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How Technology has Made Gaming Easier and More Profitable

As we continue to see advances in technology, and the changes it has brought to the world, we cannot fail to notice the huge impact it has brought to the gaming world.

Today, it is easy to enjoy your favourite slots from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to developers who have taken advantage of the latest technology to create mobile-device friendly games.

With the new technology hitting the gaming world, you can now easily enjoy a great gaming experience and make a profit while at it.

Here are some of the ways that technology influenced the gaming industry and how you can take advantage of it to make more profits:

Gamers Prefer Handheld Mobile Devices

As an experienced gamer, I can attest to this. Today, life is on the first lane, and most gamers have got little or no time to visit land-based casinos. This is where mobile devices come in handy.

With the simplicity of most online games coupled with cutting-edge technology, you can be able to enjoy a game from wherever you are without being tied to a computer or a land-based casino. You may have occasionally seen a gamer busy on their mobile phone playing a slot while commuting by train.

Another reason why the current group of players prefers the mobile feature is the ability to engage in live-gaming. This could be driven by the nature of the betting world where short intervals between a betting opportunity come with the ability to deliver instant results.

From the profitability view, mobile casinos tend to perform better with user conversion rates when mobile gaming is available.  A lot of surveys show that apart from mobile gamers spending more time on online games, they are also easily converted into paying customers.

This is a clear indication that mobile-optimized gambling is one of the most influential features in betting habits.  

Online Casinos and Their Influence on Social Games

Smartphones are readily available today than they were a few years ago. This has also created an online trend whereby: we are now seeing everyday use of social media. In addition to its daily use, most gamers are able to interact with different gambling platforms.

This is actually done without the need to exit their social media website. With such incredible features, most players find it quite convenient because they can easily place a bet or two while still enjoying some fun on their social media pages.

Actually, this is not a trend that will fade away anytime soon because some of the best online casino have not only mobile-optimised their gambling sites, but they have also included an integrated social media icon/function.

Millennials seem to be the group with the highest motivation when it comes to the combination of both gaming and social media use. This group (between the ages of 18-34) has a heavy reliance on mobile devices.

Mobile Technology and the Creation of Gaming Apps

Another area that has seen heavy use of technology is in gambling Apps. There are many online casino apps that are feature-rich and gamers are spoilt for choice.

The main theme of these Apps is to give games a multi-sensory experience that is equal to what the players would experience if they visited a live casino.

It is now an emerging trend with many leading game providers. In fact, most leading brands provide some free version of their newest slots which can exclusively be played through the use of mobile casino apps.

This is actually paying off and gaming providers are now able to cast their net wider, and they can now attract more players.

This prominent growth has not only increased revenue for the casinos, but it has also made gaming easier and more profitable for players.

Use of 5G Technology on Online Games

5G is the newest kid on the block! This powerful technology has some of the greatest potentials in revolutionizing mobile gambling. The most common (4G) offers a latency of 50 milliseconds, while 5G has the ability to reduce it to less than 6 milliseconds.

With such lightning speed, a lot will change in this industry and gamers will get to experience premium gaming accompanied by high-quality graphics.  This type of game-play will also come with exciting multi-play features that will be exclusively available to mobile players.

With this new revolution, we are set to witness a new crop of gamers in addition to a whole new game design that will offer multiple opportunities.

3D Design Software Provide Better and More Realistic Graphics

Back in the day, most video games came in two-dimensions. The only way you could move the game’s character was either forward, down, or backward. That is not the case today as technology has enabled game developers to use advanced software to create more “real” graphics, particularly in 3D designs.

The realistic animation makes gaming more fun and since it looks more real, players are more likely to stay longer on a game which will also see them make a considerable profit.

Artificial Intelligence Has Brought Bigger And Better Challenges

Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI is another new addition to the gaming world. Actually, AI is not a new thing as it has previously been used in older versions of games. For example, if you remember the game of Pong, you will notice that it involves playing against a computer.

The original AI was more basic and easily predictable. However, today’s AI has proved more challenging as it has deeper craft and the strategies used are a little complex for the human mind.

A good example is in video games that are based on action, especially war-themed games. The tactics that AI uses on such games are similar to that you would find on a real battlefield.

Since most players, especially those who love action-packed games desire such challenges, it makes gaming more fun and the more time they spend on such a game, the more they sharpen their skills which ultimately lead to better profits.

Faster Internet gives Way to Real-time Gaming

When many players come on board, it makes gaming more fun and enjoyable. Availability of the internet has made this possible and nowadays, we can play all sorts of games even on multiple platforms.

With online gaming, multiple players, even in far-flung areas can come together and enjoy gaming. This form of socialization is also good for relaxing. If you are a gamer aiming at making some money in the industry, you can take advantage of this and play for real money.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming

Virtual Reality has also hit the gaming industry with a bang and this new technology has transformed the face of gaming. In fact, this technology seems to merge all others as mentioned by industry experts like Otto Berkes, who is the co-founder of Xbox.

With the VR gaming, you not only interact with the game’s characters, but you also get their feel as you travel in the virtual space. This enables you to become part of the action onscreen.

VR headsets are readily available and you should not have a problem finding a good one to make your gaming as fun and enjoyable as possible.

VR has many advantages, and as a player, you do not need to hold any device to enjoy the game. All that is required of you is to immerse yourself in the game!

Mobile Exclusive” Gaming is Here to Stay

According to Google, the number of desktop devices users has fallen sharply with many people preferring to use their mobile phones. Fewer and fewer customers are using their desktop devices to access the Internet.

Actually, most of these customers who have abandoned the desktop for the mobile phone are the online gamblers. This is a trend that has impacted the growth of the online igaming industry.

Cloud-Based Technology

This is the technology that will be the main game-changer in the industry.  Apart from its ability to free a considerable amount of space on your phone, desktop or gaming console, cloud-based technology will enable gamers to access games more easily regardless of their location.

Although gaming on the go is the most preferred way by most gamers, there is the worry of games taking too much space on their device especially if it does not have enough memory.

With cloud-based technology, this will be a thing of the past as the cloud frees up all the space. This is also a cheaper option for players who do not want to spend any money investing in a gaming device with particular specs.


Since technology keeps on evolving, we can only expect better as the years go by.  In addition to the challenges that are created by smart AI together with the incredible possibilities that are created by immersion techniques, we can foresee more intriguing developments in the next generation of igaming.

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