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How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Online casino bonuses are overflowing the Internet. With thousands of dollars which are up for grabs on live casino websites, bonuses are the ones who will draw your attention. Even if you’re, perhaps eyeing a somewhat smaller bonus, there's no harm if you're sceptical.

Online casino bonuses come in many forms, but the most common are welcome bonuses. These types of bonuses seem to be the backbone of these gaming platforms, and you will usually find them trying to outdo each other. In return, the beneficiary is the player: you can get the best deal on a reputable casino like where the welcome bonus offer is made of 100 NO Deposit Spins, €1000 Bonus, and a whopping 900 Free Spins.

The best loyalty program will come your way through Zet Casino. This casino is also good with bonuses, and you can expect to receive plenty in bonuses, with the welcome bonus rewarding you with up to 200 Free Spins, plus a 100% match up to 500 Euros.

You can try a few new slot machines on your mobile by registering at FezBet casino, and while at it enjoy an awesome welcome package of 15 NO Deposit Spins (Queen of Gold), 500 EUROS, as well as 200 Free Spins.

I got good news for you! Bonuses are real! At reputable live casino sites, they surely are. As any gambling enthusiast knows, sadly some terms and conditions are of the essence for you to meet to claim a bonus.  It’s always a good call to exactly know how do bonuses work before you become willing to commit to anything. Keep reading to find out!

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Since the early 2000s, a common practice for the online casinos was to offer their beloved players with bonuses, firstly, to spend money at their casinos and also for signing up. Initially, these bonuses served as marketing leverage, they've become standardised, and today players expect them.

The most frequent variant of bonus is the Match Bonus, which is usually granted when you sign up to a new account and also deposit money into that account. The dollar value of the deposit you made, will be matched by the online casino, adequately doubling your starting bankroll, which can be eye-catching for new players.

But what if you’re keen in playing at a  brand new online casino, you have already tested their freebie site games, but you are not sure how do they exactly work to deposit money with them successfully? To draw some real attention, and turn visitors to faithful customers, online casinos started to offer No Deposit Casino Bonuses.

But Wouldn’t That Be Free Money?

It really would. The online casino will give you a stack of money, on the house, so you can engage yourself in playing one of their premium games and see what it’s all about. What the casino expects behind this No Deposit Casino Bonus is that the thrilling experience of playing their games when using real money would be enough of a draw to make you add real cash to your account after you used all the free stack which they gave you.

But Wouldn’t That Be A Ploy?

Not at all; and the reason is that in almost every scenario the online casino will let you keep your winnings in case you strike it lucky as long as you play with that free No Deposit Casino Bonus cash. Realistically, however, the casino typically attaches a handful of caveats to the free money as a form of encouragement for you to play, but necessarily they are not the kind of strings that will cost you money.

The most common framework for this No Deposit Casino Bonus will either set you with a time limit in which you are mandatory to spend it, regularly an hour. Another will be to establish a minimum amount of bets which you must place with it if you want to qualify too, either keep the winnings it generates, which is free money or to keep the change (free money).

The No Deposit Casino bonus is also called a „Free Play Bonus." What is vital for you to remember is to read carefully through the terms which are associated with the No Deposit Casino Bonus to understand how that specific online casino implements it.

Example of A No Deposit Casino Bonus

I'll present to you an actual case of a no deposit casino bonus:

For free, you get $10 in your real money account, and you're not obliged to make any deposit at all actually, to get this money. To claim the No Deposit Casino Bonus, the one thing you need to do is to create a real money account. You don't have to make any deposits that may involve money. You have to input your address, name, e-mail and a phone number. Also, you'll ensure them with documentation which proves your age and identity.

You have to use specific casino bonus codes to claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus. In the cashier section of the online casino website, there’s a place where you can successfully input this code. Ordinarily, there’s a lag time between receiving the funds to your account and claiming the No Deposit Casino bonus. Regularly, the funds will be available to you in less than one working hour. I hope this example of a No Deposit Casino Bonus helped you.

Free Spins Bonus

If table games like baccarat, craps, and poker rule land-based casinos from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, the online casino market represents the domain of slot games. While online, the traditional games are also offered, you can’t deny the rising popularity of video slot productions. Thanks to the aggressive and creative efforts of top-notch software providers like Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Play`N Go, you can say the online casino market is loaded with a breathtaking selection of slot games that will offer you some fruitful jackpots. Because of the high recognition of video slots among enthusiasts and players, the vast majority of casino operators currently offer bonuses and promotions anchored on these games.

The result is an exciting promotion named Free Spins Bonus, one of the most tempting casinos offers right now. With Free Spins, newbies in the world of online casino are given more chances to play and win at online video slots which are provided online, without having to risk your bankroll. But just like other casino offers and promotions, Free Spins Bonuses are subject to specific conditions, and they can come in different configurations.

