UPDATED ON: by James Worden

The findings of GambleAware's 2021 Annual Treatment and Assistance survey have been used to create a new set of interactive maps that depict the prevalence of gambling-related harmful effects, as well as the demand for care and support throughout the United Kingdom.

The maps, developed in partnership with UCL senior research associate Oliver O'Brien, demonstrate the incidence of gambling harmful effects in each local authority as well as parliamentary district, and the usage and identified need for betting harm therapies and support.

This year, a map of the IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) in the United Kingdom was created for comparison with gambling prevalence. This also includes a map of the locations, plus contact details for National Gambling Treatment Service providers.

Haroon Chowdry, Director of Research, Information, and Knowledge at GambleAware, stated, “We understand how crucial it is for persons experiencing gambling-related harm to receive early assistance through individualized, needs-based support.

These interactive maps have proven to be a valuable tool for local authorities and service providers in understanding the levels of need in their area and where gaps in provision may exist. Now, members of the public, as well as local services, can utilize them to determine what assistance is available in their area”.

Chowdry echoed, “as they continue to work in cooperation with the rest of the system to implement a public health approach to addressing gambling harms, we expect that this data will assist in enhancing the available support and ensuring that more people can receive support sooner”.