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Getting the best casino bonus on Microgaming slots can be a tricky business, especially for new players who might be thrown off by the terms they have never encountered. To better understand, and make sure that players get the best bonuses while being safe, and in the licensed online casinos, we’ve created a list of the most important aspects a player should have in mind.

What is Microgaming

MicrogamingMicrogaming is at the head of the online gaming industry which provides players with casino games of all sorts that are technologically advanced. It was founded back in 1994 by Martin Moshal who gained worldwide success in the industry only two years later when online casino management tools were introduced for the first time. The first progressive jackpot slot game was released in 1998, and it made such an enormous boom that still lasts today.

Some of the awards that show how much Microgaming has advanced in a short time are the Best Software Supplier of the year award which they won in 2001, and 2002. This made it possible for them to release even more high-quality games, which in turn, gained a high profile.

Types of Bonuses

There two most important types of bonuses you can use on Microgaming slots are free spins and bonus credits. These two are mostly similar, however, they have certain key differences which we’ll discuss further down the road. The main reason why it’s important to distinguish these two types is to better suit the needs of the players because no two players are alike. No deposit free spins are the common choice with players who usually play slots in online casinos. If you claim any kind of these two types of bonuses, you will get a certain number of free spins to play on a wide variety of Microgaming slots. If we’re talking about no deposit bonus credits, they are far better to be used by players who want to be free in choosing the type of game they want to play. When these bonuses are claimed,  the players will receive a cash-value in bonus credits which they can use to play a lot of games including slots.

Know how to Redeem the Bonuses

Redeem the BonusesEvery casino has its own way of crediting all of their players with no deposit bonuses. The way this usually goes down is that a player encounters one of the three different methods for redeeming this type of bonus which include: customer support, bonus codes, or the bonus is credited automatically. The automatic method is a common practice where the casino will credit the bonus to a player automatically after they have created a new account, for which a sign-up form is always required.

Bonus codes are as the name suggests, codes that are composed of letters and numbers in random order. These codes are used as a pass to no deposit bonuses. A player is required to enter this specific combination during the registration process, so they could be credited. In some specific cases, a player can be required to contact customer support in order to get their account credited with bonuses. Knowing how to navigate the ways to redeem the bonuses is vital for a player.

Be Aware of This!

One of the things new players tend to skip is reading the terms and conditions of how they can get these types of bonuses. However, if new players do decide to read through the terms and conditions they might find terms such as time limits, restricted games, and wagering requirements a bit unknown. Wagering requirements is probably one of the most important aspects related to getting this type of bonus.

Restricted games refer to games that are not eligible for no deposit bonuses, and more often than not, if a player attempts to play a restricted game with the bonus, the bonus will be invalidated by the casino itself. Time limits are used to rush the players to wager their no deposit bonuses completely before they expire.

Choose the Casinos Wisely

One of the most important aspects for a player who is looking for how to get the best casino bonuses on Microgaming slots is to choose an online casino that offers both a generous bonus and achievable wagering conditions. Furthermore, aspects that should also be offered are a reasonable amount of minimum deposit and a proper bonus contribution for a player’s favorite type of game.

More often than not, casinos offer only a generous bonus amount but have specific playthrough requirements that do not allow the player to use them completely. This is why it’s crucial, especially for new players, not to choose the casinos only based on the bonuses they offer, no matter how impressive the bonuses may look. In addition to this, the casino choice should have a stable platform and a wide variety of games to choose from.

Know the Main Criteria

One of the aspects of getting the best casino bonus on Microgaming slots that might even be the main criteria for choosing the best Microgaming casino for a specific player is the maximum bonus amount. It’s extremely important to note that bonus conditions and terms should be within a reasonable amount, and of course, achievable. The reason behind this is that many casinos offer as much as one thousand pounds maximum bonus amount to attract new, inexperienced players.

While this surely is an impressive sum, it’s close to impossible for a new player to fulfill the required wagering conditions on time, an aspect that is characteristic for high-rollers only. Regular players should focus on more realistic maximum bonus amounts such as around one hundred pounds, which are certainly more than suitable in terms of the ability to fulfill the wagering conditions. However, if a player is entirely new, they should consider low limit casinos and shouldn’t go for maximum bonus amounts over twenty pounds or fewer.

Getting the best casino bonus on Microgaming slots should be easier for you after reading this guide. Remember to go for the offers that are best suited for you and you alone, no matter what most of the other players you know prefer.