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How to Find Slot Machines Which Are Most Likely to Hit

Today, we will take a broader look at some of the little known facts that you can apply to beat the slot machine.

To most punters, winning in slots seems to be more of a myth than reality but I want us to demystify that. Yes, playing slots is a super fan but is it really possible to take home some good profits?

When playing slots for fun, there are no rules to apply but if you are in this industry with the hope of cashing in on some good profit, then you will need to apply a winning formula.

Welcome on-board as we delve into this rather simple mystery:

Select Slots with the Highest Pay-outs

This tip might appear as one of the most obvious but it's also one of the most ignored by both new and experienced punters.

The simple rule with winning in a slot is selecting a machine that pays out more than all the others available. To get such a slot machine, just look at the Return to player (RTP) percentage that the particular machine is offering. 

(RTP simply refers to a certain percentage of all the amount staked that a slot pays to the players).

It is important to note that, RTP doesn’t necessarily mean the exact amount of money that you will receive because in some cases, you can win much more. However, in such a scenario, other players in the same slot with you will be less lucky than you.

Where can you find the slot’s RTP?

There are many ways to find a slot’s RTP but the easiest is to do a simple online search. You can use the commonest search engines like Google or Bing to find it.

Most websites that offer casino or slot reviews will always inform players of the game’s RTP.

The other option is to visit the slot’s page online and check the slot itself.  Most slots mention the games’ RTP and it is normally indicated within the “settings’ or 'help' section.

Pick a winning slot machine

With most slot games, the RTP varies but it is usually between 92-97%. Most professional punters will agree with me on this: by selecting a slot machine game that has an RTP of 96% and above, you stand a better chance of making some wins.

Determine the Slot’s Volatility

Another critical aspect when selecting a slot machine that has the potential to win you some money is the volatility.

In some cases, you will come across the term variance which means the same thing as volatility. In layman’s language, this is the risk level of a slot.

A slot machine’s variance is what actually measures the risk that you will get into if you opt to play that particular slot. It also determines how you win at slots.

A slot with low volatility will give you more frequent wins which are also very small. On the other hand, a high volatility slot has more rare wins but when the wins happen, they are significantly bigger in size.

Your choice here depends on how patient you are. If you are not a patient punter, then you may opt to go for low volatile slots but if you know how to wait and reap huge benefits, then you can patiently wait for big wins from high volatility slots.

Figuring Out the Volatility of a Slot Machine Game

Just like is the case with the RTP, you can also search for it. However, it is not much publicized even by renowned game reviewers. The best way to work around this is to try the slot on a free demo so as to figure it out.  It is one of the simplest yet most accurate ways of doing it.

If you play your slot of choice for a while, you will be able to determine the kind of winnings you can expect.  

If you experience rare winnings that are a lot bigger, then you will definitely know that the slot is a highly volatile one. On the other hand, more frequent but small wins indicate a low volatile slot.

The other trick that you can use to determine the slot’s volatility is to use the free spins bonuses that come with most slots. Since these are free, you have a risk-free way of getting results that can teach you on the final expectations with a slot in the long run. 

Avoid Working with the Obvious Option

Remember, Casinos are in business and they are also interested in making money.  There are regulations and set rules that keep casinos in check but there are other factors that you will need to consider when picking a winning slot machine.

In addition to determining the pay-out and volatility of a slot machine, you may need to be a little careful with some things common with casinos.

For example, it would be a safe bet to steer clear casino slot games that are always being flushed on the front page of the casino. Some of these slots also appear with separate banners and you will also find the same game being aggressively pushed to your face. This could be a sign that the payment with this particular slot machine could work against you.

In such a scenario, ensure you dig deeper and you will be better off with slots that are less promoted.

Go for slots that are located on either the second or the third page of the particular online casino. They could be the hidden gem and might even pay you a lot more cash.

The fact that a slot game is located deeper in the casino pages doesn’t mean it is not worth a trial, after all, the casino would not have considered it from the word go if they knew it had no value to them.

Make Higher Bets

There is an old adage that says, you have to use the money to get money and with slot games, this is so much true! Or how can you expect to stake $0.1 on a certain jackpot and reap millions from the same?

Well, you might argue that luck could be on your side and you hit the jackpot but did you know that in some casinos, your wager amount could be the main reason barring you from cashing your winnings?

Truth be told, slot machine payouts are proportional to the amount that you wager on a game. If you place a very small stake, then you will obviously get very small returns.