What Can You Expect From Free Spins?

Free Spin is a perfect example of how online casino bonuses can be given as is or they come in a package with deposit bonuses. For instance, many casinos currently offer 10-30 Free Spins for fresh and new players who are willing to sign up and manage an account on the website. Under this promotion, you are not required to make any deposits so that you could earn Free Spins.

These are named no deposit Free Spins Bonus, and they only require account registration. There are occasions when online casinos are going to offer Free Spins that come in the package with deposit bonuses, as I mentioned earlier. This particular strategy is implemented by a significant number of top-notch casino operators that want to preserve their popularity online. For example, these casinos are to going to offer you $300 plus 250 Free Spins to sweeten the welcome offer. Some casinos can even take the additional step by providing some extra spins for the succeeding deposits which are going to be made on the site, even up to fourth deposit.

Whether if it’s a stand-alone promotion or perhaps bundled with a deposit bonus, Free spins is surely among the best casino bonuses out there since it ensures players a possibility of spinning more without risking their bankrolls.

Also, there’s an opportunity that any winnings you earn when using Free Spins might be added to your balance.

Wager Requirements and Following the Rules

Just like any other casino promotions, Free Spins are always subjected to particular limitations and conditions, adding the wagering requirement. In most cases, the winnings you can earn are affected by the mentioned wagering requirement, before you can officially withdraw the amount. This means if the online casino awards you with 25 Free Spins, and you manage to win $300, you couldn’t easily withdraw the winnings you made.

What most casinos will require from you, is to wager the winnings for a certain number of times, mostly 20x to 70x. Wager requirements will inevitably vary, but as a clever casino player, it is probably best to look for casino operators that offer lower wagering requirements for Free Spins.

Something notable to remember:

  • As a fairly responsible online casino player, it is vital for you to read the Terms & Conditions (T&C) fully to get to know the other casino rules. The validity of the Free Spins is the one rule which is covered by the online casino. Majority of casino operators will allow you to use these Free Spins within seven days after they were awarded to you. Otherwise, the will certainly expire.
  • The Free Spins which you are aware of can be game-specific. Meaning, that the Free Spins which were awarded to you by the online casino can only be used in particular video slot games. For instance, some casinos will require from you that these Free Spins must be used for specific video titles.
  • Free Spins winnings have withdrawal caps. So, the online casino announces that $300 is the withdrawal cap, you can only withdraw that amount, even though you’ve might manage to win more than $300.

Start Immediately Earning Free Spins

Free Spins offers are always available, and you can have them as soon as you sign up for an online casino account. Most casinos will offer to you No Deposit Free Spins, meaning that you as a new player will get the Free Spins automatically and you even don’t have to make a deposit.

The moment you deposit at an online casino, the operator will surely give you a match deposit bonus which will be partnered with Free Spins. You won’t just earn Free Spins bonuses when you’re new to the online casino. Once you become a member and start playing a wide array of video slot games, you can certainly earn extra Free Spins which can substantially increase your bankroll. This is possible because video slot games will offer you Free Spins Round. Some of the popular video slots that extend these amazing bonus features are Thunderstruck, Iron Man 3, and Guns N' Roses slots.

These games offer a fantastic bonus round where you can earn Free Spins, that can later be used to win jackpots and real money. The challenge that is brought in front of you is that you have to unlock this mode, and that can be done if you get minimum 3 scatter symbols on the active paylines.

Boost your bankroll starting from now without having to invest more cash. You can make it possible as soon as you tap into the Free Spins promotions of the most popular online casinos, and use them in the right manner. And if the welcome offer of Free Spins isn’t enough for you, you can, at all times, count on the incredible Free Spins offer that, of course, can be yours if you manage to unlock the Free Spins mode of the chosen casino slot titles.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

You’ll encounter many types of players, both in offline and online casinos, and you’ll realise that many times of these players share a fair number of similarities. Some professional players look for an edge, bonus abusers, high rollers and specialised players. High rollers are the type of players who play big and deposit big, and if they lose big, they can surely also break the bank.

High rollers, which are also known as VIP players or whales, which happen to be highly sought-after by online casinos that will go through immense lengths to attract and keep them content when playing as long as it takes in the hope of, eventually, saving as much of their money possible, by handing out high roller casino bonuses. By now, you know when you’ve registered to an account and successfully made a deposit, the vast majority of online casino will surely reward you for this generously, by giving an extraordinary bonus, a high roller casino bonus, that will help you to boost your bankroll.

Nevertheless, there's also another variant of bonuses that are exclusively offered to high roller players, and of course, a high roller casino bonus is one of them. You may think that these players are already wealthy, but the truth is, they're not. Those players who commonly bet with big money usually come from the lower- middle class that have a desire to get rich in quick fashion. As these bonuses will allow you to play much higher stakes than usually, it’s a fantastic way to make some more cash.

