment if you choose to buy a real Slot machine.

See several options before you decide on one

Before you settle on one option, it's best to research the market and see which real Slot machines you can find. There are a couple of factors to be aware of, such as the set RTP value, jackpots, and, most importantly, size.

The site has new as well as second-hand options but take into account that, in the case of the latter, you should make sure that the Slot machine is in good condition.

Understand how a fruit machine operates

The principles of a Slot game are easy to understand.

Generally speaking, players get used to concepts like RTP, minimum bet, payline, reels, rows, theme and so on quite rapidly. However, unlike the online gambling world, real fruit machines imply a little more attention than resuming to those features.

In order to know how to operate such a machine, it’s natural that you should understand the mechanisms that actually build it. This will help you tremendously if the machine in question malfunctions and you need spare parts to fix it.

Always inform yourself before buying such a device and learn how to manage it with ease!