However, it is always important to work with the amount of cash that you are comfortable losing since this industry can also be very unforgiving.

This explains the reason why higher denomination slots are riskier but their payout is a lot more.

Always remember this and particularly if you love slots that offer progressive jackpots. In most cases, the casino will require the maximum bet so as to allow you to cash or win the jackpot.

This advice could mean more risk but in gambling, the risk is one of the real backbones of this industry.

Learn from Other Players

I wouldn't advise you to trust fellow gamers if you play poker. But this advice comes in handy for players who love slots.

Since slots are the most common game, you will always find a lot of reviews from other players and if a slot is not living up to its promises, players will call it out. Fast.

Always take some time to check and read online reviews and ratings of any slot you are interested in. Read the experience of other players. If you can, seek advice from players who have been there before you. After all, nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely!

Avoid Branded Slots

I’m not here to fight advertising and marketing and I must admit that a lot of the slots that are aggressively marketed are awesome. Most feature a story-line touching on our favourite movie or a popular Tv show but the truth is, the pay-outs could be a far cry from the glamorous ads you see on the internet.

Branded slots are often used to woo punters with their flashy graphics and unrealistic payouts. Remember the point we covered earlier on about avoiding the obvious choice? For example, if you are a serious fan of Game of Thrones, you are most likely going to jump straight into a slot that bears this storyline.

What most punters don’t realise is that for a developer to be allowed to use a popular brand they have probably paid an arm and a leg and they will push this cost to the consumer (punter). Most will not let you slip away with the bets and such bets are actually not the easiest to win.

Make Good Use of Free Spins

By now, you may be wondering how to win at a casino with free spins that come with so many hidden terms and conditions before you can be allowed to for withdrawal.

Wagering requirements are one of the biggest nightmares for every slot player who loves the free spins. However, not all free spins bonuses are entirely difficult to work with.

For the best free spins, work with the ones that have no strings attached!

The second option should be to choose free spins that have no cap on winnings.

Last but not least, the free spins should be cashable anytime without having to explain it to anyone.

Find the Loosest Online Slots

If it has taken you quite a while to win then probably time has come to shift base to a new slot machine. This might sound like a piece of crazy advice but it is actually true. No slot is like the other and all vary on how easily they let you win.

A lot of industry insiders and gaming experts believe that most casinos do not place loose slot machines close to each other. If you are on a losing streak, try to shift to an adjacent machine or if you are on an online casino, then it’s time to move to a completely new slot.

Avoid Playing Class 2 Slots

Once in a while, you will come across some slot machines which are labelled class 2 slots. Most of such are common in native Indian casinos.  These slots hugely differ from the kind that you will find in places like Las Vegas and they might not be easy to play.

The truth with the class 2 slots is that they are normally pre-programmed bingo games but the owners try to give them a slot face so as to woo punters. Normally, Class 3 slots are not allowed in the jurisdiction where you find class 2 slots. That is why developers came up with the idea of creating this alternative.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a class 2 slot is by looking at the bottom corner of the slot machine screen. If you notice a small bingo card, then it is definitely a class 2 slot machine.

Classic Slots Pay More than Video Slots!

We all get attracted to beautiful work and fancy graphics. A lot of video slots go out of their way to create the most thrilling gaming experience. Although such slots attract a lot of players since they are action-packed, they are a lot more expensive to run and maintain for most online casinos.

Therefore, a lot of casinos will offer players big fancy video slots that pay far much less when compared to the classic reel slots.

Most of these huge slot machines take up a lot of space as compared to the simpler version of classic slots. For a casino to keep profits flowing in, they will need to keep the pay-out rate a little low.

You stand a better chance of making more winnings with classic slots.

Know your limits

To succeed in this industry, you need to play responsibly. Know when to stop by setting a loss limit. It is very easy for the excitement to get hold of you. Statistics show that the longer you play the higher the chance of losing money. The biggest mistake you can make is to chase a loss by increasing your bankroll.


With casino games, no one can be able to correctly guess or predict the amount that a slot will pay. Casinos do not really have any 'hot' or 'cold' games and the only thing a player can work with is game stats, skill, and random number generators.

However, if you apply the tips and tricks, you can definitely increase your odds of winning. Well, you never know, it could be your lucky day to hit the jackpot and change your life and that of your family.  

Good Luck!

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