How do High Roller Casino Bonuses Work, You Ask?     

High Roller Casino Bonuses don’t work much differently than the other types of casino bonuses. High Roller Casino Bonuses are specifically for new players who just made a more significant than a typical initial deposit to the online casino. Generally, the amount is just above $1000, and also the welcome bonus for these high roller players varies from 100% to 1000%. Certainly, a High Roller Casino Bonus is a very appealing bonus if you have large aspirations. In other words, if you wish for a high roller casino bonus you better make a huge deposit, or else you’ll have to be happy with an ordinary welcome bonus.

When you become a high roller, you'll also realise that you can enjoy in other exceptional promotions like extra match bonuses, reload bonuses and even invitations to major online casino tournaments. A significant percentage of online casino players will think that wagering requirements are too high for a High Roller Casino Bonus, but that's not how high rollers think. If you're a high roller you're already used to playing larger amounts, something like wagering requirements won't represent a problem for you if you're eager to claim a high roller casino bonus. For pro players especially, getting a high roller casino bonus is a marvellous way of receiving additional funds. Therefore you can have more chances to play a greater number of games that offer more massive payouts.

Who Is Exactly Considered To Be A High Roller?

Unlike their land-based counterparts, players who are high-rollers have smaller bankrolls. Here, the largest gamblers are solely allowed to bet a maximum amount of credits or coins ( average is approximately $500 per spin, hand or roll) due to certain restrictions which are applied to online caps and transactions held on internet gambling. Meaning, that high roller players have to adapt to specific spending patterns of somewhat smaller bets when playing online. Nevertheless, you as a gambler will probably bet $5000 and of course a bankroll or an entire stake of $100,000 in one session of online gambling. When you become a high roller, you'll get used to betting thousands of dollars in one month, building up VIP or platinum points.

Why Would You Choose a High Roller Casino Bonus?

If you deposit a large amount of money, you will certainly benefit from the rewarding bonuses which are by far bigger than the regular welcome bonus, meaning you’ll get a  high roller casino bonus or even a bunch of them. This is because, if you claim a high roller casino bonus there’s a great chance that you’re going to spend a lot of cash when playing at the online casino and your first deposit will surely be much of significance. In a nutshell, high roller casino bonus is a bonus which is granted to VIP players, who are looking to playing very high limit betting games, VIP rewards, big bonuses, and elite customer service. 

Online casinos appreciate big deposits and encourage this behaviour by rewarding you with a high roller casino bonus. People who do this as a profession also take advantage of these high roller casino bonuses as they tend to visit online casinos to participate in the online games supported, but also to play at those tournaments which pay handsomely. The number of slots with some promising jackpots is very hard to ignore but more so, the possibilities to get a big win with a single spin. High roller casino bonus will help you to play more spins almost every time you get to hit the slots games.

How Can You, Get A High Roller Casino Bonus?

The first thing which is mandatory for you to do is to find which of those websites offer the biggest deposit bonuses. You have to read thoroughly the terms and conditions or even the „more info“ page, but as a common rule, you should remember that high stake players take much better advantage of the welcome bonus which is considered to be the highest.

You’ll rarely see the high roller casino bonuses being advertised on the website, as you’re going to see the ordinary bonuses, but they'll be disclosed in a second or even third sub-page.

It’s common sense to think that high roller players wouldn’t care less about those deposit bonuses. Although, the fact is if you play higher that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t care about handling your bankroll. As in probably every circumstance, saving money is appreciated at any time. This behaviour is what differentiates the high roller players from the rest, and that's what online casinos seek in players. This is why online casinos draw their attention by offering large initial deposit bonuses.

The Greatest Among the Best Casino Bonuses

Probably the best casino bonus of the three types I mentioned is the High Roller Casino bonus. You have to think long-term and try to invest money when placing your bets. Step by step you can become a high roller player and achieve great wins but also significant amounts of money, which you have to say, sounds fantastic.

With the others you kind of play it safe, they are easy to get, but high roller casino bonuses only the best gambling aficionados get. You have to be prepared to risk some big money to get big money. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck with small bonuses, which are not that important if you’re hungry for success. So, high roller casino bonus can be named the greatest among the best casino bonuses. If you’re uncertain, try to play with small amounts, and as soon as you save some money, bet, bet, and bet.

Don’t get me wrong, Free Spins and No Deposit Casino Bonuses are also very nice and not to be underestimated, but the most tempting of them all is surely the high roller casino bonus.

Be a gambling enthusiast, firstly win some No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Free Spins, and then get in the big boys club with receiving those high roller casino bonuses.

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